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  1. When will we be able to position the lights in the scene? :-)
  2. test testing
  3. 4.7.28 [beta] after having rendered with renderman it would be nice to be able to return to the 3dcoat render without having to restart the program.
  4. thanks, switching to 3dcoat render ( realtime) still a problem..
  5. Can't get rid of the renderman window and it does not indicate when it's ready rendering very clearly.
  6. Sorry! I restarted 3dcoat and now it works!!!! Something with the firewall
  7. I downloaded the free ( non commercial ) version of renderman but now I need to know how to get 3Dcoat to see it.? Anyone knows please?
  8. I this interesting for the developers of 3D Coat?
  9. Hi Not new to 3DCoat , But asking for help! Is there someone patient able and willing to help me step by step to understand the process of retopo, baking, wrapping and re-applying textures? ( I have been trying to understand for a long time ). Because I want to be able to print sculptures in colour, from things that I scanned. So I want to work on the "clay" and then later work on the "Paint", then print on Shapeways.
  10. This functionality would certainly be a valuable addition to the toolset in 3dCoat. What is Infinity?
  12. great please tell all about it, deciding if i'll wait for the second generation
  14. I've played with substance painter today and it is very interesting to paint with particles!