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  1. Hi, i know there is a radial array tool and you can create instances but can you create a array of objects which allows you to set the number in the array and spacing in x, y, and z. I guess a bit like c4d's mograph cloner. adam
  2. I've retopoed my predetor model and i'd like some critique on it i think it could do with a whole lot of work. I also went back and reworked my joker model. The hair i did with the snake tool.
  3. The lateset image looks a little like Boris Yeltsin. adam
  4. Just watched the movie predators. I thought it was pretty good, didn't think Adrien Brody could be such a badass but he pulled if off well. adam
  5. I think his arms look a little short, but looks good. adam
  6. Heres a bunch of doodles i've been working on. adam
  7. Well i can hardly compete with a Weta Master. If Bay can model a f86 sabre with a stright leading/trailing edge i'll shut my mouth. adam
  8. I'd really lik to see some hard surface tools implimented. I've been trying to create dome airplanes but an ahving difficulty creating the shapes i need because the tools end up being too distructive on the surface. Like in this image for example: you can see the trailing edge of the fin isn't very straight. Using the scrap too to taper of the edge results in destroying the uniformity of the volume. I think the 3d coat workflow would be really great for creating more organic hard surface models such as airplanes or cars but the current tool set (though great for organic models) has too many limitations for this. adam
  9. I'm building a cartoon f86 sabre and found that getting the wing shape to be difficult. as you can see in this image the wing is straight and not tapered like i'd like and the tail plane although tapered has a bit of a curve in it and not linear like i'd want. I think a ffd cage tool would do this really well and probably have lots of other uses too.
  10. Hi, i'm trying to modify a mesh, scaling one end so that the object tapers in a linear way. Using the pose tool though gives the object a curve from one end to the other. Is there any method to do this correctly or a tool like a ffd cage. thanks adam
  11. it'd be good if we had a gui tool to create custom brush shapes similar to the curves tool in photoshop. And the ability to save these. adam
  12. yup your right, now that i've fiqured it out the wacom integration is very good. Thanks for the replys. adam
  13. Hi, i was wondering if there is any method to navigate the viewports easily within 3dcoat when using a stylus. I've up until now been using the buttons at the top but it would be much easier to do it in a similar way to zbrush. Adam