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  1. The problem is your Ngon on your model. 3d coat triangulate it different as your Pepakura. That causes the problems. Triangulate your mouth and paint again that area.
  2. You dont need to expolde your objects. You could do that while baking. Simple check Name Correspndence for Baking. You find it in the top row under Bake. All you have to do is to name the voxel objects and retopo layer with the same name.
  3. You could rightklick on the object or in the Voxtree Layer and use extrude. That gives you a nice offset over your object.
  4. Working on some medieval game weapons at this time Created with Blender, 3d Coat and Substance Painter. Rendered in Blender Cycles.
  5. I have an old Bamboo and it works nice with 3d coat. A tablet is realy nice, but it depends on you, maybe you like the working with a mouse more.
  6. In your last picture you have an opacity of 53% this is one of the problems why it looks not correct. Use 100% and it should looks fine.
  7. I did all my retopo in 3d coat and it works fine. Not sure what your problem is. Sure some objects are easier to create in modelling programm as in a sculpting programm. But you could retopo all realy quick in 3d coat. Anyway, 3 hours for that tower is to much, maybe you should learn how 3d coat works, instead of saying that programm or that programm is better then 3d coat. The only benefit i see in instantmesh is the visual effect after using the strokes, but the rest is realy similar. Here is a link to my youtube channel and you could take a look over it if do some retopo.
  8. Hi This is a known BUG Dont klick on the Apply button. Simple switch to Paint Room and accept all with yes if you get asked something. That solves most of the problems. Feel free to add you +1 Maybe Andrew will fix it sonner with more attention.
  9. A specified list not. But there is a manuall It is not 100% up to date, but you could read much of about it.
  10. I am a long time blender and 3d coat user, and i was always able to edit or modify my obj from 3d coat. Not sure in what problems you run. Are you sure you work in blender correctly?
  11. How is it compared with Marmorset Toolbox 3? Are there any Pros and Cons between yours and TB3?
  12. Yes, the term "layer" is more then on contex in that product. But they did nearly all the same, They store informations separatly of the whole object. Paint Layers - Like in Photoshop, Gimp or any other 2D Painting software. Retopo Layers - You could retopo, shirt, shoes, pants, body, eyes, teeth and so on on differnt layers to easy hide parts of your retopo. and they help you with baking if you want to bake more objects at ones without touchung each other. Vox Tree Layers - These are for sculpting separate parts of your model. I think they are called SubTools in ZBrush. You dont have to sculp shoes and pants at the same time. Sculp you pants on one layer and then on a new layer sculp your shoes. If you need changes on one of the objects, you dont change the other ones. Very handy overall while sculpting. For your other question, why 3d coat dont create a new layer if you use a primitive, is very easy. How should 3dcoat know what you are trying to do? You could join it with the models on the same layer or is it a new object, who knows? Its the same in Photoshop, If you change the tool or color, a new layer wont be created automaticly. Vox Layer Tool - A tool to create a new objects based on the surface of an other object with thickness. Sculpting Layers - A Tool to create extra details on your object without destroying the old object. Delete the layer and you have your model untached befor sculpting. Nearly the same way as in Mudbox. I hope i dont miss one