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  1. Get a discount for *25% off the MODO 701 Individual License price when adding both MODO and MeshFusion to your cart. Clickhere hurry as this offer won't last for long! If you have any questions, or want to be part of the chatter, come visit us in the forums! MODO + MeshFusion is seriously changing the game. Don't take our word for it, though. See why Core77 is saying that MODO + MeshFusion is "the best design software in a decade".
  2. Thanks! Thats a great feature.
  3. I do not have this problem and I can't see why you would have the problem. I am using Windows 7 64 with Cuda, version 3.7.16A. Perhaps it is specific to your OS or something.
  4. Usually when I find that this is happening, its because the vertices I am trying to weld are in different groups / layers. Are you certain that this is not also the case for you?
  5. Nice! Is it like a droid or drone craft?
  6. This may help. http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?44876-Topology-amp-Flow-Lab
  7. very nice work, I like it a lot!
  8. Yeh! I have been thinking about a new tablet also. I currently also use a Bamboo stick but don't use it that often because I find it awkward and slow to line up the cursor with the right part on the tablet and it feels dis - associated. Though it is good for variable pressure sensitivity .Ideally a touch screen type tablet Cintiq or interactive tablet where you draw directly onto the screen & your work would be best. Pretty expensive though! I think I saw somewhere some one had made something like this out of a IPad. I might see if I can find it. Has anyone used this? Whats it like?
  9. It will bake the voxel layer you have selected in the voxel/LC rm. If you have a Voxel layer that uses only a small portion of your entire mesh in the retopo rm. selected, then this may be your problem. If you want the whole sculpt baked to the whole mesh you must merge all your voxel layers first, delete all but the layer with the entire sculpt and have that selected, then you should be good to go.
  10. Are there more than 1 retopo groups in your groups list? If so you may have the wrong one selected when you merge to PP with NM.
  11. Looking good there 3DArtist. I particularly like the the eyes. I think the new vertex painting is very good for doing eyes. Is that your dog? I want to have a go at doing mine at some stage, but I have to finish off a few things first so I can concentrate on it.
  12. Nice work! I really like that. Nice detail. When you say "Textured in post" what is meant?
  13. Well I have no problems saving my work to another drive and opening them back up, but I don't ever use my desktop to actually save my work to. Only I unzip a file I have down loaded to desk top and shift it after and have no problems, but they're not massive either. It could be that 3DC has lost the path to the textures, but I don't know. I thought everything was contained within the 3b file. Though any of your saved retopos, UV's will still be in you Documents/ 3D CoatV3/ UserData/ folders. Perhaps your USB connection is too slow. One thing you could try is to load the file in 3DC from desktop and them save it to your external drive and see if that fixes it. If so then just delete the desktop file after.