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  1. There's a bug with this Bake Textures tool. It won't overwrite existing textures upon re-baking. Can anyone confirm this? Thanx AJ
  2. No prob guys... Thank you Taros for taking the time to post this primer. cheers AJ
  3. I started a thread just yesterday about my normal map import - export problems in a SI2010 <-> 3DC work environment; http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4437&st=0&gopid=34418entry34418 I hereby would like to make a small addendum if I may, to Taros's splendid tutorial. Artman Suggested that I try out different combinations of Local Space Normalization which I totally overlooked. It is set to "Normalize B by T" by default. Upon trying out just the opposite, which is "Normalize T by B", the result came out perfect. The settings on 3DC and SI side can be seen in the attachments below. A very big thanx to Taros and Artman for taking the time to help. Cheers; AJ
  4. Awesome work man... Really glad to see someone working on and sharing shaders. I have mine piling up and will share them all in the near future. Cheers; AJ
  5. Seems God sent man Thanx a lot... Haven't tested it yet, but I will very soon. Thanx a lot for your efforts and sharing this so generously... Cheers AJ
  6. Now that's hot... Very Very Nice Sculpt my dear sir
  7. AAWWW!!! Love it...
  8. Hey there Phil; Great work wip man, kudos... My only suggestion if I may, would be to point out that the piercings on the sides of his chin seem like they were punched in after his skin sagged and dried out because the rings don't seem to have the weight to pull the skin down that much. So I would suggest making those rings fuller so as to give them more weight to be able to pull the skin that way. You could try fattening the tissue on those saggy parts a tad and a little more accessory attached to those rings like a chain or some nick nacks and whatnot would strengthen the illusion of weight. Overall, this one's really going great... Cheers
  9. Here's a little poll to help bring out the overall opinion of 3DC forum participants on the new design of the forum pages. Have at it... AJ
  10. YES!! I agree 100%... Not that I'm against change, quite the contrary... But this color scheme is very strainful for the eyes and the design doesn't look and feel better than the previous one. Please man, please revert...
  11. I hear ya on the res thingy Taros... With voxels, one of the big disadvantages is not being able to go back to a lower res and do gross edits and have the detailing on the high res match it as close as possible. So the workflow becomes somewhat linear instead of bi-linear. You have to plan the pose or the coarser details at the very beginning, which is more like real world sculpting actually. Maybe one method could be to store different resolution inside specified slots under a voxel layer, and their volumes could be inter connected, that way you could get back to a lower res slot you created earlier on, edit it and when you get back to the highest res slot under the same voxel layer, you could find the highest res to have followed it... Maybe Andrew will probably come up with a solution/workaround in the upcoming releases. Right now, for me at least, the only solution is to save out res milestones of the model I'm working on. Which helps only a little if the client asks for gross changes along the way... Btw, awesome sculpture of the ape man I just love it, great work. Cheers; AJ
  12. You don't work in the industry and look at your talent man... Pity... Great work btw, I love them all...
  13. I just love this one man Kudos...
  14. Nice... Try altering your model if it's still at an early stage to have it's mouth open, because it isn't quite possible to maintain overlapping surfaces with voxels and unfortunately that's what makes the lips seem fleshy and real because of their very nature to tend to blend a lot with their neighbors especially at initial low resolutions (At least I should tell ya, that's what I started doing nowadays ) Cheers; AJ
  15. Dang it, you're fast Very talented sculptor you are sir... My hats off