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  1. instead of selecting vertices or face and clic on Relax button, it would be nice to have a relax brush
  2. Hello, today i'm working on the retopo of a cloth, and during the unwrap, i noticed this : i can't keep all the parts oriented in the same logic if i need it to be packed automaticaly. Because this may be really important for some case, when you would like to texture it keeping the same direction of fabrics motifs, it would be nice to have the possibility to freeze the orientation of selected islands before trying to pack them.
  3. Hello, i 'm actually working on a model inported from zbrush and using IMM brush i noticed this point : i created a zip model and can use it directly in my retopo to keep it low poly and precise. but i have to unwrap one by one each of zip's dents.... this will be a bit long unwrapping the first one and using this as a reference to all the others identical parts would be awesome and a really big help to gain time.
  4. it would be nice to be able to duplicate a mesh inside the tweak room. i'm often using this place after baking normal map on low poly mesh and usually i avoid to get multiple times the same mesh, but to finish the object, it sometimes needs to get some parts duplicated and positionned at different places. this would avoid to have to unwrap similar parts of objects, baking the same normal map, and after get the ability to modify UV and colors of the duplicated part. 3Dcoat is perfect for fast adjustement and copying pasting normal map UV to another place.
  5. seems to work normally today after a complete reboot
  6. no it's on windows
  7. Hello, I'm working on a model from voxel room to retopo to Paint room, everything was working fine, i just would like to paint it now but the model comes from with layers from voxel room so i deleted them. and there is an occlusion layer also, i would like to keep and compute a second one just to test if the result is better or not. and then , first time it as crash 3dc, second time it freeze like this screen .
  8. i was not talking about voxel room simply use import to paint on it. this method of recalculating may help but is not perfect because majority of time i do them manually because some faces are angled other not and auto smooth don't know what i'm doing. but well, thanks for your answer, i'll use fbx when the problem is appearing
  9. after few more test, this time using FBX import, i didn't get the problem. so i presume this is speccific with OBJ
  10. Hello, Sometimes or often, i have this kind of problem when importing Obj from 3ds Max to 3Dcoat, all smoothgroups are set to 1 wich resulting in a bad occlusion calculation and same for all works i would like to do with it. It looks weird and i don't understand why this is appening... i have checked the Box "export Smoothgroup" in the panel exporter, so there is no reason.
  11. hello, this my problem today, i have a big engine to unwrap, and the seams are still shown when i hide theunselected parts. it's becomming really hard to understand what i'm doing... is this a bug or a function that can be deactivated somewhere ?
  12. hello, i can't install the plugin into max, i got always the message failed to install. what should i do ?
  13. yes
  14. there is no voxels in my project. i tryed to calculate ambiant occlusion after this bug, and it has calculated a totally white map. restarted 3dc removed the bug
  15. hello, After baking a serie of UVs to a new uvs panel, i have got this awesome bug: you can notice that the uvs on the right looks correct and there is no artefacts on it. i'm only using diffuse color maps...