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  1. Hi, I would like to see different noise generator with adjustable parameters, and some patterns. They are useful for tile map UV paint or to create new stencil mask directly in 3D coat. Generators like those on Substance designer, instead of using a graph we would use the actual layers to combine and mask noise and patterns.
  2. Sandbox Tiling Engine

    I found a simple and easy solution using Blender. You should be able to sculpt any tileable textures and bake normal map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caDTSeHPb2k One you got your nomal map tileable texture, you can import it in 3D Coat tile painting editor and start painting additionnal details on diffuse and normal map.
  3. Sandbox Tiling Engine

    Follow this tutorial about exporting Depth along Y. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Oo1VPJil4 So you can already sculpt tiling and export in some way. What you need is create a voxel thin cube and instantiate it around , one you have that set up you can start scultpting your original cube. The only difficult part is to ge the baking centered with the right dimension and centered on your original 3D voxel piece, to achieve a correct baked tiling texture. I wish 3D coat would have some option to let us draw the square bake capture area in Top view mode to make it easy.
  4. Extrude bug

    Hi, I imported in an existing scene another 3D coat file with "import". When i extrude with brush it works , but if i use the "curve stroke" , the extrude goes to opposite side of model.
  5. Alpha brushes "mlcp" file issue

    Thank you Fluffy.
  6. Alpha brushes "mlcp" file issue

    Hi, I have around 300 alpha brushes i tried to import in 3D coat. But i quickly got 3D coat saying there is not enought disk space (while i got many Go free space available so i didn't understood the issue) I checked and it looks like all brushes are copied to C://.. /MyDocuments/3D-Coat/.../patterns For each alpha brush there is a "mclp" file generated around 80mo. Is there some way to avoid those "mlcp" file generation ? Or could we have some option to change the folder and not use "C://" ?
  7. EDIT : I forgot rectangle selection in selection mode and press Delete key.
  8. Retopo : polygon reduction tool

    Why 3D Coat could not improve in that area , staying all in one software with more tools ? By the way, there is also Instant Meshes, a free autoretopo quad based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSvY6xI63oI
  9. Retopo needs

    Hi there, There is missing functionnality when using retopo tool and objects. - Selection tool,it does not remember what we choose : If you choose select faces, and change to another retopo tool, if you come back to select tool it is edges for example, it does not remember what you have choosen. - Select whole objects to tranform them : There is no way to click on some retopo object face and select all the connected faces, we can't select all faces of retopo individual objects Thank you.
  10. Retopo : polygon reduction tool

    I know manually you can do some work, but we need a quick way, to reduce poly for high res models. But his is mainly for poly reduction on a retopo from Autopo tool, most time when you select a loop you have many selected, because Autopo makes intersecting loops. Well, an automatic polygon reducers would be a great addition to retopo. 63 000 to 10 000 polys.
  11. After Auto Retopo , it would be helpfull to be able to reduce the number of polygons with a polygon reduction tool tool like those we can find on some 3D modeling software. It would help a lot to get faster models for real time apps instead of manually retopo.
  12. It would work like the UV unwrap function where you can choose the angle treshold, but this time it would be used but to create polygon patches islands In option you could enter the min and max quads you want per islands and the min max for total quads. Another similar functionnality would be 3D coat able to automatically create island quads when you click on a voxel surface, it would need : - line stroke for direction of quads - number of max quads I think those two functionnality has never been done before, and they would be fast retopo features with great user control about number of quads on how retopo follows voxel angle tresholds
  13. Serious 3D Coat bugs

    Any 3D software has bugs, crashes happen but not frequently, most of the time it's memory crash depending on what you are doing. You should save often and multiple versions, if one version is no more usable you'll be able to go back to a previous one. Also you can change Auto Save time in preferences if you need it.
  14. Strange baking layer

    After removing Occlusion layer, it looks like the color layer keeps some AO low res information, it looks not good. If i remove this layer the baking looks better but i losse color information. Is there something to adjust ?
  15. [Solved]Baking don't work

    Uninstall and delete all files under Users/Mydocuments/3Dcoat , got it working. Resolved.