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  1. Damn it, found it. Snap to surface...
  2. There used to be a `Conform` param on muscle params that conformed the drawn muscle on the surface nicely, now it's gone... WTF?? The muscle is going right through my object now... AARRGGHHH!!!!
  3. Cool Carlosan, thanx man Cheers; AJ
  4. The sad thing is that Andrew hardly responds to these message board posts any more Should we log these on mantis?
  5. I adjust the overall shape of my model using the move tool. Say, if I want to bend and object, I use the pose tool first and then I readjust using the move tool with a very big brush size. As of this version, I can't do this, it's broken... Create a cube, elongate it to make it look like a long stick. Select the Move tool, make the brush size very big and try to manipulate the object... No response... Cheers; AJ
  6. Yessireee... Sorry, I tend to loose sight of the obvious sometimes :-p thanx a mil for the help Cheers; AJ
  7. Aaarrgghhh!!! Could anyone please tell me how to get rid of the pesky splash window in v4? I looked everywhere including the prefs but found no option that does away with it. Thanx
  8. Thanx for the reply Andrew. My point was that the behavior of the strokes tool should be like the that of regular polygon creation tools, which is that unless symmetry is applied, all creation should occur on one side of the geometry, inverted or not. Anyway, I tried unchecking the "Use virtual mirror", but the result was the same with strokes, just to let you know...
  9. V4B7 x64 Cuda: Retopo: Here's a video on bugs concerning Points and faces and strokes tool. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28170294/V4B764Cuda_PntsandFaces_Strokes_Bug.mp4
  10. Hi; There seems to be a bug concerning the General Brush in the LC tools, just sent the file over to Andrew. The General brush seems to leave noise artifacts even though noise is dialed to zero in the brush's ctrl panel. Could anyone verify? Thanx AJ
  11. Will do Andrew, thanx for the quick response... Cheers; AJ
  12. 1- Create a primitive 2- Draw a spline region that intersects a part of it 3- Switch to Clay tool 4- Hit CTRL+Enter to delete the intersecting region or CTRL+SHIFT+Enter to keep it, nothing happens... The spline tool is very essential especially in hard surface modeling, needs urgent fixing, please help... AJ
  13. I just did a clean install and the brush feedback came back. but this time it's inverted... When you increase the brush opacity with the right mouse button, the profile curve goes dawnward... When you draw on the surface, it flips back to normal... When you try to increase the opacity once more, the same bug happens...
  14. The same bug persists to exist in version 3.7.14...
  15. 1- Create 2 voxek layer with objects in them 2- Ghost one Layer, leave the other as is and then subtract or add the unghosted layer to the ghosted one. 3- Undo is gone... You can't undo unless you unghost the resulting layer and try again...