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  1. Impressive! You keep pushing the envelope Michalis. Extremely hyperrealistic render. Tremendous effort!
  2. Polyxo, Przemas thanks so much!!! As I am still researching, all of this information is EXTREMELY helpful. Your expertise is immensely appreciated!!!
  3. Agreed Digman... very interesting
  4. Thanks fellas! Greatly appreciated! Sam
  5. Hey fellow 3DCoaters! Does anyone know if it's possible to use a 3D Print as a prototype for manufacturing purposes. Let's say I developed some toys in 3DC, can I simply take 3D Prints of my models and use them to cast the molds needed for mass production? Anyone familiar with this process? Is this even possible? Many thanks in advance! Sam
  6. OUTSTANDING! Nice work as usual Michalis!
  7. Wicked nice!!!!
  8. Dude... the mood is awesome! Another notch in your belt Michalis! Great work!
  9. Ha! Great personality! Love it! Good job fuad3d
  10. Cool. Like the narrative behind the piece
  11. Wicked!
  12. Hey Methelina! I like your work! The bottom 360 from your unannounced project is pretty cool (posted on 12.6.11). Keep 'em coming
  13. Thanks Michalis! Your input on curves and endcaps behavior was invaluable. Really helped me throughout the process.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys!