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  1. hey thanks... think that would boost 3DC.....
  2. pretty interesting tool IMHO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFIfP1UMPEk&feature=share
  3. ahah, as chingchong said, because mainly it's easy... and more fun for young people, ... too long the arms, too big the head...? no problem it looks always right... I only make real life objects btw... h/
  4. Ant

  5. hey Johnny... it does look useful.. but looking at price tag as you said, it's more directed to large studios... no demo sucks... hehe h/
  6. found this app.. http://www.tandent.com/lightbrush/
  7. holly shit AbnRanger, thanks for the warning... well motto is.. never go to Ebay.. I never did.. for some reason I was always very suspicious about that system... too easy to get robbed.. h/
  8. Thanks everyone.. really appreciate.
  9. Hello... thank you all.. David, most dirt is from the real metallic teapot I have here, then a lot of post work in 3D Coat.. h/
  10. Textured in 3D coat... rendered in Maxwell..
  11. Welcome..
  12. I vote for Maxwell... .
  13. nice start Koji.. h/