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  1. You are AMAHHHHHHZING!! The joint tool was pretty good already - but this was the thing I thought... would be so cool if it had. OMG! You added it so fast! As always Andrew - you are so "the man!"
  2. Im a little confused about the shader situation... while I agree an update to the UI regarding shaders is truly needed... and to separate SHADER from shader settings would also be nice... the idea that a shader + settings is a "shader" is obnoxious - but the shading engine is great. 1) I'd like to be able to have a shader adjustment box that allows me to adjust the settings of the current objects' shader 2) I'd like to be able to save those shader adjustments as a preset, not a whole new shader 3) I'd like to be able to "connect up" shader reference textures, rather than have them be a fixed part of the shader Truly the shaders are actually VERY VERY powerful as they are GLSL and HLSL shaders - ANYONE can write one as simple or as complex as you like. The trick is to make them more functionally easy to adjust and use. Who wants to always make an orange colored car? - uh, ok, so you copy that orange shader, edit the texture map in PS and now you have a blue car shader... so to have a rainbow of colors for the gamut of shader types, we have shader explosion... not so great. Anyway - just my two cents... and for what it's worth, a lot of the limitations on shading are directly related to the fact that it's GLSL/HLSL shading - so all shaders have to be written in those shading languages... they don't really do light scattering or transparency very well. OH that's another enhancement I'd like to see - better 2-sided transparent surfaces/see thu-ness. but that also might simply be a GLSL/HLSL limitation. long and short - better shader/settings UI paradigm, and better transparency appearance, otherwise - the rest works really well (IMO) for the purposes I use it for -previs.
  3. Oh man, I so totally agree!!!
  4. Tested by deleting all my settings, and found that Bas Relief was fixed, as well as Undercuts. Putting back Options_Presets broke both again... however, replacing just the old Options Presets with a "fresh" copy did not fix it. I had to delete the Tool_Presets folder, and options_presets.xml
  5. All versions of Beta 11 on Windows 7 x64 (GL/Cuda or No, DX/Cudor or No) - Bas Relief and Undercuts appear to be broken. Bas Relief cuts away only the back material but adds no material.
  6. Really incredible shaders! nice work.
  7. Now if only the ZOOM limit was literally the focal point... or at least if that was an option. so frustrating Zooming PAST your look point.. in actuality it would be nice if ZOOM (DOLLY ACTUALLY - as zoom would change the FOV).... anyway would be nice if you could DOLLY TOWARD A PARTICULAR POINT... OR JUST DOLLY in Camera Z space.... both are useful, but when you get close to the focal point - wouldn't it be nice to have finer control?... I mean the purpose of ZOOMING in, is so you can edit smaller details... get's rather pointless if navigation is still as coarse as it is when zoomed way out. but yes, this little thing that was fixed is GOOD.
  8. +1 +1 +1 +1 Ohhhhh yeah that would be so awesome!
  9. I believe that is the case - when you convert back to voxel mode the resolution will only be as high as it was at the current voxel resolution. If you want the resolution to preserve the details you've added in live clay, I think you have to adjust the voxel resolution by doing a "resample" Alternatively this is the final step (live clay) before retopo and just never go back to voxel mode. you can also export the mesh from surface mode - and then import as high res reference mesh. hope this helps?
  10. I was about to rant about how ridiculous it was not to have it, reading andrew's post thinking how silly a suggestion to use axial symmetry with instan.... wait - instancing??? they update as they get painted? oh oh ok... I see... however - the only problem with that is that with this method you cannot paint across the boundary of the rotational symmetry. STILL it is at least a reasonable workaround until radial symmetry is complete... PLEASE tell me this is not the final solution? really I WANT multi-node painting... IOW - I want to be able to give an equation for symmetry... e.g. Brush0 = normal brush, Brush1 = Brush0 * XForm [Origin[0,0,0], Rotation[0,0,0], Scale[-1,1,1] ], Brush2 =... etc etc... this allows translation, rotation, and scale effects. not scaling of the brush, but scaling of the stroke... e.g. you paint 1:1 on the left side of the object, and maybe you want the right side to be 2:1... like a pantagraph effect. anyway...
  11. You can also clone the original layer then flip X (or Y or Z, whichever to mirror it) then rotate it into place, and then use the COPY tool to paint what you want from that... you then forgo all the global space stuff... you can even chop away all the stuff you know you won't need from the mirrored layer, that makes it then even easier to position your flipped clone object... \ obviously you'll need to work the blend region by hand... you can also make the original layer a semi-transparent material (about 60% opacity) so you can see where you're positioning the mirror as well... just adding another way, nothing wrong with the above mentioned workflows... this one works for non-symmetrical copying as well.... copying modified pose feature etc...
  12. Absolutely agree... The software is AMAZINGLY feature rich - but understanding the logic around what gets baked to what, and how to manipulate things - is really a bit hap-hazard. I'm completely sure it's just a matter of features evolving, but at some point - someone has to go over and through the interface and make it right... I don't mean make up a new GUI... I mean a re-organization/restructuring of the "rooms".... seriously why are there rooms anyway? look at maya, it has menu-sets but everything is accessed within the same room. .... one small caveat, I don't think Cut-Off should be called boolean... a boolean is an intersection of two objects, so no it wouldn't make immediate sense to me looking at a tool called boolean that it was a FAST CUTTING tool... however if it doesn't work with the brushes (X the brushes out, so you immediately understand it's intended for uses with the polygon tools) and perhaps call it FAST CUT, or BOOLEAN CUT... because it doesn't seem to be worth anything special when used as an additive tool. ramble... sorry... my $0.02, for what it's worth.
  13. Grrr.... yeah most of the voxel tools seem broken - I am deleting the install folder, and my prefs folder. will report back if it fixes anything - I kinda doubt it though.
  14. Same OS with latest 3.5.23 Airbrush is acting like the inversion of "Fade on Edge".... like instead of less effect at the edge, it's less effect away from the edge, and only effect at the edge So Yes, same problem here Win 7 x64, 3D-Coat w/CUDA 3.5.23
  15. YAY!!! how cool, however, would it be, if symmetry was unlimited and defined by our own equation! ... ok I know that's just silly, right? As an example: Point 1: X, Y, Z Point 2: -X, Y, Z Point 3: X, Y(+60°), Z Point 4: -X, Y(-60°), Z Point 5: X, Y(+120°), Z Point 6: -X, Y(-120°), Z would be like basically having 3 radially symmetric points, on one side of X, and a mirror of them on the other. With this method, it is theoretically possible to have limitless versions of symmetry... including other types of symmetry. man, is that too much to ask for? - if you could create whatever symmetry you wanted?... translational, scale, rotation seems more robust and flexible than just mirror and radial symmetries. however, in lieu of that - i really hope that we get access to ALL symmetry at the same time... X, Y, Z + Axial... uh, which axis? how is it defined? can't wait to see.