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  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a broken record in these circumstances. Speed is a major issue... surface mode is extremely useful, but the conversion speed is a pain. But considering how fast as Pilgway release patches, I don't expect this to be a problem for long. Until then though, don't feel guilty for reminding them about it.
  2. That looks really good man! There's not enough cg abstract art, and this would also make a good desktop image.
  3. Here is a dog faced person I sculpted little by little over the course of a few days. I figured I'd also start a "sketches" thread with this.
  4. Yeah I guess I am, and thanks for the complement =) As a Max user, I don't use Blender all that much to be honest. I use it mostly as a video editor but this is once instance where using it as a quick model editor made sense to me. I just have 2gb of ram, an older ATI Radeon 2600 HD, and a 2.2ghz Pentium Dual Core cpu. My hardware is in need of upgrades that's for sure. Here is an update: finally modeled those hands.
  5. I have an ATI 2600 HD, Dx is faster, but when sculpting or rotating it can be slightly laggy, so I use GL since it's consistent. I loose only about 5 frames per second anyway, so the difference isn't noticeable. In Vista, I find that 3D Coat actually runs faster with Aero on... amazingly. Since you have a different card, processor bit depth, and operating system, it might be a different story. I recommend trying and recording the frames per second with and without Aero, and in both modes.
  6. Excellent work Grapix! I always love to see Yodas, the character seems like a good and challenging model to undertake because he is so detailed and interesting. I have no crits for your edge flow, however the ears should be bigger.
  7. Thanks, haikalle, here is some more work. I've cleaned up the topology in a few places and created the feet. Next I will model the hands.
  8. That's not bad, not bad at all. I was worrying about sculpting teeth not to long ago, and I didn't even think about using an imported model to make them.
  9. Interesting, I guess the wings are just an evolutionary throwback to the days before that species effectively became hot air balloons. Awesome work all around LJB.
  10. Hi, sorry for the lack of recent updates. Life demands and all of that... I've decided to retop the model as it is and work on it as a subdivision model. The work was smoothed by a negative 1 (in blender, as you can't "tighten" in Silo), to fight against the usual smoothness of all initially retopped models. Of course, that alone isn't enough, and there's plenty of topology issues I've got to deal with. When I'm done modeling, I'll bring it back into 3DC for texturing. Heh I was going to make him blue, so I guess it would be even closer to that thundercats character. I never watched that cartoon, though they do have some interesting character designs.
  11. Here are some older screen shots. Notice the head is much bigger. This was scaled down in 3D Coat 3 with the pose tool. I started the project in Silo 2, which has great sculpting tools of its own but a limit to how detailed you can get. After buying 3DCoat 3, I imported the model and created the limbs with cylinders and blocks. Sculpting in Silo 2 is actually easier than in 3DCoat 3, but stuck at 32 bits, it can never use more than three gigs of ram. It makes no attempt to compress the data or deal with it the way Mudbox or zBrush does, so it takes a lot of ram to do relatively little (around a gig for a million polygons), and I only have 2 gigs. The alternative is Blender, but again, I don't have much ram and I won't be able to upgrade for a while. Mudbox and zBrush were too expensive, I owned version 2 of 3DC, so 3D Coat 3 was my way out into the world of high-res sculpting.
  12. Awe-inspiring work Tinker, you have proven 3DC as a viable tool for hard surface modeling.
  13. This work started in Silo 2 as a head before I imported it into 3D Coat 3 and began work on the body. The character's name is Zaar Dugaul, and he's a tribal scout creature. Polygon density is only 847,916, I won't increase the voxel resolution until I'm absolutely ready.
  14. Actually, to be honest it's the best sculpting program I know at it's (discount) price point. I am thinking about getting it anyway... and I should be able to in a few weeks. Ah, yeah it's definitely weird program, but so is zBrush. I some how forgot to post this. This was done about a day after the last one.
  15. That's really nice looking dragon erklaerbar! I like how it combines realism with a stylistic cartoon design.