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  1. 3D model from Photos

    hmm. well, you shouldn't need an external software. Go to Menu/sculpt/options/Number of sculpting thread. what do you read? change it to 4 thread and click ok. your next sculpt should show 100% usage of all 4 cpus. How fast is it by the way? The 3rd image is opened in menu/?/laboratory/open left image to improve sculpting The left image is not displayed in the interface at this time
  2. 3D model from Photos

    That's cool! thanks for your help. I'm leaving for a business trip next week all week. I do my best to send you by mail the link to the executable today or tomorrow. You'll be the first to try this new version. Best
  3. 3D model from Photos

    Oops, true, the video is just gone . Well I think you get the idea: the Microsoft Kinekt can scan things in 3D. (Well right now it's still a bit crude) Thanks for mentionning. I made some real cool progress in many ways recently with Photosculpt. I can't wait to share this! Using more than 2 pictures: As I said earlier it's something that's really hard to do. It will take some time to complete, but my plan is to go there step by step. My goal is to propose improvements to the Photosculpt community that will pave the way and do the "360°" all automatically in the future FYI: So far I made 2 prototypes that I'll make available to the community soon (will be freely available in menu/?/laboratory) 1. The first one simply combines 2 sculpts together using 3 photos . Target is to improve the sculpt. It's not yet fully functionnal as the gain is not optimum yet. 2. The second one computes 3D camera positions of your sculpt . That means you can now generate tiny camera references in 3D and stich obj files "by hand" more accurately and easily as you know where the cameras are. In addition to this, 1. I added a new perspective correction based on focal length (from either jpg Exif data or manual input) 2. I added the selection by lasso tool 3. I added command lines for sculpting in batches 4. I added multithreading and a major general performance boost (My internal release Photosculpt v1.06 now computes a 12 mpix in 2 minutes instead of 4 minutes)! note: All these requests have been "voted-for" by Photosculpt users here http://photosculpt.uservoice.com/forums/44549-improve-photosculpt-textures-software-by-voting-no Anyone, don't hesitate to contribute by voting too. I may use some help from testers soon too. Just ask me.
  4. 3D model from Photos

    Thanks for the info. Photogrammetry softwares are moving fast forward now. Innovation and new ideas will be needed urgently for survival. Example: Have you seen this cool kinekt sensor (nov 2010) used for 3D modelling recently? http://www.photosculpt.net/blog/2010/11/18/microsoft-xbox360-kinect-sensor-to-read-3d.html Can't wait to see the same for the nintendo 3DS due to release next month in Europe. (witch features 2 cameras and a 3D screen without glasses)
  5. 3D model from Photos

    2. Tsominlg, it's now done. Thanks for asking !
  6. 3D model from Photos

    Hi, Photosculpt has now a free update available, it's now v1.03 . I think it's a really good update and I recommend it for all users to download . http://www.photosculpt.net/blog/2010/10/21/new-features-in-photosculpt-v103.html PhotoSculpt Textures v1.03 main new features: * Added 2 new bump map tabs * Full tif and png support * 16bit tif export/import for depth maps * Better seamless tileable with better perspective croping * New edit mode to align features manually (experimental, see it in pay version: menu/?/laboratory) * New closed mesh mode mainly targeted at voxel painting users like 3D coat (experimental) * New sharpness control while sculpting (experimental) * Improved performance, stability, memory handling and more. (follow the link above to browse hyperlinks for more details) As per your request I added this function: "New closed mesh mode mainly targeted at voxel painting users like 3D coat (experimental)" What do you think about this new version?
  7. 3D model from Photos

    5. Job done see it here: http://www.photosculpt.net/blog/2010/10/7/download-our-free-textures-10-pack.html
  8. 3D model from Photos

    Can you please give more detail (on how you use PhotoSculpt with 3D Coat)? Other users who are reading this post may like to have your feed back. Can you post some images / artwork ? Thank you in advance!
  9. 3D model from Photos

    Thanks ! 1. You're right it's done already. note for other users: It's called "save multiple" you can save multiple maps (like normal + displace or specular + diffuse+ao, whatever you need), multiple 3d models and multiple resolutions all in one step. I use that function most of the time. Note it's missing a progress bar while saving. I didn't had time to implement that the last time. 2. Good catch "clear all" option is an idea! 3. That's another good idea. (I'm not too bothered with this as I usually don't preview maps before saving. I use save all and I know the job is done) 4. We have that already. It's called "Frame + and frame -" in the croping window. Try it for yourself? The function name you gave (Tiling radius) is a good name. Do you think I need to change the name into tiling radius? 5. oops, sorry about that . Thanks for the feed back! It's easy to do for me. Many thanks for your feed-back. It's also very well explained. I'll see what I can do. Note I can't promise I'll do it quickly as I'm very busy. It's good to hear that you may be a Photosculpt custommer soon! Thanks!
  10. 3D model from Photos

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I'll do an image when I get the time. My idea is to use a "rolling stamp" to create a lot of 3d textures in minimal time. My ideal workflow would be: - spacenavigator in left hand (rotates model) - intuos 6D art pen in right hand (full rotation of tool in 3d space, with preview on screen, and pressure sensitivity) That tool MUST be using TWO (2) images as source: - RGB diffuse seamless tileable texture map - corresponding depth seamless tileable texture map (high resolution needed, same size as rgb) Both images can be done fast, easily but also with highest photorealistic quality with Photosculpt (less than 10 minutes with extremely high resolution results) without manual rework needed. With this setup I can texture an entire Castle in no time, no UV or anything to worry. Hoping that makes sense?
  11. 3D model from Photos

    Thanks Greg for sharing this very interresting technical point of view. Burning Question to all 3D Coat users: I'm thinking of an additional other use of Photosculpt, it's for creating some texture tool for 3D coat. Like the Photoshop stamp tool for image only, I was thinking of a stamp tool for image + depth. Furthermore I'm thinking of having it Rotatable and tiltable. I'm the lucky owner of an intuos wacom tablet + the so called 6D art pen (full degrees of freedom inclusive rotation) I would love to see that implemented. Photosculpt textures provides depth map so it would be easy to use this map as sculpt tool. What do you think?
  12. 3D model from Photos

    Free 3D textures samples anyone? I've droped some that I created using Photosculpt Textures. Click on the link below to download the maps (or to create your own today using the 30 day trial of the software). http://www.photosculpt.net/blog/2010/9/1/the-best-quality-seamless-tileable-3d-textures-ever.html
  13. 3D model from Photos

    Hello guys! I've just scanned the article from Ed Ricketts last month in the 3D World magazine ! He's reviewing PhotoSculpt Textures for the first time. And the article is really good and professional! http://www.photosculpt.net/blog/2010/7/10/read-now-the-full-article-from-3d-world.html What do you think about it?
  14. 3D model from Photos

    Hi 3DCoatWannabe, I'm sorry if you didn't received the 50%off deal. Can you forward all related emails to info@photosculpt.net ? I'll check into that for you.
  15. 3D model from Photos

    3D Artist, your piece has won the PhotoSculpt Challenge. You're a winner! See it at www.photosculpt.net or http://www.photosculpt.net/blog/2010/5/7/new-winner-greg-copin-wins-the-2nd-challenge.html