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  1. I too wonder this? CUDA support on OSX would really be great!
  2. +1 to the question from 3DArtist. The ability to export vCols from 3DC into Blender, this would be great to have :-)!! @Haikalle, this is such a great script, thank you for your work on it :-)!
  3. v3.7 is a VERY worthwhile milestone for 3DCoat. Thank you Pilgway, you've made a massive amount of progress in relatively little time, and it definitely shows with 3DC 3.7! 3DC is beginning to show signs of a maturing & cohesive interface, on top of the now very robust toolset. The feature-set of 3DC is very impressive, and getting better by the week; with an intelligent & cohesive interface now taking form, I'm excited to see the direction 3DC will take as it heads to v4. We went from not being able to use 3DC in our pipelines a few sub-versions back, to now using it on a very regular basis, thats a mark of true progress(from the perspective of our team :-). The stability gained in the recent 64bit OSX release is also a very welcome addition. Thank you all again :-)
  4. @Haikalle, thank you for the update to Applink :-)!!! such a useful tool/script. I very much appreciate your hard work!
  5. thanks for the hard work and updates Haikalle ! :-) a valuable addition to any blender/3dcoat pipeline
  6. New 64bit OSX build!! Thank you Andrew & Sergyi
  7. this is an issue that is quite bothersome, time after time, losing the autopo mask each time i save my file. is there a way to prevent this, or BETTER YET, save an autopo density mask?
  8. cant wait to test out the new 3.5.23 beta release on OSX, I've been enjoying the 3.5..21 beta 64bit release for a while now, its been great overall, compared to the previous 32bit release. Thanks Andrew & Sergey & team!
  9. a bunch of welcome additions, thanks Andrew! Lookin forward to the OSX build
  10. the opposite happened for me. Before the 64-bit build I ALWAYS had a modifier key locked down in 3DC only, and now, with the 64-bit beta, that has been remedied. Sounds like an underlying issue in 3DC. I couldnt even use it before the fix that occurred in the 64-bit builds. OSX 10.6.8
  11. @Michalis, for that issue, I've had to use the triangle edgeFlow tool in MeshMixer(such a useful tool). The ability to retain shape/volume, while arranging edgeloops on a tri-based mesh has allow for good bakes, for me anyway.... any also allowed for a much easier merging of tri's to quads when needed. ITs not a great solution, but it works for me often when I have the tri-based baking issues.
  12. Thanks for the new build Andrew and Sergey! :-)
  13. has anyone heard anything on the new 64bit osx build?
  14. thanks for the update Andrew, and thank you, as always, for your diligent work on developing this excellent tool for us all !
  15. Thank you for your continued support of this VERY VERY useful plugin/script