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  1. Really am enjoying the new materials in the latest version and how easy to make a quick scene for even a novice like me. Made this old padlock, key and box for a challenge very quickly. What a wonderful program! Thank you !
  2. Being an untrained novice hobbyist I'm still loving 3DCoat and the new shaders are really cool. Yeah, it's rough - for a hobbyist like me, it's a fun play for retro-thinking geezers like me. Thanks so much for the new version, tools, render engine and shaders. Very cool!
  3. I installed them, but I'm pretty sure I need adult supervision on how to use them properly.
  4. Woot! Thank you very much!
  5. Oh! Very Cool! Thank you very much and I never noticed that option before. hehe! Thanks again!
  6. I want to texture this komodo dragon like the one seen in the link. http://www.earthtime.../komodo-dragon/ What advise would you Pros give on what kind of layers I need to do this and exactly how would I generate a realistic Komodo scales that has depth. I want to achieve the look seen here with a plug-in in my 3D software render program. Thanks!
  7. That's pretty cool! As I recall there used to be shrink-wrapping in one of the old trueSpace versions. Always wondered why that wasn't exploited further.
  8. Quite elegant.
  9. Here's a wiki file to get you started. You can just start out simple to experiment, use auto UV and change texture size for starters. Then adjust later on as you become comfortable with program.http://3d-coat.com/wiki/index.php/1.1_Importing_Meshes
  10. Hmmm, dunno unless you are using a font not on your computer.
  11. Depends if you are talking about the paint room or the voxel room. However, in either I have found the number of "nodes" (click to get a node) matters quite a bit for control and 'smoothness'. I usually put a "node" every two or three letters as it gives you control with movement (left mouse button) or size (right mouse button)
  12. This has happened to me a couple times. Usually I just put the retopo in the waste can and start over again. For some reason the retopo to the PPP room goes haywire on occasion.
  13. Never tried to model a so-called hard model in 3DCoat. Had a quick play with primitives, cutoff and extrusion tools in the Voxel room.
  14. Thank you very much for the tutorial! I learned new things today.
  15. The last time I put together "boxed models" was back in the 1950s when I was a kid. Don't think "kitbashing" was a term back then, at least not where I grew up in the U.S.