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  1. Hi iLegacy, That's a great looking model, Well done!! With regards to it's coloring...your model appears to be similar looking to a "Hawksbill Turtle"..? Here's a link that may help: http://www.arkive.or...elys-imbricata/ regards Colin
  2. Hi Phil, That could well be...but I'd still report it...otherwise how else would any programs creator know there's a possible problem... ...I'm sure Andrew would want to know given those same circumstances! regards Colin
  3. Hi Paul, As a Jeweller, I'm typically using STL files for Export from MoI for use on my small CNC mill. So I've always just used the STL files to bring into 3DC via the Voxel Room. I'd also like to know if this is a possibility? MoI can Export it's NURBS curves as AI-EPS files for use in other 2D programs, so it'd be nice to also use them in 3DC too. Yes you can, just make sure you've first raised the Resolution in the Voxel Room prior to Import. I'll typically use 2x Resolution prior to the Import/Merge, but sometimes it may need more. They do work reasonably well together, but obviously there'll be limitations. Unlike Rhino, MoI is for NURBS only, so it can only Export polygon meshes, it can't read them back in. Once I have the STL from MoI into 3DC, I'll then Export it out from 3DC as an STL for milling. For viewing that newly created 3DC-STL file, I'll typically use Rhino. HTH, Colin
  4. Hi Phil, As a long time MoI user (Beta-pre V1), I'm really very surprised to hear the program was crashing on you... Have you reported this to Michael Gibson on the MoI Forum so that he can at least find the possible source of your crashes? or just send an email directly to Michael as I'm sure he'd wish to know about the problem. regards Colin
  5. Hi michalis, Here's some links that should help: HTH, Colin
  6. Hi Jarvis, This video looks great, Well done!! Looking forward to getting this & hopefully I can use that same basic info for my jewellery designing. regards Colin
  7. Hi a3dcreator, Just wondering which version of 3D-Coat you're using? Are you using the latest Beta version?? regards Colin
  8. Just a follow up on this, 3D-Coat was very favorably promoted. For those that are interested, the Webinar is now available from this T-Splines link . regards Colin
  9. Hi Leigh, Thank you for that timely bit of info! I'd recently been considering whether or not to purchase your videos through them, glad I didn't..! Will now wait until you've released your new set. regards Colin
  10. Hi Everyone, Saw this posted by one of the Members of a Jewellery Forum that I Moderate on. Thought it might be of some interest to other 3D-Coat users. Also it appears that T-Splines save all their Webinars for later viewing, so I'm assuming this one would be the same. regards Colin
  11. Hi Phil, Thanks for sharing this with all of us. regards Colin
  12. That looks to be a statuette of Elmer Fudd from "What's Opera, Doc?" If you're looking for more reference images then there's what I got from a doing a Google search:,+Doc%3F&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&sa=X&ei=oy1wTeK6BZDovQOTzOm9AQ&ved=0CF8QsAQ&biw=1440&bih=629 HTH, Colin
  13. That US eBay link for the Space Pilot works here within Australia too... @Bob, ...could there possibly be some form of a "location setting" within your Browser or Anti Virus that's stopping you going there? regards Colin
  14. And with their name being "providesaccess", you'd have to wonder if they'd be a possible spammer?