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  1. thanks for the update guys Erik
  2. Thanks Andrew Erik
  3. Hi Andrew Any timesacale for the linux update to 3.00.08M? regards Erik
  4. I'm only running the 64-bit version specs: linux mint x64 (ubuntu 9.04) dual core 2.4 4 Gb RAM 2 Gb swap quadrofx 1600m 512 Mb regards Erik
  5. Hi Sergyi the bug with regards to the increase resolution on the first and second voxel sphere on startup. It doesn't crash all the time though. All is ok with the third sphere regards Erik
  6. Bug confirmed Linux mint x64 dell precision m6300 core 2 duo 2.4 4gb ram fx 1600m
  7. All is ok now Andrew Erik
  8. Hi there Just purchased upgrade from V2 win to V3 linux I received the serial number but when I enter it and press register, 3d-coat shuts down and I get a browser window with 'Thanks for registering' Everytime I open 3d-coat I need to enter serial number and the above happens Please advise edit: got new serial number sent out. Thanks regards Erik
  9. Hi Andrew I want to upgrade from V2 windows to V3 linux. can't see anything on the page for that regards Erik
  10. Many thanks Andrew Any idea when purchasing will become available for Linux version? Erik
  11. No problem Andrew. Will upgrade then. Thanks again for Linux port!! Erik
  12. Wow. That's quick. Thanks a million How do I go about purchasing the upgrade from win V2.10 to Linux V3? erik
  13. Thanks Andrew, I see it is not possible to order the Linux version via the website yet. Is it possible to get a serial number for the beta version for the time being? regards Erik
  14. Hi Andrew 3d-coat appears to change the permissions of the .dmrc file and home folder after running the program. I need to reset the permissions every time after running the program. The bugs I previously reported have been sorted. Thanks!! Erik p.s I purchased 3d-brush V2.10 back in october 2007. What will be the cost to upgrade to V3.0 for linux?
  15. Hi Andrew couple of bugs so far: - 'show info' is not displayed - if I increase resolution twice on standard sphere in voxel mode, 3d-coat crashes - All surface tools in voxel mode make 3d-coat crash I'm on holiday atm so have not gone too far in depth yet my specs linux mint x64 dual core 2.4 quadro fx1600 m 4 Gb ram 2Gb swap