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  1. I dare say you've just inspired a new Bro-Bot Digman
  2. Thanks Digman! The printing is fun... sometimes haha. Here's a closeup of the print of this guy (his name is Bug the Lawbot) and a painting I did to hopefully feature on packaging.
  3. Been working on the prints for awhile now on the first batch of these guys. Sooooooo tempted to pick up a resin printer instead of a regular fused filament one, but for now I'm gonna keep grinding away with this one and try to churn out some cool prints. I'm trying to keep my art page on facebook updated with this stuff, so if you're interested in checking it out over there that'd be awesome. https://www.facebook.com/b33nineArt/
  4. New one today, this time a Cat Bot
  5. Here's the ones I've collected so far on my other work machine too. Some aren't posed yet, the plan is to pose them all and maybe try joints in some as well. Michaelgdrs, good call. My kids aren't really at the age where they'd be putting things in their mouths anymore, but definitely something worth mentioning to people who get their hands on these.
  6. These guys are a little side project that I started trying to dig into more recently. I did the first two for my son's bedroom walls as a painting and then decided to model them sometime ago. Decided it was such a fun thing that I'd keep chugging along with it and keep making more, see how many I can come up with, with sights on selling them as toys/3d prints eventually. Would love to get some opinions on them, I'll update the thread as I make more.
  7. I emailed Sergey with my suggestions and he contacted me back within a couple hours. The alt+ctrl brush resizing is a huge bonus to me, so I'm really glad that was put in so quickly after I found the software. I'm so excited for what this software will become. I can't wait to push out some finished work with it.
  8. Hi Paintstorm (Sergey?), Thanks for jumping onto the forums to discuss the software. Is there currently a way to drag brush resize? In Painter/MS5, you can hold alt+ctrl to drag the brush to the size you want, I believe, alt+right click in photoshop. Are you open to suggestions for added features? I have some specific ideas if so.
  9. Rebelisimo, you're the developer right? If so I'd love to get in contact with you regarding some areas that would make the software a little easier for production use. I purchased the software, it's super fun to use and it's just incredibly distinct visually compared to all the other painting software out there. Right now, it'd be hard for me to justify using for actual work because there's certain areas where it's kind of like taking the long way around. Right now, for all of my illustration work I use Manga Studio (CSP) as it just does so many things that photoshop falls short in. I still fall back on it from time to time for color management issues, and the ever important liquify, but I rarely use it outside of texture work. If this software can catch up to CSP/MS5 in those couple areas, I'd probably switch over in a second. If it added a photoshop-like liquify on top of those things? I'd be in heaven. Awesome piece of software though, super glad it got posted here otherwise I might not have ever seen it.
  10. Any chance you would share with us how you achieved that look Beat? Seems like everything I try to sculpt in 3d-coat always end up lumpy/bumpy but this is anything but. Oh yeah, also, awesome work
  11. Multiple crashes. Disappearing geometry in the retopo room. Symmetry mirror flipping on it's own in the retopo room. Odd artifacts from merging. Symmetry planes/axes randomly moving on their own in the voxel room. No easy way to sample a symmetry axes from a voxel layer to apply to a new/existing layer. In general, a toolset that probably isn't suited to the work I was trying to produce. I honestly do enjoy the software, but I haven't used it for this kind of thing very often. I suspect I just need to utilize a different software package for the outcome I was pursuing. The bugs were obviously not a fun experience as well, but I was using a beta version so a lot of the blame there could be put on my shoulders.
  12. Not perfect, but works for what I need it for. Poseable in a very similar manner to the human mannequin. Was definitely an exercise in frustration, seemed like I was battling 3d-coat at every turn.
  13. Stupid question, do you have to have Maya in order for this to work? If so, do they ever plan on having a standalone app?
  14. Doubt I'll get time to finish this, but tinkered for a little while coming up with this. Always wanted Wolverine to wear his costume in the movies, trying to find a look that a movie producer might sign off on. Still annoyed they haven't put him in his costume yet.
  15. I tested this out with a model I had laying around and it worked shockingly well. I thought for sure the model would need to have almost ideal geometry to work (mine surely did not) and that it would not work as well as the sample video (it did). Very cool service.