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  1. Yessireee... Sorry, I tend to loose sight of the obvious sometimes :-p thanx a mil for the help Cheers; AJ
  2. Aaarrgghhh!!! Could anyone please tell me how to get rid of the pesky splash window in v4? I looked everywhere including the prefs but found no option that does away with it. Thanx
  3. Thanx for the reply Andrew. My point was that the behavior of the strokes tool should be like the that of regular polygon creation tools, which is that unless symmetry is applied, all creation should occur on one side of the geometry, inverted or not. Anyway, I tried unchecking the "Use virtual mirror", but the result was the same with strokes, just to let you know...
  4. V4B7 x64 Cuda: Retopo: Here's a video on bugs concerning Points and faces and strokes tool. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28170294/V4B764Cuda_PntsandFaces_Strokes_Bug.mp4
  5. Hi; There seems to be a bug concerning the General Brush in the LC tools, just sent the file over to Andrew. The General brush seems to leave noise artifacts even though noise is dialed to zero in the brush's ctrl panel. Could anyone verify? Thanx AJ
  6. It would be absolutely great if somehow we could have the ability to: 1- Paint certain areas on a mesh so as to avoid voxel volume interpolation on that area. An example would be; say you are working on a character and you want to place the hand of the character on the hip. Since the hand is a part of the body, the surface of the palm of the hand will be interpolated to blend in with the hip. Instead, it would have been great if you could just be able to paint the contact area on the hip to avoid that interpolation. Once you had decided that interpolation should occur, you could either "un-paint" that area so as to have the hand interpolate with the hip, or a single command would suffice. 2- Freeze in surface is great, but I strongly believe that freeze in Voxel sculpting mode could actually be even better. Is this possible? Thanx and Cheers; AJ
  7. - New brush engine! It's faster, smoother and more accurate! No it is not... I have tested the "New and improved" brush engine long enough to see that it is no where even close to being any different than what it was in the previous versions... Large brushes are still unwieldy; try to use a large smooth brush especially in surface mode and see the funny results. Many brush types still leave undesired bumps along the stroke path just like they used to... Inconsistency between brush alpha interpretation in Voxel mode and in surface mode still continues - Voxel Mode: Speed-up in voxel surface mode. Yes, but still switching back and forth from Voxel to surface modes might leave noticeable artifacts behind, sometimes yielding the user with very hard to fix ones... Very frustrating. , - The primitive Manipulators still "STINK"... Yes, they do... And after countless reports and "fixes", the primitive manipulators are still a nightmare to work with... Try scaling down a cylinder to make a thin disc and then try to grab the center uniform scaling handle, you'll see what I mean...
  8. There's a bug with this Bake Textures tool. It won't overwrite existing textures upon re-baking. Can anyone confirm this? Thanx AJ
  9. That would be really cool to have... +1
  10. Has anyone been able to successfully download the latest 3.1.24 x64 CUDA version today? I downloaded it 3 times and am getting a package integrity error...
  11. http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4877 http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4887
  12. Amen to that one... I've been meaning to start a thread focusing on what you've mentioned just now but just threw it to the back of my head cuz I thought I'd get hit hard by some users out there. I am trying to teach my assistants and juniors 3DC but they keep coming back with so many complaints about so many bugs they encounter that I had to write down a list for each of them of certain routines they need to avoid in the current version of 3DC in order to keep themselves from thinking that they're doing something wrong. I've found myself looking out for the most stable version so as to decide to go ahead and purchase licenses for my juniors (they're running 3DC in trial mode, some have expired) This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks I uninstalled the current version and reinstalled 3.1.17 because I have s..t loads of stuff I need to get done, and I simply can't take any chances with such tight deadlines at hand. It's a bit aggravating... On the other hand, seeing how such a genuine and sincere person Andrew really is, I keep assuring myself that whatever problem I encounter that I post or PM him, he patiently deals with all of them. I've been using this application since version 3.0 and I am certain that it's simply the best. And this goes for not only the application, but the programmer as well. Andy should just keep an eye on maintaining the balance between new feature implementations and the regressions they might potentially drag along with them because regressive bugs can be not only nerve racking but could sometimes mean deadline or bust in certain situations.
  13. I definitely agree with Taros in his statement. New features are nothing (until a flagship build is released) compared to stability!! When you have tons of stuff and are nearing your deadline like a freight train, you only need one thing; stability and therefore as few crashes as possible. Unless you're using the application for just f...king around, you don't need physically based renderers, full modeling capabilities, animation facilities, NURBS support and whatnot. All, you have to have is stability!! All of these requests are highly unrealistic and will lead 3DC to loose its objective and will serve nothing but complicate its architecture with useless garbage. 3DC is a 3D sculpting software and it's simply the best around. Period... Feature requests should be kept to a level pertaining to the overhaul of performance not inflation of nick-nack features...
  14. They probably heard the cops approaching in the distance or thought they did and scrammed, the scumbags... Man, I'm happy things panned out for the best Andy. I have a triple-decker on our door and replaced the office entrance and windows completely with safe glass windows and had alarm systems installed. Don't keep money in the house, these people monitor susceptible targets and move in when the time's right. Merry Christmas and God bless; AJ