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  1. same here ... i only use 3d coat for quick concepts and do the real work in mudbox, because of performance issues ... in a real world working environment where there are tight deadlines you simply cant wait hours for some merges and quadrangulations and whatever :/ sad
  2. second that ... workflow has to be improved ... 3Coat doesnt use all its potential if some tasks take hours to complete, when sculpting is (mostly) such a smooth and speedy task
  3. yes me too ... i find it "irritating" at least ... i think this tool should be improved so it gives more predictable results
  4. already there
  5. @Andrew ... damn you are FAST!! looks promising is the speed ok ? will there be long waiting times with highres meshes like in microvertex mode now ?
  6. that would be so awesome ...
  7. i am getting more and more the impression that the main area of improvements should be speed for the next couple of betas ... working in one mode is much fun ... sculpting in voxels is the best sculpting experience i have ever had ... switching from voxels to surface mode is almost instantly ... back though, is a pain! even sculpting in voxels with a small brush is quite fast with about 4mio triangles ... but increasing the brush size by 50% suddently makes everything unusable ... not like one would expect, gradiently getting slower ... i made a test and exportet a 2.5 mio triangles mesh from the surface mode, a 100mb .obj file ... it takes 3.45 minutes to open in mudbox, using 250 mb ram ... at over 1 hour and 22 minutes gone now i am still waiting for it to be imported in 3dcoat, using 4 GB ram at the moment ... converting such a mesh into voxels again (because sometimes i am getting very weird spikes in surface mode that can hardly be smoothed out, so i have to switch back) is almost impossible ... putting such a voxel sculpt in retopo room, exporting it into the painting room with something like 200k polys takes forever too ... i can hardly stress it enough, that these things make 3dcoat look far inferior to programs like mudbox (cant use zbrush, my brain wont accept the UI), despite all the glory of the 3d coat sculpting tools ... if i sound like a broken record please shut me off
  8. i think taros is right ... i wondered a couple of times about strange naming in 3d coat and i'd rather have it right in the programm and wrong in the help file, because then i most likely wouldnt even have too look into the manual
  9. yes, thats a good point ... i am getting quite frustrated in the last couple of days too .... sculting something with 10-15 mio triangles and switching from surface to voxels mode takes like 15-30 minutes ... doing retopo and merging into the scene takes FOREVER ... even making the retopo and drawing splines over the surface and making faces takes more than 45 minutes! (i dont know how long it would take, i tend to shut down the app, because there is not so much time left for that project) i have to dump 3dcoat for the moment and use mudbox for that project, there 50-100 mio polys dont seem to be a real problem ... thats sad! i would really love to see speed improvements in these areas ... maybe concentrate on speed for the next stable release ? (if anyone wonders about my system : i7, 2.67ghz, 12 gb ram, nvidia gtx 285)
  10. yes but thats a little cumbersome ... ie if i have a very large mesh and a little detail i like, like a crack or something ... exporting such a big mesh (14mio polys at the moment) wont be something that can be done on the fly ...
  11. i guess thats why they are called FREE form primitives :p
  12. agreed ... it would help if there would be 2-3 tools that could be customized , or even ONE that can be highly customized and saved ... at the moment i think its getting a little too much ... flatten and chisel do almost the same, too ... some tools are nice, some are redundant or could become an option for another tool ... i think its time to clean up and optimizing the tools that are there (chisel is nice but sometimes behaves strange) instead of adding new ones
  13. on this page : there is a video called "Pen create Creating a new pen." (last video on the left side) is it possible to do something like this from a voxel sculpt ? take a pen, sample the height differences underneath and add it as a brush ? would be VERY handy if you need repeating forms and patterns
  14. seeing banding in the left one, too ...