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  1. I've had similar problems with undo and crashing, in my case they turned out to be related to where 3dcoat was storing it's working files. Had to set the directory to a local drive using the environment variable COAT_FILES_PATH . This was on a linux machine so not sure if relevant to your problem.
  2. TYPO in new release video on YouTube: Lightening should be Lighting
  3. These are great suggestions.
  4. Please don't remove right-mouse dragging of texture placement! Moving the texture placement with right mouse is far faster than using the gizmo. Right mouse: Click-drag vs Gizmo: Move mouse to gizmo, click-drag A small difference like this adds up over thousands of actions.
  5. I tried this, but I only have Windows at home, not Linux and was unable to reproduce the bug. If I get time at work I'll try to create a test scene that reproduces the error.
  6. Thanks but I can't send files from the studio. It's a multi-layer multi-tile asset, about 7GB file size. Merge down works ok, but Merge visible crashes every time. I suspect it's got to do with layer masks.
  7. Merging paint layers is crashing every single time.
  8. Flood fill is not getting all UV shells across all tiles, it's filling across most but not missing a couple.
  9. Applying changes to UVs or texture resolution in the latest beta has become very slow - even for a single mesh with 2k map it takes more than 5 minutes on Xeon workstation with 32 threads.
  10. Also the 'low smooth shade' mode is very useful for painting and would be great to have back.
  11. This is right. It's one of the best features in 3dcoat - you don't lose any paint work or have to do any manual transferring if you decide you need to change your UVs while painting. I agree that hitting Apply is easy to forget, but having the changes automatically apply to the mesh is not necessarily what you want either.
  12. Looks like it! This is so awesome. The only way we can get film-resolution characters is with dozens of 4k maps, and having visible seams was really making life difficult.
  13. These UV tile seams also occur in the auto curvature maps: http://bit.ly/1EgeJuf
  14. Still have the same major problem with seams across UV tiles in the latest beta: http://bit.ly/1Cbllwo
  15. Just spent the weekend trying out the new beta. Wow. It's really really good. The PBR is awesome. The paint brushing is awesome. Just awesome.