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  1. oups sorry I did not mean stencils but smart material..
  2. Hello.. I have noticed that you cannot paint with Disp offset 0.5 (Grey middle point) I have a nice disp map that I try to use with Stencil paint... and it's always 0 - 1 .. and Invert Tool just inverts it... Is it planned... ? Currently it kills my workflow . thank you h/
  3. Hello Carlosan... always helpful well that works but it flips the geometry normals.. I just want to flip the UV normals, and so I tried U flip or V flip... but they move the uv's.. I just want the normals on the UV pointing the other way.. Thanks h/
  4. hello... a few times when I make the UV's in 3D Coat (usually I don't ) I end up with some flipped UV normals on a few UV shells... apparently 3d Coat does not care about... Is there a way to flip the UV normals on some shells...?
  5. hello Carlosan... thank you. yes last build 4.7.10.. I will upload it and send a link
  6. I have just checked and I can open an old file that is around 6.5 GB... so why I can't open a 650mb... ?
  7. Let me add that not being able to reopen a file is simply not acceptable with a pro app.. I can deal with bugs, but 3D coat goes a bit far... just saying so..
  8. hello... I was working on a project.. saved it.. Now when I try to open it back (650mb) I get a memory error... I have 128 GB.. so I doubt there is a problem on my side... Is there any way to fix it.. or should I trash all and restart a 8 hour work.. to discover a new out of memory..? lol
  9. Hej Andrew.. Thank you, that solved it.. and in fact it also solved the 16k baking problem
  10. Hello Carlosan.. yes I have Kaspersky.. PS. I disabled it but no luck;... and now I get this message
  11. I have DL the new beta and all I get is this now..
  12. Hello Andrew thank you. Well.. I updated the driver... restarted the comp... but 3DCoat crashes now at start-up... so I re-installed it... no effect.. still crashes upon starting the app. no idea what to do...
  13. That would be nice to know...
  14. Hello Carlosan.. mmm nope it was off... btw, what I do need anyway is Bake PPP with disp.