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    Lifelong learning, Science-Fiction, 3D Modeling and Animation in Maya for fun, Writing, playing and recording music in my home studio...
  1. 2 Shaders on one object?

    Thanks for all of you comments...very useful and good to know, Regards Ivan Flack (sks MIDIManNI) Cookstown - N. Ireland
  2. 2 Shaders on one object?

    Been using 3D Coat for modelling for a while now but only recently venturing into the dreaded world that is texturing...!!! I like some of the Shaders that come with 3D Coat and have just today found out from Forum Member Psmith that I can export my model with the shader and any additional painted on info that I need. This is certainly great news for me but I was wondering is there any way to use 2 or more of the Shaders on the ONE model. Say for example an Organic/Shiny Material with a duller one from the supplied shaders? Any help greatly appreciated. Ivan Flack (aka MIDIManNI) Cookstown - N. Ireland
  3. Super reference material. Thanks
  4. Introduce yourself!

    Hi Everyone, My name is Ivan Flack, I'm 49 yrs old, married to Celine and we have 3 daughters (aged 18, 13 and 13) & we live in a rural area near Cookstown, N. Ireland. I am a P/T Lecturer in the Local College and have a passion for 3D-Modelling software which I started learning some time ago. It began with Max and I found it tough going for a while but now use Maya and things seem to have "dropped into place". I have also tried many other packages such as Modo, Lightwave, Cinema4D, ToonBoom... I recently discovered 3D-Coat after using ZBrush for a tutorial and I was so impressed, I think that 3D-Coat knocks spots off it in all areas. I am hoping to get the College students using it as well as part of the Media/Animation/Design area. I look forward to learning more from the experts here and hopefully making a few new friends!!! See you around... Ivan Flack (aka MIDIManNI)