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  1. Which Graphics cards are the best for use with 3DC? Nvidia GTX 1080 or Radeon™ Pro WX 7100? I'm using 3DC for high poly and low poly work. Any thoughts?
  2. I've downloaded the latest .31 Are the square alphas under the Stencils Tab or Alphas Tab? I have no folder for Squares under the Alphas tab. Update: Ok just saw the tutorial I actually thought I would be able to create square alphas using the curves in the same way we can create circular ones.
  3. Hadnt noticed these before, look nice using the renderman engine.
  4. I recently added a tutorial to demonstrate how to use 3D-Coat to create a simple vehicle concept. Part 01 shows how to create the wheels and wheel base, part 2 will continue by demonstrating how to create a basic shape for the body of the vehicle.
  5. Yip. Testing out the light baking tool. Really nice when working in with layers and blending lights. Is it right that you can only bake one light from the render room at a time? I think if you could have a check box for which lights you want to include on the bake ( or is this the Camera_Target check box meant to do this? ) At the moment I'm removing the environment light completely to isolate the light source and bake these light sources to layers ( repositioning the light source for each layer ). The alpha option is nice too - i would say it needs a hard edge dial to make the shadow fall off editable.... nice stuff
  6. Great news about the Light baking
  7. How does the RFill Tool and QuadStripTool work? Are they supposed to work on these builds? The QuadStripTool draws a stroke, thats all I can get it to do, did I miss the instructions ?
  8. Quick test using the standard sss shader... thrown into render room, instant results. Great work.
  9. Just convinced the boss to get 2x 3DCoats seats
  10. Yeah the reason I asked about it. To bake smart materials etc it gives an artist a good starting point in hand painting i.e. they will have reflection reference etc baked into a layer in the paint room and can then add/substract from that on the UV mapped paint layer. btw.... great PBR materials I bought them
  11. sorry - forgot to attache the image in previous post
  12. Hi Not sure if this has been talked about before. Looking at the possibility of baking the result of a render directly to a UV map? Bake the reflections, metal, spec details as well as light influence into a single colour map? This would be good texturing for game assets. Substance Painter previews the textures on a UV map and this can be scaled up on the screen and take a screen shot... but its a work around ( see attach) You can see on the image the environment reflections etc, but these obviously are not exported. We can use the Texture Editor to preview the rendered result and export from the Render Room?
  13. Short character reel showing work from a few years back. I use 3D-Coat for sculpting my characters, retopology, UV work and painting... Link to YouTube and Vimeo channel.
  14. Thanks... glad you like it.
  15. Hi all Just thought I'd post a link to some work I did with 3DC voxels on my website. This link shows the all the characters, these were colorised in Photoshop ( done before you could add colour to voxels ) The thumbnails on show some very quick auto retopo work done on the sculpts to get the geometry into LW. I used the mesh to position proxy versions of the characters in a virtual studio. The attached is better view of one character.