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  1. And this is the baked version... I don't just mean the stretching of the edge pixels, theres more than that, just "look" closely...... And just to note, I LIKE the naming on the baking option much better... Can we set it so that export and bake function name material zones the same?
  2. I've been "away" for a quick spell, hope that doesn't discredit my thread =P This is the file produced w/ an object export... Both use .jpg compression and are at the same size, however the filesize is a little different too (export as opposed to bake being greater).
  3. Sorry for not getting back to my own thread sooner =P It's hard to explain, but the difference is the color texture result... A few stray pixels, you have to "look" for he difference to spot it, but I have noticed it many times... You can't even tell from a rendered image, but I guess for this everyone is now from Missouri... What I'll do is post 2 different textures from the same model, one exported, one baked, and we'll see.......... Back in a "few"...
  4. I have noticed a VERY slight difference in the textures when they are baked or if the object is exported, so I just wanted to know which option produces the BEST texture result...
  5. Thanks =D
  6. What do we do to upgrade the existing version on our system?!? I'm downloading now, but after that, do I just run the .exe and it takes care of itself or are there special instructions that need to be followed... This is really an awesome program, and to be getting an update so fast. I just downloaded 3.0.8 and didnt even have time to install =)