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  1. 3D-Coat 3.7

    Nice update!! everything works smooth!!! Now only we need a proper "clay" brush for LC, and his derivates (polish, trim, or flaten,etc...)...don't forget this app is focused on sculpting, so now we need full control!! Hope the duo Andrew and Raul will found an amazing solutions soon!!!! Congrats from Spain !!! P.D: And a UI cleaning and renovation will be amazing for v4, remember that simplification is the key in the modern software.
  2. Guedin's sketchbook

    Hi!! Guedin, can u tell us your basic brushes for sculpt?? I mean in voxel room and in surface mode aswell. THNX and sorry for my english
  3. 3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Well...I have been following the development of 3dcoat for the last year and what I can say.....Andrew you got it!!!! Brushes in surface mode start to feel controllable, and with a very nice flow!!!! But: - I preffer few brushes, but working at perfection, than too many fancy brushes with strange way of work. - Move brush is very nice, but it needs a dedicated fall-off, for work smoothly. But I Think this year will be the 3dcoat year (finally...) Thnx a lot from Spain!!
  4. import mesh with merge tool

    Amazing!! THNX!!!
  5. import mesh with merge tool

    there are a way to import my own base meshes for use with the merge tool, but with the option of previsualize it ??? (like the famous tinker kit). THNX and cheers from Spain!!
  6. windows xp 64 bit+CUDA

    thnx!!! It make sense!
  7. windows xp 64 bit+CUDA

    I just rebooted my pc, and installed windows xp 64 bit. Then I installed CUDA for my graphic card geforce 9800 gt. I upgraded to 3dcoat 3.5 for windows 64 bit and CUDA. ┬┐How can I know if 3dcoat is using CUDA? because I installed the cuda drivers, and the sdk pack, but i'm not sure if CUDA now is working on my pc. THNX and CHEERS from Spain!!!!