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  1. Alien pilot sculpt

    From the album Chris work

    © c.gonnelle

  2. Alien pilot

    From the album Chris work

    © c.gonnelle

  3. Alien pilot

    From the album Chris work

    © c.gonnelle

  4. Hello fellas, great challenge & great work everyone!!, I'll try to do something even if it's been a while I didn't sculpt, I chose the character as Uruk-hai but SF Version (alternative version). Is this in accordance with the rules? or if the existing version... ++Chris
  5. ?! it's a good news! I'm waiting... ++Chris
  6. Thanks Styler!! ++Chris
  7. Nice works here! ++Chris
  8. the Gargoyle is top! great work. ++Chris
  9. really like the atmosphere! congrats! I'm waiting the next up!^^ ++Chris
  10. hey Garagarape! all is well here but bad weather! I like your start scene but beware of the focal length of the camera... my thoughts. ++Chris
  11. so nice! ++Chris
  12. Nice work, like his armor! ++Chris
  13. Nice work! voxel work? or surface work? ++Chris