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  1. I know 3d -coat has PBR ( which is great) , but it would be nice to have a applink to view in Marmoset. Marmoset seems to have better support for glass , skin and transparent materials . So we could have a glass and skin material in 3D - Coat that renders correctly in Marmoset.
  2. Thanks for the replies , I will go with the AMD card. My friend who builds powerful computers for the film industry , says the new AMD cards "seem" to run circles on the Quadro cards - his opinion
  3. I know that the ATI cards do not support Cuda,but my other applications I work with use OpenGL . The gaming cards in general seem purposely crippled for OpenGL . Most of the models I work with are large , sometimes 3d scan data. I don't use 3dcoat much, but would like to keep using it in the future. Without CUDA will I be severely handicapped in 3dcoat? I would like to use 3dcoat to fix and modify 3dscan data. Would it be better to go with AMD FirePro W7100 Professional Graphics Card - 8GB GDDR5 (Cheaper and preferred) • 8GB GDDR5 memory • 256-bit memory interface • 160 GB/s memory bandwidth • DirectGMA support • Four DisplayPort 1.2 outputs • AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology • 4K display resolution (up to 4096x2160) • 1,792 stream processors (28 CUs) • 3.3 TFLOPS peak single precision • 206 GFLOPS peak double precision or PNY Nvidia Quadro K4000 Graphics Card - 3GB GDDR5 - 768 CUDA Core CUDA Cores 768 GPU Memory 3GB GDDR5 Memory Interface 192-bit Memory Bandwidth 134.0GB/s System Interface PCI Express 2.0 x16 Maximum Power Consumption 80W Auxiliary Power Required Yes Energy Star Enabling Yes Thermal Solution Ultra-quiet active fansink Form Factor 4.376 H x 9.50 L, Single Slot, Full Height Display Connectors DVI-I DL + DP 1.2 + DP 1.2 Stereo Connector Yes, via supplied bracket DisplayPort 1.2 Yes DisplayPort with Audio Yes DVI-D Single-Link Connector Via included adapter VGA Support Via included adapter Number of Displays Supported 3 direct, 4 DP 1.2, 2 Win XP Maximum DP 1.2 Resolution 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz Maximum DVI-I DL Resolution 2560 x 1600 at 60Hz Maximum DVI-I SL Resolution 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz Maximum VGA Resolution 2048 x 1536 at 85Hz : HDCP Support Yes Graphics APIs Shader Model 5.0, OpenGL 4.3, DirectX 11 Compute APIs CUDA, DirectCompute, OpenCL NVIEW Yes Mosaic Mode Yes (Windows 7 and Linux) NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3D Vision Pro Yes, via USB Port Warranty 3 Years PNY Part Number VCQK4000-PB
  4. I am about to buy a new PC. Is it worth spending extra money on the 970 over the 960 if I am not going to play games? Will i see a difference using 3dcoat.
  5. Thanks for that answer.
  6. Thank you. Can you also tell me if the size of the mesh (in mm) make a difference in performance of sculpting or is it only the amount of triangles/poly's in the mesh ? I suppose what I am asking is should you scale a big model down (size in reality) before importing into 3d coat if the model was lets say 2 meters high in real scale? Mark
  7. Can someone tell me if all meshes imported into 3dcoat from scanning are always converted to voxels even if you only want to use the Live clay function? I was worried about detail loss if converted to voxels for sculpting.
  8. I did this once for a Nike project, but it was not an easy process. This seem to suggest it could be
  9. Very Exciting!!!!!
  10. I think that applink between Rhino and 3Dcoat could be very interesting. http://www.rhino3d.com/ Using nurbs to draw precise shapes and 3D Coat to deform and reshape. Especially for customers in the Product,Architecture and CNC/CAD business. Also tools like T-Splines for Rhino add more possibilities especially with auto retopography in 3D Coat. T-Splines can covert quad meshes to nurbs surfaces!!!!. http://www.tsplines.com/ So design refinement can be achieved by moving models between packages. I also think Moi could be a future contender but it lacks some functionality in this version. It supports the 3dm file format for Rhino. In fact you can copy and paste a model from Moi into Rhino and visa versa. http://moi3d.com/ Rhino Supports many renderers at the moment including Octane,Maxwell
  11. A wish It would be nice if 3D coat could link with Octane or similar for a quick realistic render of model. Octane seems a nice one, because of price and the fact it works on Windows,Mac and Linux platforms. http://www.refractivesoftware.com/ It would be nice if you could render it from within 3DCoat as an option within the 3dcoat renderer.