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  1. +1 64bit 3DCoat / ZBrush4R7 Applink
  2. Hi, Found some time to create and paint a new object. I really enjoy using 3D Coats Paint tools and look forward to faster painting with higher res maps. If you want a closer look at maps, file can be found here: Cheers Laticis
  3. Ooh a 3D print would be cool Your earlier advice really helped drive this test, thanks heaps.
  4. LOL Thanks those settings can always be played with pending final render / use
  5. A new test and I must say I am really loving the 3D Painting workflow in 3D Coat, feels just right. Across seams is certainly much better than I remember. Was a little sluggish on this 4k. Painted directly onto the triangulated mesh via Per Pixel ( 3D Coat Render )
  6. I purchased DDO the other day, it still feels very foreign but I used it to modify and create a new Diffuse map...the rest is all nodal / shader work with Octane.
  7. I couldn't quite get there and I feel a new object with a fresh start keeping this all in mind will help me move in the right direction. Here are some renders and the updated diffuse map.
  8. Thank you for the great link and feedback Digman. I like the idea of that type of weathering, will see what I can do to add that to this prop.
  9. 3DC Render of some work done to updating the texture for this prop.
  10. Cool thanks. Funny you say that, I did actually start playing with that for the first time, baking onto a new layer. I ended up with an issue though, casted shadows rather than an overall AO. I got one that looked okay but really had to bring the opacity down to hide things which defeated the purpose. Took your advice last night and started adding some more detail, once done will repost the new WIP
  11. Hi Tony, Thanks heaps for the feedback and your time, understand fully, the devil is in the details. Is the texture quality ( the maps themselves ) up to a standard ( above gaming ) ? My main focus is workflow at the moment and texture maps that a great and detailed for close up shots.
  12. Hi, If anyone has some time or interest, I would really love some feedback please on the texturing quality of this object. Cheers Laticis
  13. Thanks for all the tips micahlis, Found this today: Small question for you: " the best tools in this case is [E] / select [surround area with lines] / hold ctrl to cut " - Screen shot of this please ( only if you have time ). Cheers Ady
  14. Now that's a good idea, would love to hear how the conversation would go....