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  1. I hope for an applink as well for OSX
  2. How about an OSX version... Dont care if its 32 bit or 64 bit. Just one that works.
  3. Cant find the upgrade cost myself either.
  4. I would have thought that if it was going to be tablet it would be ios and not android. All their other apps are ios. M
  5. Well thats a blast from the past. Was fun to use years ago. Here are a few models I made back then in Organica. You could choose the colour of your blob as you built your models. So no painting or anything like that. You build models with tubes and balls and planes and twisted them etc to your need. Was really fun to build models in. Fast as well for simple toon things. Mike
  6. I have had 3d-coat for a while now and I have regularly compared it to other apps with a preference for a certain other app in my posts on these forums. That changes now. 3d-coat is my first port of call from now on. I was not going to upgrade to v4 but now that also has changed. The interface changes are superb. The beta tools in 3.7 are astounding and when I finally tested the v4 beta, I am sold. So I thought I would start posting up things I am playing with. This little piggy started out using what I learned from the rat tutorials by Psmith. The rest just seems intuitive due to the cleaner interface. Rendered within 3d-coat. Loving it. Mike
  7. Tried to install this package myself in the latest mac beta of v 4 and the presets do not install. The brush shapes do but no presets. Ok. I know what I did wrong. I forgot to go into surface mode. All working perfectly. Thank you Mike
  8. By the way it is £3.99 for this app. Noticed that on their web site they only mention the desktop version price. Mike
  9. http://www.allegorit...tent/b2m-mobile Came across this app for iphone or ipad and its perfect for creating brush materials for use in 3d Coat. Anything I think that looks interesting I take a photo of it with the app and it creates diffuse, height, specular etc maps from the photo. You can then export them for use within 3d coat. The 4 files added here were auto generated using this app. I did not use any of the tweaking abilities in the app. Hope it sparks some use for others. Mike
  10. Thank you. Seems very nice so far.
  11. Can I install this beta without affecting my v3 version? Thanks Mike
  12. Is there an issue with topo in the latest beta of 3dcoat on Mac? The mesh does not show up at all apart from around the edge of the model. Screenshot attatched. Ignore this. Just noticed I was not on the latest version. Its fine. Mike
  13. Truespace had that years ago as well. Mike
  14. Remember that when the plugin arrives it will be in alpha initially. So I would expect some issues like the ear you pointed out. Will see how it plays out... and how much they are thinking of charging for it before declaring it as great or rubbish. Mike