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  1. Wow thanx Andrew I will test drive it soon on my 8GB MacBook !
  2. +1 I would like to know that too. I don't understand what is difficult about 64 bit on OSX for 3d Coat. Is it some used lib that are tricky to compile/link ? You could talk to Jens Verwiebe who does 64 bit binaries of Lux Render OSX there... He knows a lot about that. Thanx for any addition.
  3. Powerful !
  4. Hi Andrew, I am playin with voxels & the rapid tool, trying to build my shapes fast, but it seems to always crash 3D COAT. I use it 2-3 minutes and then 3d coat freezes. Could there be any workaround in next release ? Anyway I'm pleased with the new tools & the coming ones. Thanx for your support
  5. Ah just made rapid thing using new toothpaste/muscles tool it's turntable : http://vimeo.com/6424544
  6. Let me bring you another WIP character... it's turntable : http://vimeo.com/6414824
  7. Hi there. Bought 3d Coat some time ago but didn't posted any work. Actually playin with voxel tools, here is a first turntable of an unfinished body built from a cylinder. It's turntable : http://vimeo.com/6414444
  8. Wow have to try it now !
  9. indeed with only Cubic Interpolation checked :-) Thanx for the tip !
  10. Yeah waiting for that too. Just take luxrender for example, cross platform, open source, and 64 bits on OSX since a long time. I know the gui who build it, maybe Andrew could contact him to push 3d Coat to 64 bit. The problem is that you need 64 bit compiled libs too, so it really depends on which libs are actually used for 3d Coat.
  11. isn't the quad function a better choice ?
  12. You should be able to do that after (new) quadrangulation, fine tune the model using existing split rings/loops and many other tools in the retopo tab ;-)
  13. Hi Andrew, Did you mean you can or you can't ? If you can, will you ? Keep up the good work
  14. Hi Andrew, OSX 64 bit support could be great too but as you said more complex to achieve because of the OSX APIs. I own a Syntheyes license which is a great cross platform matchmover and there is a OSX 64bit version (great support & fast bug fix with Russ Andersson). But the price policy is that the 64bit costs more as it is an harder task to port. I think people would pay more for a 3D-COAT 64 bit OSX support, especially if they own a MAC Pro with 6 to 16 GB of RAM. Anyway I have a ubuntu box too so a Linux 64 port will be great.