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  1. Hej Andrew.. Thank you, that solved it.. and in fact it also solved the 16k baking problem
  2. Hello Carlosan.. yes I have Kaspersky.. PS. I disabled it but no luck;... and now I get this message
  3. I have DL the new beta and all I get is this now..
  4. Hello Andrew thank you. Well.. I updated the driver... restarted the comp... but 3DCoat crashes now at start-up... so I re-installed it... no effect.. still crashes upon starting the app. no idea what to do...
  5. That would be nice to know...
  6. Hello Carlosan.. mmm nope it was off... btw, what I do need anyway is Bake PPP with disp.
  7. Ahh oki... well I tried, but no luck...
  8. Hello Andrew... thank you for your patience Where do you uncheck baking AO, I can't find it... Am I missing something..?
  9. well I tried your path Andrew.. but without Luck... could it be a driver issue..?
  10. Hello Andrew... well you got lucky... No idea why it does not work.. also Trying to open a simple plane in the Paint room (per pixel) and setting the texture to 16k does not work either.. I wonder why though..
  11. oki, Thanks a lot Carlosan I thought that would be a ram issue, but I have 128 GB... When trying on a very simple model, it goes up to 22GB... then nothing happened, and 3D Coat Not responding.
  12. hello. Trying to bake to a 16k map does not work for me.. max I can is 8k with a 4GB GTX 980 ... Would 8GB work..? or do I need 12GB ? Thank you
  13. yes totally agree.. so this gets my vote !
  14. +10 with 8192 pix textures... Texture smoothing has absolutely NO effect... and even brush (shift) has very very little effect... Please fix that.. 2 years after, it now look ridiculous that a basic needed thing does not work... !
  15. Hello.. thank you I used Reality Capture for the 3D scan