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  1. wow , Hard ops is perfect to work faster
  2. Nice model, i like the shape
  3. DDO plugin allows you to make textures and tile able ones from scratch, like 3D Coat. And this is the big weak point Substance Painter, as it doesn't all 2D drawing tools (lines , curves, shapes, polygon etc ...), these are very needed if you are making some Sci Fi texture from scratch for example.
  4. @Ricky : Some 3D Coat advantages : - Clear interface : simple and easy to use - drawing with lines , curves or patterns - more mask features - easy selection tools - layers are simple to use If you use 3D coat for sculpting also, then you should not pay more for PBR painting really. I would say you can download the trial of Painter and try 3D coat alpha PBR , than make your choice.
  5. @Contributor: That's amazing skills. How do you start characters ? from scratch in 3D coat or some Sculptris import and voxelisation for example ? Do you have retopology some of them for real time engines ?
  6. If you make the the shape in Voxels , than go subdivision and use sirface tools you'll end up with same or better results You should need to use Surface mode on your model, it needs lot of refining on surface, it is too much rought for the moment ! But if is just sculpt for pleasure nothing else,it's ok.
  7. No i re installed the latest i 3.5.25, with english menus that time, and the Clay tool works really well in voxel mode When you add volume you don't have the vertex big deformations like it was before : now that's toltal freedom with this tool and the fast Objects ADD/CUT ! Just great, and thanks again for this amazing tool
  8. Well, Does anyone knows if theres is some tutorial for the latest tool on Beta : Clay Tool ? I only succed using it to Add/cut with region tools ?? Is there a way to sue it with standard pens ? Some tutorial on from beginning on how to use it , would be helpfull
  9. In fact their new Dynamesh feature looks a lot like the latest Clay tool of 3D Coat. Its like putting clay anywhere on the mesh or cutting it as you want with no constraint at all. Where 3D coat is better , is that you can really put anywhere in space the voxels, in Zbrush with Dynamesh, the Clay you put or cut must stay on the base mesh, you can't put clay somewhere else on the space ! I think Next Step for Zbrush will be a better Retopology tools perhaps ? And next evolution why not could be to integrate low poly modeling tools , even if Zbrush with shadowbix and 3D Coat allow doing substraction on volumes, perhaps one of them will bring "real" low poly modeling tools that you could mix with actual Sculpt product ? For example you do some retopology on the character , than you could cut/extrude surface to make solid armor and complex hard surfaces. Caus precise hard surfaces can take a long time to make using sculpting tools : base sculpting, refining the mesh, refining the surface, refining again ... Blender do that, but it is too much slow for scultping and far away behind in termes of tools compared to 3D coat or Zbrush.
  10. Entirely made in 3D Coat for real time games ! 3D coat Voxels and Surface Draw are great !
  11. For the soldier, it's a model contribution for people using A8 game studio They have all files, if they prefer dark tones, they have just to change texture color (it's very easy in Gimp 2 to change color only). In fact it rendered very darker even with lights, i think i put too much lightening under 3D Coat ! Yeah for Android, the way to go for indies seems to be Shiva, caus Unity have only a pro version that is too much expensive ! But if you have the money, why not Unity for Android ! And yes games can be made lot more fast due thats it's not next gen quality and quantity work. Dungeon Hunter on Iphone, i think it still the best action RPG similar to Diablo on Iphone ! Very very good good this one !
  12. Yeah rigging and animation under Blender. For low polygons the rigging is pretty fast and simple, you have to select the good vertex. In fact it's a prototyping game. I'm not expert hand painting , so i practiced these days how to make cartoon texture without putting too much volume and tilling simple diffuse textures under 3D Coat (that is great for that) . Low poly models are always fun to make ! For the style i've been inspired by TorchLight game and a user game made with Unity (pics below) : A way to go can be to make them in 3D Coat and bake normal map on a Retopo in Low poly mode ! i will try if 3D Coat for Low poly gives good visual results ? I'm prototyping under a Windows 3D engine to run the game. For Iphone i will need an engine supporting it and a Mac , lot of money to invest ! For the engine i will decide to go with Unity or Shiva 3D.
  13. Well i didn't understood how works the forum and thought my posts were not posted
  14. Well some sort of futurist soldier done with some Killzone 2 inspiration. I didn't gonna very far in detail or design study, i just kept the basic ideas and shapes mainly. I used a lot the curve tool, to create volume or cavity along a path. If i have free time , i will retopology it for real time and texture it ? It was mainly for a game in the style of Shadow Complex on XBOX 360. Low Poly version (animated also on Blender) ! Voxel version : Yes 3D COAT Really rocks!
  15. Some caracters made fast ! I kept models simple, not very detailled caus, i want them to keep some cartoon feeling ! I want to keep some Nintendo game's feeling ! The dwarf at bottom is an expriment done in the rush to play with 3D Coat, must be reworked in proportions and stuff !