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  1. hello, i think it would be nice to have a better visualisation of the center of the polygons while we are using the hide tool. sometimes i'm just turning around the right place to hide the desired face and most of time in complicated places where polygons are really near of each other, the tool is hidding all of them instead of the one i desire. something like a clickable green dot would be awesome.
  2. Hello guys, i was just working on a big piece and just discovered that there is missing a little option to make the unwrapping faster. in the UV Preview you can select faces of your object, but you cannot clic on a button to mark all the borders as seams. that's all ! thanks for reading !
  3. Hi, while working with materials, i noticed some little boring thing i would like to see removed see on the screenshot, - while trying to make a good material, the help always appear and disappear over the model. - moving the window for setting the curve is not doable or maybe to hard to drag, i tested mutiple times to drag it, but clicking the top or anywhere on the border only close it. i know that i can move the mesh and the render behind it, but when the camera angle is good, why not simply move the windows around it ? thanks for reading.
  4. Le prix epend de la taille de l'objet, relativement a la quantité de materiaux utilisé pour le créer. ça reste relativement pas chere. jetez un oeil a mon magasin afin de pouvoir vous faire une idée plus precise. The price is depending of the size of your object, but it's very cheep ! take a look at my complete gallery to see exemples:
  5. Trying to use and set cylindric mapping is really complicate. should be nice to have a gyzmo of the cylinder you are setting
  6. Salut a tous ! j'ai réalisé dernièrement pour le compte de ma société, ma première figurine 3D imprimée! très satisfait du résultat, j'avais de me faire plaisir et de présenter a la communauté 3Dcoat (et je sais quel est nombreuse, y'a au moins frenchy pilou et moi, ça 2 !) alors la voila: May'O (de Ketch'Up & May'O) assis, prenant la pose pendant que le joueur est partit: La qualité est plutôt pas mal, je suis impressionné sur la taille des détails qu'on peut avoir, c'est plutôt pas mal respecté comparé au model 3D. je l'ai faite imprimer par sculptéo, qui propose en plus de shapeways, la possibilité de les faire en couleur en respectant l'image fournie, et ça c'est un sacré bonus je trouve ! maintenant je vous avoue que j'ai envie d'imprimer toutes les autres que j'offre a mes clients pour les avoir aussi ! et vous quel est votre expérience avec ça ?
  7. nice ! thanks it works !
  8. Hi, i would like to turn this checker off when i'm importing a new reference object for retopo room. how can i do it ??
  9. ok, i fund, there is multiple UV ID so the polygons are on another layer...
  10. Hi, i have sometimes this kind of problem while working on retopo, i can see the wire, the seems, but not the polygons... see the screenshot for reference. it cause problems: can't work on the mesh UV unvisible this problem may happen sometimes with layers while importing separated parts of the retopo
  11. it should be nice to have just the ability to select and weld or remove vertices when you are working in the Adjusting room. for the case some rats nets have been exported during the process
  12. while you are doing a retopology, then baking it you want to go to paint room, you are always forced to pass by the adjusting room to delete the reference model. ok, but, when you work with ZBrush and have many subtools attached to your reference object, it can take ages to delete everything and this confirmation windows is really frustrating because it open each time you want to delete an object. so why not adding an option "dont ask again" or ability to select the whole list of groups and then clic on delete ?
  13. Hi, i have noticed that problem multiple times. each time i export an illumination Map it is just a clone from the color map. doesn't responde correctly to the layer assigned to be illumination
  14. Thanks! i never used this ooption ...
  15. Hey, I have noticedd that the normal maps painting is also moving the vertices. it cause some problems with my workflow and i would like to disable this option. how can i do it ?