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  1. +1 to the question from 3DArtist. The ability to export vCols from 3DC into Blender, this would be great to have :-)!! @Haikalle, this is such a great script, thank you for your work on it :-)!
  2. @Haikalle, thank you for the update to Applink :-)!!! such a useful tool/script. I very much appreciate your hard work!
  3. thanks for the hard work and updates Haikalle ! :-) a valuable addition to any blender/3dcoat pipeline
  4. Thank you for your continued support of this VERY VERY useful plugin/script
  5. I personally recode the blender scripts myself when the API changes and I need them before the script author has time to do the recode themselves. But I happen to be a bit code savvy, and can totally sympathize with artists who arent able to adapt scripts to Apps with changing APIs. But I have to say that I absolutely, personally, enjoy my move to Blender. Even though I still use other 3D apps often enough, I still end up going back to Blender for my "general" 3D app of choice, but thats just me. No disrespect to other 3D suites, they all have their strengths(Max/Maya/XSI)/LW). That being said, I use ZBrush and 3DCoat for my hi-res-sculpting/texture-intensive work of course. and, to the point of this thread, THIS SCRIPT ROCKS!!!! Makes the Blender 3DC workflow sooooooo fluid, thanks big time for it!
  6. thanks for another swift update to the script!
  7. does this script also transfer voxel meshes as well? or is it strictly for material/texture painting? Thank you haikalle !!
  8. Perhaps I misunderstood the wording on NewTek's own website :"To become a LightWave HardCORE member you must hold a licensed and registered copy of LightWave v9. Your LightWave v9 registration entitles you to purchase an annual membership for US$495." that is quoted from the lightwave core web page on newtek's site http://www.newtek.com/lightwave/core/ that still sounds to me like a $495.00 annual subscription to get the newest version of the software, similar(or nearly identical) to Autodesk in some/many respects IMO. I understand that developers need to make $$, I pay a number of them for their great software, but I was pointing out a trend that I hear a number of 3D artists speak not-too-highly of, that being annual subscriptions. EDIT: Thanks for pointing that out Phil, still looks to me like they MIGHT be creeping towards the subscription only plans, ugh, I've been with Lightwave since V4.0, but 9.6 is the last update I'll likely be using of LW, its been great using LW through the years. Blender has replaced LW for most of my needs in the non-sculpting/texturing 3d areas, just for me and my pipelines. EDIT2: Still IMO, a subscription is a subscription, and technically speaking, you DO have to pay an annual subscription to NewTek for the benefit of using the newest version of Core that is available.
  9. Please pardon the long rant ;-) anyone who has had to deal with an Autodesk licensing/site issue know how great blender is(in more than just the licensing sense), IF IT WORKS IN YOUR PIPELINE of course. If you want a good laugh, read your autodesk licensing agreement and look for the section that refers to where and what you can do with your license regarding the country you are "attempting" to use your autodesk product in, LOL. Opensource becomes a saving grace in such a case IMO. Maya(autocad, 3ds Max, mudbox, lightwave core, etc) are VERY solid products, with their own issues and caveats, as goes for EVERY bit of software. However, The lack of a scaleable purchase price will assist in proving(in the long term) which software package will have industry adoption. A free autodesk short-term license to an unemployed worker or student is a good idea, but I will be surprised if it fights off a moderate rist in adoption of Blender amongst non-behemoth-studios. Ton & the Blender foundation aren't playing to lose, neither are the (socialist) governments behind making blender grow/mature(with grants and other support). After the premiere of the new open-movie project(Durian/Sintel), IMO prepare for another erosion of the 3D app established empires. And not in the sense that professional studios will dump apps like Maya (Immediately or ever perhaps), as Maya is a VERY mature product(3ds max is very good too, but its no maya IMO, LW Core has a way to go IMO, Houdini is still friggin awesome IMO). Long term though, once the python API is given the final thumbs up(after the beta probably), there will be change in the industry, as has already started to happen. Anyone who uses Maya(or houdini, 3ds, SoftImage, etc) knows how very powerful a robust scripting API is in a professional pipeline, and with the combination of NGons(BMESH), and a full Python API, the industry best be prepared. This is the calm before the storm IMO. I still use a number of Software packages for their strengths(subjectively speaking), but each time I open Blender I find myself being able to use another package less and less, taking me from using certain apps for over a decade, to barely using them any longer thanks to Blender, though I still upgrade some of them ;-)... just me, but I'm not alone, thankfully. Pardon the rant, but the recent purchase of Sculptris was imminent IMO, as was that of SoftImage no too long ago. Now the way that ZBrush(Pixologic) handles its upgrade policy, and its customers is one in a million, but with other goliath-like companies moving ALL software into a per year SUBSCRIPTION policy, even for VERY mediocre upgrades not fixing core issues, the average user with a limited budget just may become wary more and more of expensive annual subscription 3D packages, or at least that is what I have seen from those I work with. When a company (Newtek, Autodesk, Etc) demands a thousand dollars(or more) every year, or every other year, the non-studio customer might find apps like Blender more and more comfortable, just an opinion for the moment though. At least Sculptris is still free, for now, but so goes the "free-market" ;-) Blender's unlimited Clay is yet another awesome feature that will (hopefully) make it into the blender Trunk some day soon. The power of layering unlimited clay, with multires, with armatures rigged on the low poly mesh before the modifiers, should let some users imagine the power in this feature(not counting the ability to layer baked displacements as modifiers too).
