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  1. I enjoy this workflow, too. Best way to get 3dc meshes into a good rendering app imo. Really amazing works you've done here. Very surreal concepts and great renders.
  2. Beautiful final result
  3. Very clean and sharp. I look forward to seeing the detailed version!
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Since I don't animate, I may be able to use decimation for certain models instead of retopo. It's all about the path of least resistance. I'm on OSX, so I'll have to see how 3.2 sculpts on tris. The only reason I've been avoiding tris with ZBrush is because that's the word around the campfire. I haven't a clue what actual problems they cause. I know n-gons cause holes and poles cause weird pointy artifacts. Either way, thanks for the tips and keep choppin' out those cool designs.
  5. Cocoa Pebbles are where it's at. Regarding the slayer sculpt, you got the wrong guy.... Although, if the work you're referring to is good enough, I'll be glad to pretend I did it for public recognition! (j/k) Must be a third James in the mix now. Common first name. I do hope to share some work soon, still learning this awesome toolset and neat ways to fit it into my usual workflow. Cheers, The coolest James Thornton in the world (tell your bro don't be mad, it's just how it is!)
  6. Very good! Go Thornton's!
  7. Great work as always! I've enjoyed your ZBrushCentral thread, and this one also has some really clean designs! I'm interested in the 3dc > ZBrush workflow using decimation master. 3dc's retopology tools are great for making various densities of meshes that retain the voxel sculpt. I've been doing a low res retopo and exporting it as an obj. Then sub dividing it a bunch and using the retopo brush w/ smooth to clean it up. It vacuums to the voxels perfectly! I export again and append this hi res mesh to the low res in ZBrush, divide the low res the same amount and project all. Viola, subdivisions. I think you can also just use reconstruct subdiv, but haven't tried it. Those geometry levels adds control in ZBrush, get's the voxel detail in, and allows for a base mesh that modo can work with. I usually get rid of 1-2 of the lower levels because I need more density for the maps to render good in modo. Nevertheless, this has become a sweet way to include voxels in my workflow. Love it already, just bought it. After checking out your workflow, I've investigated exporting the voxels as an obj. Inspecting the mesh in modo, it's just a bunch of tris. Does decimation master clean this up at all or do you have to do retopo to get quads? Is there a way to export the voxel mesh as quads only? I prefer retopo w/ subdividing over quadrangulate, and don't know of another way. Retopo's easy, but you seem to have success with the Decimation Master. Any tips or are you just working with the triangles? Thanks for any feedback. -James *edit: I just found out that the new version of 3dc has a decimation feature built in for exporting! I also read that voxels only export as tris, so I guess you're just working with them maybe just for rendering.