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  1. Any 3D software has bugs, crashes happen but not frequently, most of the time it's memory crash depending on what you are doing. You should save often and multiple versions, if one version is no more usable you'll be able to go back to a previous one. Also you can change Auto Save time in preferences if you need it.
  2. After removing Occlusion layer, it looks like the color layer keeps some AO low res information, it looks not good. If i remove this layer the baking looks better but i losse color information. Is there something to adjust ?
  3. Uninstall and delete all files under Users/Mydocuments/3Dcoat , got it working. Resolved.
  4. Hi, Baking make a full black occlusion map , and the normal map is empty. Could it be some settings not overriding in some local file settings ?
  5. Zbias worked, thanks.
  6. Forget it, it's working, just need to check option Import w/o voxelisation and it works.
  7. Hi, In Voxel i created a new empty voxel object, and choose Import with Pick from retopo. I choose subdivide retopo many times, i choose res + to get 1 million poly resolution, and press Apply, but the resulting Voxels is almost empty ? https://s3.postimg.org/vf1cbbgzn/retopo.jpg http://postimg.org/image/us2wbnvb3/9c8edffb/ What is wrong ?
  8. Is there some option to hide backfaces in retopo mode ? I can't see voxel surface well to do good retopo, and see lot more backfaces. https://s13.postimg.org/3npwok2sn/backfaces.jpg
  9. It doesn't work. Because i start to work from Retopo mode and i add retopo volumes. When you merge them all and UV them and press unwrap only one object is unwrapped. If you follow the steps above and try it , you won't be able to unwrap the merged new object.
  10. It is better , but normal maps don't join together , i makes seams when you paint over.
  11. 3D Coat only allows Photoshop format image (PSD) for "Layers Color" image import. We need import of any image format when we don't use photoshop.
  12. Create a new project without Voxels Go in Retopo mode Drop a retopo model Drop a second retopo model Merge both retopo groups with "Shift" UV Edge Loops both models Press Unwrap , only one model will be unwrapped.
  13. Yes, right layer. Resample works if i use the slider "Density Modulation" only , change the number "Required Polycount" doesn't work
  14. We had in previous versions "Ring" and "Loop" selection options for "select" tool in retopo mode , could we have them back ? Select path is too slow to use for that purpose. Thank you.
  15. When you work on retopo and you have svereal models composing one object, you need some features like - Hide-Show faces in retopo mode , to be able to display and work on geometry inside other models volumes - Hide voxels in retopo mode (like Pain room with show/hide voxels) - an option to display retopo geometry whith ghosting to see backfaces and be able to select backfaces and hidden geometry inside other models All this is available when i use Blender and is very usefull.