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  1. Maya AppLink

    version 2.2.2 ************* Fixed: - The issue with exporting selected objects 3dcoat_for_maya_v2.2.2.zip
  2. Maya AppLink

    Hi Swinny, Yes, you're right. Apparently I broke something during refactoring. I'll check and fix the issue asap. Thanks for the bug report!
  3. Maya AppLink

    You'll get all correct files, If you do File->Open in Original App (see attachment) Exchange.7z
  4. Maya AppLink

    Seems like it's another bug in 3D-Coat. After export it should create at least a pair of files (export.txt, textures.txt) or even 3 files, includes Export.xml. Something definitely went wrong here. I'll tell to Andrew. Thanks for finding the bug!
  5. Maya AppLink

    How do you send your painted object back to Maya? I guess you do Export To->Maya instead of Open in Original App
  6. Maya AppLink

    And you're using the latest applink version v.2.2.1 and 3D-Coat 4.8, right?
  7. Maya AppLink

    Удалой Did you uncheck "Use export constructor for per/ channel packing" option in the export dialog box, as shown in the picture above?
  8. modo AppLink

    As I see, the exception occurs when the applink tries to read and sync presets. The applink assumes that there are no subfolders in "Documents\3D-CoatV48\Temp\TempPresets" but you have one named "Add". The quick solution is just to move all existing presets from "Add" to "TempPresets" and delete "Add". I'll support subfolders in "TempPresets" in the next release.
  9. modo AppLink

    Do you have any error messages in the event log?
  10. LightWave Applink

    There are several workarounds. I think I can write LWO wrapper for patching files on a fly. We'll see.
  11. Maya AppLink

    >> Maybe the presets are the problem?? Do you think it's possible to import with textures linked to an AIStandard material anytime soon ? Presets are not currently supported. Use a non-preset mode for now. I have implementation for them but it was a problem with passing a preset name from applink to 3D-Coat. I switch them on as soon as I'll solve with issue. Arnold will be supported soon (next in my list) >> Should Maya default project be pointing at the Exchange directory ? Nope. Exchange folder in setting only requires for 3D-Coat to know where is your export data.
  12. Maya AppLink

    marcoi I had exactly the same problem on MacOs.The old solution was to run 3d-coat before doing export operation from Maya. The latest version 4.8.08 should not have this problem with license detection. Just tried and it works indeed. High Sierra introduced a few more bugs (god damn), but they're not critical. Be sure that you've set paths correctly: /Applications/3D-Coat/4-8/3D-Coat.app /Users/username/3D-CoatV48/Exchange version 2.2.1 ************* Fixed: - The way of detection "is 3D-Coat already running or not" (MacOS) 3dcoat_for_maya_v2.2.1-beta.zip
  13. Maya AppLink

    I'll take a look
  14. Maya AppLink

    Hey Marco, Which version of 3dcoat are you using? Platform?