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  1. I like it Digman! The mothers eye look a little off to me, but could be the exact look you were going for. Interesting workflow too. Thanks for sharing it. Greg
  2. Glad you shared this.. I would have missed it. That's fantastic news. Greg
  3. Good info. Yes, I'll go with the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" adage.
  4. Welcome to all newcomers I've missed! We have a pretty friendly group here. Glad to see you! Greg
  5. I didn't even realize there was a problem with it. I have an intuos 3 hooked up to windows 8 and it works well. I'll be hooking a cintiq up to it soon ... is that where the problem is?
  6. True, true. Don't want any pig rights activist groups angry with me.
  7. fun little character Mike! He's a little thin for a pig, but maybe on a diet, or trying to avoid being dinner.
  8. To be fair, there are apparently a couple of really nice additions, But I kind of agree with Don ... right now it does feel a little like a .5 update. Of course, some companies charge for .5 updates, so I don't resent updating. It's always possible more coming though, since it's not 'officially' released yet. They're calling it a soft release.
  9. I've been learning Blender, and have to say that its modelling tools are superior to Lightwaves (which I recently spent $695 to upgrade). So, now I wonder what else it does better. Guess I'll find out. I'm used to Lightwave interface of course, but now it's just a matter of learning Blenders. I agree with Blobby - check out for really good tutorials.
  10. I think it's an interesting concept. Did you create the figure in 3D Coat? I like the style of the hair & clothes.
  11. Hey Don, I did a quick test with a 8192 map : Not sure if this is what you meant or not. Anyhow I accidentally exported the video at 15fps and pretty crap quality, but it still shows up at the speed I worked at. I don't think camtasia slowed my machine at all while recording. Anyhow, there was a bit of lag with a very large brush, but I can't imagine I'd ever use a brush that size in the first place. Smaller brushes had negligible lag and very acceptable performance. So, happy with the results. Greg
  12. No, haven't tried that yet, but I'll let you know. Been swamped with work all week (that's a good thing!). Will update when I try it though.
  13. Just an update... so far, so good with the GTX 650 (2 gig). It seems pretty snappy compared to my old card. Anyhow, I think it was a good purchase.
  14. I don't think he ever comes here except to advertise, so my guess is he won't see your posts.