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  1. It doesnt' work.
  2. Actually Voxel Layer tool can only work and mask on the selected Voxel object. It is possible to add an option to get Voxel Layer to mask and work on multiple Voxel Objects at same time ?
  3. Hi, I would like a surface option, to tell Vox Layer to mask and work only on the surface of the Voxel object. Using A Voxel Object that is empy inside , makes mask errors and the result is not good. Thank You.
  4. You mean painting mode ? The picture i posted speaks for himself about the huge difference between painting and sculpting to make a tieable texture. I know it won't come but i wanted to suggest the idea.
  5. I would like to be able to create tileable textures using Voxels. This would be possible using a tileable Voxel viewport. Perhaps be able to paint materials on any individual layers before exporting the final texture diffuse, normal, metal and roughness maps. This would make on of the most usefull tool for game creation.
  6. Thank you.
  7. Perhaps this could be done : - selecting a guide line for cylinder parts and enter numbers for rings and loops reduction - selecting rings or loops and entering a number for reduction -selecting faces and entering a number for reduction
  8. When we symmetry retopo, all UV islands are duplicated, even that does not cross the symmetry plane, so this is a waste of UV space. Mot of the time we work with totally symmetryc models and manually adjusting same duplicated islands to the same UV space becomes quickly a long heavy work when there is more than 30 or 150 UV islands duplicated. Why not proposing some option to allow to mirror only the UV islands that cross the Symmetry plane and make similar UV islands share the same UV space ?
  9. Voxles Objects Instances should share the same Retopo , making retopo for one would automatically be copied to instances as we retopo. Actually Only Mirror mode shares Retopo , not instances. Also all instance of one object should share the same UV texture space; for example on wheels of a vehicle , each wheel instance would share the same UV texture space as others.
  10. This is a request for Retopo Room, to be able to quickly reduce Quads painting directly on surface or masking some area and enter some number to reduce Quads. Manually reduced Quads in Retopo room
  11. Hi, Auto retopo is a great tool ,but not usable to produce real time game optimized meshes. Instead of manually reducing thousand of unecessary quads from the Auto Retopo resulting mesh, we could reduce the number of quads using some tool similar to Sculptris Reduce Brush. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N64EoxVktWQ With some paramter to specify the number of Quads reduction we want per unit , we could reduce less or more the quads using that brush drawing on top of the retopo model.
  12. wow , Hard ops is perfect to work faster
  13. This is complicated to use and some basic hard surface tools are missing. If you ask someone using Maya to use 3D coat for modeling some low poly model , he will stay with Maya because he will work faster and more easy. Well, this is just a guess.
  14. I hope also, as V5 should be based on some big new feature and very usefull to justify the upgrade, i hope easy hard surface modeling could be that one.
  15. I have installed latest Beta 4.5.28 , it is running in demo mode , and i cannot enter my license number because there is only the menu "uninstall license" ? Any clues ?