  10. DYNAMIC TESSELLATION AS A MESH MODIFIER!! well, here it is, version 2 of Sculptris for Blender, AKA: "Unlimited Clay". Anyone who uses 3DS MAx, or Maya will likely appreciate the unlimited clay NOW being a...... MODIFIER!!!! yes, its dynamically applied to your base mesh and can be turned on and off... IMO, VERY impressive. Here's the new demo video using some of the new hard surface(and other) sculpting toolset. unlimited clay modifier
  11. video URLS with demos from top to bottom, with builds already available!
  12. ZBrush has an interface that took me time to get into, thats for sure; almost as much time it took me to get into blender. But now, just as with Blender, ZB is an invaluable tool, as is 3D Coat of course. I've used lightwave since version 4, LONG TIME AGO, and a bevy of other apps through the years. Though, as the conversation veered toward lightwave, I PERSONALLY prefer the new Blender2.5 over it any day; I dont mean to offend anyone. I've spent thousands and thousands of hours in a number of 3D apps, and Blender is by far my favorite 3D app for non-sculpting/painting workflows(but thats about to change with the new sculpting branches being merged in as we speak, layers, masks, multires, vert painting, lots of good stuff). Speaking of sculptris now, I've enjoyed Sculptris since beta1, love it for it's strengths. I find it so very useful the ability to use the reduction brush in sculprtis to "paint in" my poly reduction for 3D prints that call for a limited poly count. And hollowing an object quickly for a watertight thin-walled 3D print, so fast, so easy; grab/reduce/etc. It has many strengths, and if ZB can integrate them into itself, or setup some awesome GOZ with re-projection working well, that'll be awesome. I'm just glad Pixologic got Sculptris and not a certain other company, though would have been much cooler going open-source IMO. That being said, there is already an implementation of the sculptris-style "unlimited clay" available for testing inside of blender 2.5(certain builds). Here is link to a video of it in action: http://vimeo.com/11990450
  13. @mocaw I've mentioned it before, and I know it is still likely to become one of the features that future POLY-based sculpting apps use: adaptive-localized-tessellation, with localized re-projection of underlying deformation based on the pre-cached-previously-non-tessellated-mesh. the math is there, nvidia has recently shown tech-demos of pieces of this in action. one day, the mixing of sculptris modeling, which is dynamically tessellated, ALONG WITH ZBrush's ability to reproject details with superb control, that will be a mix to be a powerful mix, which Pixologic MAY choose to do now. I spoke of it before this recent acquisition of Sculptris by Pixologic, and now it would be very plausible that this mix of techniques become commonplace for ZB users at some point. IMO it is the next logical step to poly-based sculpting. I've written many long-winded posts on the 3D Coat forums going into detail on the subject, i wont bore anyone again, I'll just want to test it out in ZB someday ;-). I'm not sure what your comment about rendering has to do with my post. As an aside, I too use external renderers, lightwave & blender & luxrender mostly. many would agree that the rest of your post is hard to argue with in some ways.
  14. I feel this is one of the major points too.
  15. WHAT!!!! Pixologic snapped up Sculptris... um, yeah, good for ZB users(if the tech makes it into ZB some day)