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  1. Great imagination
  2. Good work, keep em cumming.
  3. That was the best eye making technique I have ever seen.
  4. Try right click in the vox tree on the instance and chose - change parent - root
  5. I wasn't interested in participating in the current contest, but if I had this would have been my entry.
  6. OK everything worked fine, just waiting for March 4.
  7. Hey Javis; Last fall I was able to buy MODO full licence on sale for 1200.00 Canadian. So I'm really interested in the MODO to 3DC work pipeline. I tried to buy the pre - release but got this message when trying to apply the promo code This promotion is only applicable to purchases made in USD. Please contact the creator for help. I certainly will buy this tutorial and any other ones involving MODO and 3DC.
  8. Click on that little white arrow in front of adjust
  9. Yes, me too.
  10. love the render, absolute fantastic imagination!!!
  11. Seams to work for me. Didn't have to delete the AO layer.
  12. Works OK for me.
  13. Is there any way to adjust the scale of this preset leather?
  14. Yes, I bought the indie 3 month subscription to see what's like. If all goes well I'll buy the Indie perpetual license in the fall.