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  1. I think I found a small bug in the new UI. Switching between show/hide/auto preview options doesn't work with masks, only with materials. 3.7.12E CUDA DX64
  2. Yes, that's very confusing. I hope the gizmo will be on top of everything in the future.
  3. I'm very happy to read this. That's exactly what's missing or can make another difference in comparison with other programs. Working close with users/artists is the right way.
  4. Yes, seperators are a good alternative, I like that idea too. What I basically have in mind is just stepping through my workflow. For example: skin painting red/blue/yellow areas, then to the next preset to paint veins or breakup skin, then paint over/blur with the basecolor etc.. That would be possible with seperators. I just discovered you can put presets in the quick panel as well. Nice
  5. Thanks Andrew and Leigh The preset system is such a big help. I just have one little wish: can you please add folders for the presets like the materials tab? Since we can store so many settings, I can see this being helpful in the future for setting up different brushes. Icons are a great addition too. I love it. Thanks again. Some of the voxel brushes are hard to distinguish from each other but overall they are nice. I see you can easily change icons by replacing the pngs in the folder, so maybe we see some community icons/customized themes in the future. That's great
  6. Thank you. I found out some options work, others don't. Thread:
  7. Sorry for doubleposting (I opened a thread in "Painting mode bugs"), but I think it's a serious bug/broken function. And since it came up with the latest versions, I want to ask here as well: Painting in the texture uv editor seems to be broken with the 3.7.11 versions. In 3.7.10A it works well. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Icons for every tool? That's awesome. I don't like text buttons, because I always have to "search" for some tools. And that's after half a year of working with 3D-Coat nearly every day.
  9. Nice. Including the settings from the options panel (jitter etc.)?
  10. I agree, Erics solution is great. I hope it can be implemented this way. Right now it's a bit confusing having these options between the layer blend modes. Getting them out of the layer blend modes adds more options, especially blending them like color channels. Additionally what I'd love to have is layer groups like in photoshop. So we could blend several layers inside the group and then set the whole group to be for example color, specular or emissive.
  11. Thanks for the tile update, it's very useful
  12. Hi, Cinema 4D got this with version R12 1 1/2 years ago. Not sure about other packages. It's really useful for rigging hands like in the modo example.
  13. First impression: wow, it just feels fast without those UI lags. Startup, switching rooms. That's cool And I like the organized RMB menu.
  14. The paint room problem remains with the fresh install The objects only disappear when beta tools are activated. I filled a Mantis report and made a screencast: -------- Thanks for the shaders digman. I think they are very helpful