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  1. Really incredible shaders! nice work.
  2. mmm.. you're right - that's true. - I think it's a profile thing relating to IP.Board. Maybe Vladimir or someone could update it for a look more inline with the forum. and actually the blue text on white background IS a little harder to read. But as philnolan3d said - at least it's working!
  3. thanks Vladimir... it appears that finally the forum is, not only viewable on iPhone, but fully functioning! nice!
  4. Your stuff makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and kinda gives me the willies... Pretty neat
  5. Yeah, one of those links said something about a setting though - for iPod Touch and iPhones to make it work... and possibly a ?skin? issue?
  6. I've only had the iPhone for about a month, so as long as I've had it, it hasn't worked. same blank white screen. It would be great if it was just a setting somewhere on the forum... e.g. "allow format for mobile devices" or something silly.... a search of the invision power community boards revealed this: Topic about mobile skins for ip board. looks like it's something you have to provide as a possible skin for mobile? anyway...
  7. iPhone 3Gs - no joy! probably one of the myriad techs that can't be used on iPhone/iPod LAME! if you do a google (GOOGLE APP) google search for the 3dc forums, and then under "more options" blue drop-down link underneath the search entry, there is a "formatted for mobile" link. It is almost un-readible, but it IS readible - more than a blank page. if anyone finds a better solution :!
  8. Good process... makes total sense
  9. ----------------------------------- NEW VERSION with more controls! Update! - 2009.12.12 ----------------------------------- Material: Gridding Utility Surface: Color relates to Voxel Grid Spacing Color: Grid color is Black, or White, or Colored. if Grid is colored, Red is X grid lines Green is Y, and Blue is Z Grid Background is Black, unless grid is white, then backgroudn is white. Compatibility: ANY ////////////////////////////////////////////// Controls: ////////////////////////////////////////////// Spacing (x, y, and z): Range: 0.0 to 10.0 Notes: values greater than 10.0 ok by manual entry values of 0.0 or lower turn off specific grid-line Sharpness (Exponent): Range: 0.0 to 100.0 Notes: higher values produce thinner grid lines. Grid Brightness: Range: 0.0 to 1.0: Notes: value of 0.0 = black grid lines value of 0.5 = r g b grid lines value of 1.0 = white grid lines other values blend between options values out of range produce other colored effects but must be entered manually. -1.0 inverts color of grid lines - with white background 1.25 has pastel colored lines - with black background 1.5 looks more like neon with inverted colors and white glowing centerline. ! with negative values and high shading values AND low exponent ( < 1.0 ) the background will take on inverted color VERY HOT!! look at green and purple topographic image below. Backgroudn Opacity: Range: -1.0 to 1.0 value of -1 is completely transparent, grid and background value of 0 is transparent background of grid (grid holes) value of 1 is completely opaque. values above 1.0 and below -1.0 are accepted but are simply clamped at 1.0 and -1.0 respectively. Shading: Range: 0.0 to 1.0 value of 0 is flat-no shading. value of 1 has almost black at at the sillouhette. values above 1.0 cause much more sever shading and blooming of the grid-lines. values below 0.0 invert the effect and make the sillouette more glowy. some combinations of Shading with Grid Brightness can be supprising - definitely worth experimenting. ////////////////////////////////////////////// see attached picture samples...
  10. Please bear in mind this is a rather complex shader - and I just finished it, and finished it, and finished it ... Updated! 2009.12.11 ----------------------------------- Name: SN_BETA_SUPERSHADER: Material: Advanced Dual PicMat Material Surface: it's Comlicated Color: Whatever you want it to be... Compatibility: GL and DirectX ------ Included in 3D Coat Distro - for a long time now. No need to d/l
  11. Update! - 2009.12.11 ----------------------------------- Material: Utility (Shows grid over voxels) Surface: surface color is derived from XYZ position in actual voxel grid. Color: Red is X voxel grid lines, Green is Y, and Blue is Z Compatibility: GL and DX
  12. lerp was used because most of the GLSL shaders in 3DC use it ... but I did know it was not a GLSL thing... you're right - prolly better to stick to using mix (unless Akira, or Andrew had a reason for using lerp ?) as for the trunc... it's a very different function than floor - however, you're totally right, floor is what I intended - good catch. but you have to remove the sign() function before it, or you'll end up with mirroring, I thinkg, which was something I tested a while ago. XPlanarUV -= XPlanarUV - ( sign(XPlanarUV) * trunc(XPlanarUV) ); // <== dumb not -1.25 - ( -1 * -1 ) which is - 2.25 ??? what was I thinking thanks for catching that. XPlanarUV = XPlanarUV - floor(XPlanarUV); (-1.25) - ( -2.0 ) which is 0.75, which is precisely the coordinate I wanted, XPlanarUV = XPlanarUV - ( sign(XPlanarUV) * floor(XPlanarUV) ) ; (-1.25) - ( -1 * -2.0 ) which is -3.25, which is again, NOT the coord I wante. but then as long as the UVs are accepted as toroidal, then it would still give the correct coordinate. but so would the original term of -1.25... how wasteful would that be anyway.. thanks to JWiede and Akira for your help on this - I've retested it - and it seems to be fine now. ------ YAY! I just found a WIERD bug - that showed up when messing with this that caused the Z Porjection to dissappear when shadows are OFF?!? which is REALLY nutty, because it happened to be that an abs( blah blah blah (and some blah ) * 2.0 / PI; doesn't work when SHADOWS are defined?! hehe... wierd. cuz it works in HLSL just find, and ... well... whatever an extra set of parentheses fixed it...
  13. Thanks Here is the fixed Shader... hopefully it takes care of the problem that was reported on mac (but probably is due to ATI graphics) fixed a bug! (fixed some bugz... see below)
  14. NICE! thanks Akira...EXCELLENT I guess that's an nVidia vs ATI thing... nVidia spec says pow will affect component-wise if you use float on float3 or 4... I guess ATI doesn't. I will be careful not to take that for granted! I will fix this ASAP, and hopefully it will fix it for anyone who has ATI card. thanks Akira!
  15. interesting... I dont' have a way to test on the mac... is it open GL version then? sorry to hear that it doesn't work on mac. I can't test it easily on mac.. but I have asked for assistance to try and resolve this issue. If anyone has this problem on mac also, or linux or pc, please let me know. It's possible, because I don't actually know what version of the GLSL spec is the lowest supported by 3DC. So it's possible since the shader was written to support GLSL Spec 1.40, if your graphics card only supports 1.2 - maybe that is the culprit. I will look into this more, but it would be of great help to know all the pertinent info of your system... OS version, graphics card, etc. version of 3DC you're using. this shader is only tested on 3.1.18 Non-CUDA, GL and DX thanks immediately after starting up 3DC, when start splash (what do you want to do dialog) comes up... press CTRL + ~ (probably command + ~ on mac? ) to bring up the 3DC Log File... copy and paste the following information about your graphics card - thanks. this is an example - (mine, when running the GL version) ------------------------------------------------------------ Graphics card and driver info ------------------------------------------------------------ OpenGL Renderer Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI/PCI/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 2.1.2 Supported: Pixel format Multisample Multitexture (units: 4) Anisotropic filtering (level: 16) Texture Compression Stencil two side (Multivendor) Vertex Buffer Object Vertex Attributes (count: 16) OpenGL Shading Language Frame Buffer Object (max size: 4096 X 4096) MRT (targets: 4) Float texture Non power of two [EDIT] Thanks to Akira, all my speculation above - well... never mind.