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  1. Would pay for a gumroad that had this up to date...
  2. Anyone help me sort this? The yellow line in vertex line mode is missing everywhere except for when I paint on the texture uv editor. It still works, but the visible yellow line that shows how the two points connect is gone.
  3. I'm not sure if I clicked some hidden option or something, but I don't get the popup anymore when exporting texture maps that gives me the option to fill empty pixels. Anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks! Edit: Found the solution in Preferences under the padding section. You need to select "Manual Selection" in the Padding option with the drop down window next to it.
  4. Hey Koji, These shaders look great. However I was only able to get 1 or 2 of them to load correctly. Anyone have suggestions for getting them running correctly?
  5. Man that would be awesome. And a way to preserve UV's while you make those edits too please.
  6. I dare say you've just inspired a new Bro-Bot Digman
  7. Safe to assume this isn't currently possible? If it were that split/joint tool would make 3d-coat amazing for 3d printing (not that it already isn't pretty amazing for it).
  8. Thanks Digman! The printing is fun... sometimes haha. Here's a closeup of the print of this guy (his name is Bug the Lawbot) and a painting I did to hopefully feature on packaging.
  9. Been working on the prints for awhile now on the first batch of these guys. Sooooooo tempted to pick up a resin printer instead of a regular fused filament one, but for now I'm gonna keep grinding away with this one and try to churn out some cool prints. I'm trying to keep my art page on facebook updated with this stuff, so if you're interested in checking it out over there that'd be awesome. https://www.facebook.com/b33nineArt/
  10. Is there a way to set up the split and joint tool in a way that you can feed it a positive and a negative model to generate your joint? Alternatively, is it possible by chance to have the joint be a shape so that it can only go back together in the way it was split? Something like the profile being a quadrilateral that's got a wide base and a narrower top? I really like the split/joint tool, but would like to use it in a way that you can only put a printed model back together in the way it was built originally.
  11. There's some kind of bug with the pose tool where after deselecting the previously selected faces dissapear. Can anyone else confirm? It might be tied to the undo bug that's been floating around for ages?
  12. New one today, this time a Cat Bot
  13. Here's the ones I've collected so far on my other work machine too. Some aren't posed yet, the plan is to pose them all and maybe try joints in some as well. Michaelgdrs, good call. My kids aren't really at the age where they'd be putting things in their mouths anymore, but definitely something worth mentioning to people who get their hands on these.
  14. These guys are a little side project that I started trying to dig into more recently. I did the first two for my son's bedroom walls as a painting and then decided to model them sometime ago. Decided it was such a fun thing that I'd keep chugging along with it and keep making more, see how many I can come up with, with sights on selling them as toys/3d prints eventually. Would love to get some opinions on them, I'll update the thread as I make more.
  15. I was just about to post about this. For some reason it seems to change from update to update, but some times when you commit the primitive to your retopo scene it puts it on a new UV set. I can never make sense of why it does and why it doesn't create a new UV set, is there some kind of setting? It's a little frustrating as I just merge in cubes/cylinders/spheres for almost everything I'm retopoing and add/subtract whatever geometry I need, so I end up having to merge the UV set to my working one every time I add a new primitive. Anyone have ideas on how to turn on or turn off the new UV set creation? Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. I just had to rename my UV set to match the name of the UV set that's being imported into the scene. Something as simple as changing the "D" in "Default" to a lower case one.