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  1. Heya Chipp!! Good to see ya here! You're gonna have loads of fun with this handy dandy versatile tool!
  2. Thanks for the workflow advice....I found the weak spot and another that I would not have seen. The project is under way once again. m
  3. All I used was brightness/contrast and blur. No color correction. Would that do it as well? At any rate, thanks for the prompt reply. I will look for a workflow solution.
  4. Windows XP Nvidia 8600 GTX 4 gigs ram AMD dualcore 3dC 32 bit without Cuda 3.2.04 This problem has brought my whole project to a standstill. From Voxel room to MicroVertex painting export no problem (except the myriad out of memory errors). No painting except the cavity bake from the voxel shader. Import into Vue, it looks fine. But I need to do some adjustments to the color map in Photoshop. When I touch that color map in any way, in any outside application ie PS, Paintshop, CrazyBump,Shadermap, etc, upon reapplication in Vue, these ugly seams show up. They correspond exactly to the UV islands made in 3dC. It's not just this's any object. What's causing them and how do I get rid of them? To me, this is urgent. Thanks, M
  5. I would always just give it one in UVmapper or another program and then just re do it in 3dC.
  6. I have the same issues. Cavity painting is also very poor in per pixel mode if it works at all. I have had no luck with per pixel and always revert back to microvertex for my painting needs. It's not my machine or something I'm not doing either. I just cannot get the same satisfactory results.
  7. All hail the Master!!!!!! M
  8. Thank you Andrew!! M
  9. Here's a link to one. I sent the corresponding bug report as well. Thanks. ReduceTest
  10. Roger that. Sorry...Wasn't paying attention.
  11. Well that didn't work. Same thing. Just as reduction starts the application crashes.
  12. I've always installed over the last build and I always use 32 bit without CUDA. So, I'll try this. Thanks for the tip. M
  13. I can't seem to get reduction to work in this build. Program becomes unstable just as it's starting to reduce. I've sent in a couple of bug reports. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. I would like the rapid and gum brushes to be able to take pen alphas besides the default round one. They work with masks but it would be great for them to work with other pens.
  15. A 1.5 million poly voxel to 163,000 or 85% took 1 minute 2 sec. The same 1.5 polys took approx 32 sec. in Meshlab with quadric edge collapse filter. It would be longer if done incrementally but I went straight there. Resulting meshes were basically identical. I personally don't see speed as an issue if the quality is there. I like not having the extra Meshlab step. It would be awesome to export right to the paint rooms inside 3DC.