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  1. i don't use painter,sorry.but theres some tutorials,anyway better check with them. hope this helps
  2. Hi just wondering if 3dcoat voxels could work with this. i just found we could sculpt splashes or whatever animating over time and this file format would be useful. im a noob but it looks promising. Sure Andrew has better to do,any way i would like your opinions!
  3. downloading new build. thanks again for your work. hope everybody here are cheers´ú┐
  4. Hi Andrew Thanks again for your genius. Hope you're fine. What about this secret stuff? is it available in the Mac version?
  5. different idea but same spirit. how about a 3dcoat users metting with Andrew staff presence . in a cheap hotel,somewhere around world,in low price season,kind of reserving rooms enough and food included and and a room for hardware?*? i could suggest portugal,for example.
  6. hi there i would like to know where Carlosan is getting the axial symmetry? I'm with 4.1 v8c on OSX thanks
  7. im great full for the update and new features but please fix UVroom(i can't even unrap) and moving to v4.0 means registering every time. I'm on OSX10.8.5 thanks a lot,you are Genious
  8. thanks Digman ill try v4.1 im lucky
  9. i want to thanks every progress and features added to 4.1.Waiting OSX version ! a small question also: is it possible to disable right click menu?i would use it on voxtree window seems needless if you are editing point splines for instance (right clicks)and it keeps appearing! thanks again for this wonderful tool,Andrew!
  10. im concerned too.
  11. Hi,are you by chance the piggyson from youtube? I'm only used to voxels,but you can give a try on live clay too! as for moving between surface and voxys,you can save different version and experiment without fear. also consider upgrade licence cause it worth the price. cheers
  12. Hi im Iberian myself! OLA
  13. intresting subjects i agree Michalis here.i also learned somewhere that humans are simplifying info in order to memorise ,assimilate that info or experiences. the 3d thing means both a great technologic leap and an artistic creative whatever its hard and lengthy slow process.but thinking and judging and estetical choose are fast impulsive.generally and don't care about this much.individual POV will certain guive big picture. my question then ,as I'm lazy to find by myself, is:what about Gestalt and the relation between parts and whole thing in such detail works without clear main lines contracts rhytms and so? may be Nossgrr course on personalities would clarify more?