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  1. You mean like Quixel nDO2 normal map workflow ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rwj0mQTMrK8
  2. We should have some planar Retopo Quad tool to make perfect planar Quads. Selecting an edge , when you drag the vertex to make a Quad , all vertex stays in the same plane using the average Voxels height.
  3. For real time game modeling assets, the usage of retopo workflow to replace basic modeling is cluncky and almost un usable. This involves too much clicks, select path should be automatic like Blender is doing, deselecting should be done clicking outside of the mesh instead of clicking in the menu, etc ... also there is no context menu, so you must click each time in the left panel to choose the retopo tool you need. This is not intuitive and not as fast as using Sketchup or Zbrush Zmodeler tools that has a context menu. No one is using 3D coat Retopo tools to replace basic hard surface modeling to make real time game objects, instead we use modeling software. Perhaps some day when 3D coat will be as fast and easy to use as Blender or Maya or sktechup for basic modeling.
  4. In Retopo mode if i use the "select tool" and check "faces", every time i click on "cler selection", it resets my choice and choose "Auto" instead of keeping "faces". Thank you.
  5. I would like to be able to start in Retopo mode and drop any default mesh, without having any voxel objects.
  6. I painted a model made of several layers for each sub object, after saving it and re launching 3D Coat, it loaded the 3D model with textures messed up. I'm using 3D Coat 4.7 on Win 7 64 bits. I was lucky it was only the quick base painting with smart materials , but it's work for a client and i can't loose hours of painting and i can't delay too much the work planned time line. Exporting the low poly and re importing in 3D Coat the low poly as a new project , will this help getting a save of textures and layers secure ?
  7. I made a test using some existing shader and the baking is fine. I think the bug is related to the new material shader i created, the red one. Because it renders differently on Voxels room and painting room This is the the download link to test the above project. https://www.sendspace.com/file/ard0vi
  8. The objects are already voxels, i also increased Voxel resolution of the thin object, but the baking still mixes colors
  9. I tried 3DCCoat 4.5 and adjusted baking out and inner shell , there is still colors mixing between the two voxel object on the bakde textures and still some noise on the texture.
  10. I downloaded 4.7.07 for Windows and checked on " Bake > Bake normals with dithering = ON" But the issue remains with colors spreading around and bad texture artifacts.
  11. I use 3D Coat 4.7.05 I made multiple tries, baking mixes colors and produces artifacts, i never had such issues with 3D Coat 4.5
  12. When i import some model for Voxelization, the model seems correct. But if i use Voxel Layer , it does not work good Should it be some integrity model check or it is a bug ?
  13. When i use Split Rings tool , the new created vertices does not auto aling with the hightest Voxel surface.
  14. Hi, I have a model made of multiple Voxel objects (3D Coat 4.7.05) When baking the the model i have very bad result about diffsue, normal map and AO Also 3DCoat generate layers per VoxelTree objects, it is some option to keep one layer only ?
  15. It doesnt' work.