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  1. Thanks. That's much better. It wasn't obvious to go to an outside app or use two objects.
  2. Thanks. How do I make my own 'negative volume'? That's unclear. M
  3. I'm finally getting the hang of things as far as organic voxel sculpting is concerned. I was having a very hard time trying to construct base meshes out of thin air. So instead I went to another tool I like, Archipelis, where you can draw great reference meshes that are easy to retopologize. Then it was back to the voxels. For me, much easier. This is a surfmole. A rather nasty bugger about 6 feet long and about the only real drawback to sunning on the beaches of Altair VII.
  4. Build27......spike, snake and sphere. On my machine, this last build is incredibly fluid. Never felt like this. I think I did this mostly with my jaw in my lap goin' "Wow...". :lol:
  5. I'm not having much success with organic v sculpting so I went back to tech type stuff. This is half a million polys. How would one go about retopologizing something like this?
  6. That octopus is masterful!
  7. This is a quick voxel sculpt using brushes made for Zbrush and 3 or 4 polygon objects......
  8. Fun with the voxel brush. What a hoot...
  9. An experiment in using depth and cavity painting for psuedo-greeble. 3dCoat and Vue.