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  1. yes totally agree.. so this gets my vote !
  2. +10 with 8192 pix textures... Texture smoothing has absolutely NO effect... and even brush (shift) has very very little effect... Please fix that.. 2 years after, it now look ridiculous that a basic needed thing does not work... !
  3. Hello.. thank you I used Reality Capture for the 3D scan
  4. another view
  5. yes the base was a 3D scan
  6. Sure
  7. Used 3D Coat for retopo and maps. Rendered in Maxwell
  8. hellooo.. Thanks a lot Digman... I will definitly try your workflow. h/
  9. hey Thank you.. well I was just curious if it would keep somehow the Uv's .. all I needed was to import a scanned model in sculpt room , do a bit of smoothing and then re-export like it was.. with its UV's.. h/
  10. Hello, I have imported in the sculpt room a mesh with uv's and a map It was just to smooth some areas.. but now when I try to re-export it... it has lost it's UV.. Is there a way to export it with its UV..? I also could not find in the docs (might be hidden) wht is exactly the Use of Import UV and Export UV in the paint room TY h/
  11. well in a way we do have VD.. but what would be very useful is to be able to bake a VD on a retopo mesh From the Sculpt room.. ah well..
  12. hello There I think we need Vector disp baking in 3D coat.. That would be a must, we could also simplify our retopo meshes when there are lots of nooks and crannies.. thank you for considering it. h/
  13. yes... it is essential if you want to retopo a color mapped scan.. vertex color is nice but not as good as a map. cheers.
  14. thanks but vertex painting was not what I needed.. only the high res with its UV and the color map.. I found that LWO is the answer. imported as voxels (with Import W/O voxelisation clicked ON... Works like a charm ! thanks