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  1. Retopo - cut mesh by 2D curve like in Modo and feature to switch off snapping to vertices in add Split tool
  2. Thank you Tony but it is not what I meant 7.Select faces,edges,vertices in 3D UV window 8.When face mode - highlight face is better than highlight edge for visibility (also feature to not display face center) 9.Feature to hide transformation gadget 10.Possibility to create polygroups from selected faces and edit polygroups by add/remove faces from polygroup/change color 12.Feature to choose objects and polygroups both in Panel like in 3D window 13.Feature to run relax multiple times in loop like Relax 100 times. 14.Remove change UI look from UV panel 15.Remove strokes modes from UV window 16.Add more selection models - drag square,lasso,drag circle,select faces from selected edge borders 17.Edit Materials - choose faces by material,feature assign colors to material,add/remove faces from materials 18.Default action fro Material/Objects/Polygon groups panel should be pick up not change name - change name should be double click 19.Feature to swich off wireframe/ghosted mode UVs in 3D coat are not exactly optimized, I wish it would be more like in other 3D packages (namely better selection modes,picking in objects and faces in 3D window,assign polygroups,sew tool) We need Objects - Materials - Polygon groups panel, world "UVset" is confusing proper is 'Material" UV set (material)managment should be moved to material panel (add faces to material, remove material) and not on top shelf
  3. I would to see symmetry feature mode that allows you to lay mesh on the other side of the symmetry border0 currently if you cross symmetry border mesh will disappear.
  4. 1.Move and sew 2.Pin borders 3.Pin vertices 4.Better relaxing 5.Realtime uv adjustment 6.Select 3D objects in UV 3D window
  5. I created voxel object and made autoretopo for polypoint etc ... then i modified the voxel object but when i want to make autoretopo again it still show me old voxel object when drawing guides for retopo and in the retopo/paint room.Any way to clear rooms or refresh them so they will know its new voxel object ?
  6. low poly objects imported into voxels arent smoothed at all,every single face is clearly visible - its usefull sometimes but sometimes its not , it would be cool to have possibility to smooth the mesh before it will be turned into voxels so no polys are visible
  7. I must say painting speed in 3DC in since last 10-20 builds has been improved.Good job. some minor things : - more/less in cavity sometimes doesn't work well despite chaning cavity scale don't know why - anyway - could we get a slider ? for cavity scale and other scale next to the numeric value ? - the 'Conditions' windows doesn't work well for me , I mean I can't clearly see what will be affected, is this feature working ok ?? - layer blend effect scroll up/down with mouse scroll like in Photoshop - I wait for good AO bake inside 3D Coat
  8. Radial symetry like in Zbrush or better workflow in 2D Texture Editor room, now when you want you draw displacement in 2D texture editor around cylinder or sphere it doesnt work most of the time.
  9. sounds great, lets be patient then
  10. So do I. The problem with 3DC coat is there is always something not working or broken - always little something but most of the time its enough to break workflow and wait for bugfix.Zbrush crushes from time to time but besides that I trust Zbrush majority of things work there without any surprises, Zbrush is predictable. + make it stable and rock solid with as little bugs as possible +[ speed improvements new features which should be added : + give us good AO baking !!!! + improve painting quality in projection painting that's it - no need for 100000000000000 little new features in every build most people will not even notice.
  11. uhhhh another thread for AO ? why this very important feature is clearly ignored ?
  12. Modo ? Silo ?
  13. Is it normal that in retopo room retopo mesh when using relax doesnt snap to voxel surface ?
  14. CUDA is acc only for voxels
  15. Ok,my choice is clear now, thank you for reply