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  1. Ciao Giorgio sono un utente Italiano che utilizza 3dcoat... aggungimi su FB
  2. WOW...awesome software.
  3. yep great
  4. OK.......UPDATE NOW.. thankyuo Andrew
  5. @michails I am also a user of blender...and look forward to be ready the official release of V4 3dcoat.
  6. thanks digman..... then you can buy the upgrade from V3 to V4, only with the official release
  7. thanks AbnRanger ... you have a link for the upgrade? in the Buy Now page I do not see this price sorry my english
  8. hello friends, I have version 3, there is an upgrade to switch to version 4, or do I recover a new license for $ 349 thanks for the reply
  9. i have silo.... but is dead.. i use blender ...blender is the top
  10. Of course, I have a license Luxology Modo that I never use .. in the end it is a bad investment "for me" .....because it always just use blender