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  1. Sorry, it works just in Layout.
  2. which platform?
  3. >> Any chance of making a 2017 LT applink? No. Maya LT has only embedded MEL script language. If someone else will decide to write it, I don't mind =) >> So I cannot see any place in the Coat shelf within maya that will send my subdivided objects into the sculpt room. Is this not supported? It's actually kinda of possible. Use "microvertex painting" mode for exporting your model from Maya and don't forget to set "Export Resolution" to "MID-POLY" in Options tab. In 3D-Coat import dialog set desirable subdivision for the mesh in "Display Resolution" dropbox. Do your painting/sculpting. After importing back to Maya you should have the same subdivided model as in 3d-coat.
  4. Update version 2.1.2 ************* Fixed: - various bug fixes
  5. Pawel_ Do you have any non-ASCII symbols in your paths? (C:/Users/UserName or in current Maya project path) Pavel_K What exactly is not working? Do you have any error messages? Please double check that Exchange Dir is synced with your 3dcoat version ### Note they both have the same version ### 3D-Coat Path: C:/Program Files/3D-Coat-V4.7.06/3D-CoatGL64C.exe Exchange Dir: C:/Users/xxx/Documents/3D-CoatV47/Exchange
  6. Here is an update version 2.1.1 ************* New: - Initial compatibility with 3D-Coat 4.7 - Added support for Maya 2016+ Fixed: - Issue with running applink on Mac OS platform
  7. Pawel, Can you attach your config file? C:/Users/UserName/Documents/applinkMayaCoat.cfg Kayan Which version are you using?
  8. Check applink settings. 3dcoat version and exchange folder in "My Documents" must be the equivalent
  9. i'll check it
  10. Hammers, which version of applink?
  11. ghib, which os are you using?
  12. >> Does it work for sculpting changes as well or just painting? Which export mode do you use? (Maya->Coat)
  13. It appears only in case if you imported the model to 3D-Coat via applink. 1) make object in Maya 2) do export via applink (in 3D-Coat you should have importing dialog, do import) 3) Paint you model 4) File->Open in Original App
  14. Justifun, In 3D-Coat use File->Open in Original App
  15. slavademen Unfortunately Maya LT is not supported, because of its restrictions, such as: MEL scripting only and no access to Maya API.