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  1. thanks for this you guys. I made myself an increase and decrease density script and bound it to a hotkey, it kept selecting the transform tool and I used your script to reselect the current tool. giving as I get: // this script degrades the current layer by 2 and keeps the active tool. // used for a quick "degrade" current vox layer hotkey. void setCurrentTool(string id){ array<array<string>> dict = { {"VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_GROW", "$[Page4]Grow"}, {"VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULPT_SMOOTH","$[Page4]Smooth"}, {"VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_FILL","$[Page4]Fill"} // (...) }; for(int i=0;i<dict.length();i++){ if(dict[i][0]==id){ cmd(dict[i][1]); break; } } } void main(){ // make sure we're in the sculpting room if(!IsInRoom("Sculpt")){ ToRoom("Sculpt"); Step(1); } //store current layer name string CurrentVoxLayer = GetCurVolume(); // rename it RenameCurVolume("DELETE_ME"); // store the current tool string CurrentToolID = GetCurrentToolID(); // clone and degrade the current layer by 2 cmd("$VoxTreeBtn7"); // name it the same. RenameCurVolume(CurrentVoxLayer); // delete the old layer. SetCurVolume("DELETE_ME"); cmd("$VoxTreeBtn1"); //select the new layer just in case SetCurVolume(CurrentVoxLayer); Step(1); // recall the tool so you're not in transform mode. setCurrentTool(CurrentToolID); }
  2. tonights spitsculpt while I get the hang of PBR layers. robot_head by spiraloid on Sketchfab
  3. Toon Texture Test by spiraloid on Sketchfab 143781179134 by spiraloid on Sketchfab just doodles while I setup my brush presets.
  4. mannequin test by spiraloid on Sketchfab
  5. +1 Really need this for working with objects in other apps.
  6. This is pretty great. I am hoping to modify it so that it can print out the transforms of each vox layer for exporting instances. I can't seem to find any references to a getTransform command. am I being dense?
  7. old voxel submarine and octane

    From the album gak splatter

    just dusting off this old model for some GPU raytracing.
  8. just getting my bearings in octane. 3Dcoat + PBR + octane = awesomeness
  9. I've been manually doing my setups in octane by exporting my scene's as .obj files and then using meshnodes in octane. the only problem I'm having is that the vox layers as they are exported from the sculpting room are not given unique materials per layer. This means I can't use the material map node in octane to reassign materials and have to export each layer one by one. it would be awesome if 3DCoat could get updated so that the "export scene" obj exporter were able to assign a material to each vox/surface layer. it's really the main feature needed for applinking to octane. other than adding reinstance support, but that would mean that 3DCoat would have to either use alembic file (http://www.alembic.io) instead of .obj. (octane will recognize all the reinstance transforms by using checksums). or generate the scatter node with all the instance transforms written in and an obj mesh node. here's a pic I whipped up from a voxel mesh in octane.
  10. hmm, I installed it and have the shelf and the plugin loaded. but when I try to export I get this error in maya. export complete // Error: line 1: AttributeError: file C:/Program Files (x86)/Autodesk/Maya2013/bin/plug-ins/3dc_connector.py line 1000: 'module' object has no attribute 'MStatus' // windows8.1 3DCoat4.1 maya 2013 32-bit sp2 any ideas?
  11. I've been using zbrush4r2 and I must say, you got some competition now andrew. here's my lastest ZB flythrough. pretty great being able to paint in color while doing "voxel-like" operations. the new features look great in 3DC, but sadly I can't get any version since 3.5.20 to run fast enough to use. not sure how others aren't having this problem, but after a few minutes in 3DC, it starts running so slow that I get 3 frames-per-second just moving the camera on even a simple default model. the same machine using 3DC 3.5.20(CUDA)(DX64) can work for hours. slowness happens on GL or DX and on other freshly installed machines.
  12. great reference for doing figure studies. thanks! I like following life photos too. fashion and hair blogs are handy. http://www.thesartorialist.com/
  13. which mouse do you use? I've been looking for one since I like sculpting with two hands in real life. I tried the spacenavigator, but for simple turntable movment the spring loaded input made me crazy. these guys make a good trackball, but they don't sell them. I'd love to hear what other people use -b
  14. turn the number of lights up to 512 and turn the post bluir amount down to 1. -b
  15. I got really good at gauging what voxel density would give me a good framerate on my machine while I sculpt. it's a combination of finding the right res+ and size. and having a GTX580 with lots of CUDA cores. the brush is a standard grow with the mask applied. btw the mask hidden and scaled before the video started.