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  1. Maya AppLink

    Davids, thanks! I'll take a look
  2. modo AppLink

    A new update Version 2.0.1 **************** Fixed: - Issue with platform detection on some Linux distributions (Linux) - Applink now recognizes correctly when 3D-Coat is running (Linux/MacOS) - Default location for 3D-Coat exchange files (MacOS) 3dcoat_for_modo_v2.0.1.zip
  3. Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    I meant which exactly texture (diffuse, secular, gloss.. ???) When 3d coat freezes? Could you describe what you are doing step by step? I'm currently writing a manual for applinks, so it's on the way
  4. LightWave Applink

    Maybe after release 201x
  5. Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    which texture?
  6. Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    Hey guys, I just finished a new version of Applink. It's a first pilot version, which might be a little bit buggy, so please do not hesitate to tell me about them. Should also work on MacOS (I didn't test it yet). I was oriented on using R18 SDK for development, not sure if it's gonna functioning correctly with previous versions of C4D. How to install? - Uninstall the previous version of applink - Goto your Cinema plugin folder: To find the folder where Cinema 4D expects 3rd party plugins start Cinema 4D and go to the preferences (from the Edit > Preferences menu). You can see the path to the preferences folder at the bottom of the dialog. There is also a button to open the folder in the File Explorer / Finder. Click the "Open Preferences Folder..." button. The path on Microsoft Windows is typically something like: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R18_12345678\ The path on Mac OSX is typically something like: /Users/Name/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R18_12345678/ - Copy an entire "aplink" folder from archive to "plugins" subfolder. - Reboot Cinema. After installation you should have a 3D-Coat submenu in Plugins 3dcoat_for_cinema_v2.0.0.zip
  7. LightWave Applink

    please, clarify the question
  8. modo AppLink

    Every time when you send mesh to 3DCoat by clicking one of export buttons, it does export the current selection to 3dcoat sub folder in your project root. If you have a brand new scene and haven't saved it yet applink will export data to "/Documents/ModoDefaultScene/3dcoat/export.obj". During the export process it also save extra data to Exchange folder where 3DCoat is looking up for new files for importing. If he found some, you'll see the import dialog in 3DCoat. Currently MacOs blocks running 3DCoat from Modo, so make sure that you have 3D-Coat running first. As I mentined before, I'll take a look the MacOS version on next week. PS> Besides that you can always drop your model file directly to 3D-Coat to do wherever you want.
  9. modo AppLink

    >> does the applink work with Linux versions of 3DCoat and Modo? it should >> the Exchange folder I don't really understand and I feel this is my problem. So I leave it at it's default "/Users/bradhayes/Documents/3D-CoatV4/Exchange" You have to set this folder to point where are your export information will be placed. if you are using Coat V4.8 you have to point it to "3D-CoatV48/Exchange" folder Regarding Linux/Macos versions - they were not tested properly yet. I have a plan to fix all issues on next week, when my Linux/MacOs machine will be up and running.
  10. modo AppLink

    I tried the last version. It works just fine as expected. From user side you need to change path to exchange folder and path to 3c-coat executable (see. Applink->Options)
  11. modo AppLink

    I tried 4.7.24 and it doesn't work, indeed. I guess you need to install 30+ version, which contains are a few critical fixes for applink export data.
  12. modo AppLink

    Do you press "Open in Original App" in 3D-Coat before clicking on "Import" button in applink, rIght?
  13. modo AppLink

    1) Does the Exchange folder points to correct 3d-coat version? In your case it must be: '..Documents\3D-CoatV47\Exchange' 2) Take a look Event log, applink reports about its actions and errors
  14. modo AppLink

    Hey guys, I have an updated applink version for you. This is a first relaunched version, so expect to see some bugs and please do report about them =). Currently It built for Modo version 9.01+. I can probably downgrade system requirements to 8.01 in upcoming releases. How to install? - Goto your Modo user folder: by default it's here "C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Luxology" or you can run Modo and click in System menu "Open User Folder". - Copy an entire "coat" folder from archive to "Kits" subfolder. - Don't forget to reboot Modo. After installation you should have a 3D-Coat submenu in main panel Applink has not been tested properly on macos and linux yet. Working on it. 3dcoat_for_modo_v2.0.0.zip
  15. Maya AppLink

    Hey guys, I have a new update. Currently in beta What's new: Now you can choose one of 2 approaches. "Use manual setting" uses old method. When you click "Show" button a new dialog will appear where you can find all familiar options plus some extra. In release version will be introduced a new method, using presets. it's temporarily locked, because Andrey have to fix some issues in 3D-Coat, first. From this version you'll be able to choose a shader type for imported object. Currently supported Software and MR, I'll putting more in upcoming versions. (Note! You have to load Mentalray plugin before running applink. If you still can't see it in settings, try to unload/load applink and run it again). Found a bug? Report it here. Thanks! 3dcoat_for_maya_v2.2.0-beta.zip