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  1. Would there be any way to make the background grey gradient on a separate layer, like in the version 3.x manual, so we could turn it off in order to be able to print the manual? -Patrick
  2. I'm sure if somebody had time to correct any typos or grammar in the English hint files and submitted it to Andrew he would include the corrected file with any successive builds. Never hurts to try. -Patrick
  3. How about calling the pop-up "UV Mat" for UV Materials? Just a suggestion. -Patrick
  4. Install the non-CUDA version and run it in DX mode. That's what works for me. -Patrick
  5. Sorry, but I have to put my $.02 worth in here. I do most of my work on a Mac. Most, but not all. Before buying a license to 3D-Coat v3.5 (both Mac and Windows), I, of course, downloaded the trial version of both 3D-Coat v2 and then 3D-Coat v3 when it was first released. Now, my experience with v2 was not so good for two reasons: 1) I am a native English speaker and the English translation for 3D-Coat was very, very difficult to follow at that time, so I found it difficult to learn the tools and proper workflow. This has since been corrected and, IMO, the English translation is VERY good and especially the pop-up help for the tools are VERY descriptive and helpful! 2) After launch, v2 on my Mac would crash almost every time I selected a tool and tried to use it. I'm not kidding, it was unusable, IMO. Now, my initial trial of v3 was better. The English translation was excellent, so, no problem there. However, I still had the problem with crashing on the Mac. Now, as of 3D-Coat v3.5.01 or v3.5.02, I cannot recall which build (it was the build after Andrew got advice from NVidia on OpenGL optimizations), I believe that my Mac build is not only rock solid, but it actually feels faster than my Windows version for once. Now, there is another caveat of the Mac version that I've noticed over the Windows version-notifications. By this, I am talking about showing the user progress when 3DC is performing an operation. For example, when using AUTOPO, the Windows version shows the progress bar with an explanation of what 3DC is currently doing, as well as a % in the title bar of it's progress. In the Mac version, sometimes I get a progress bar, sometimes I don't, when I do, it's usually blank with no info, and I also have the spinning "beach ball" which makes it appear as though 3DC has crashed, even in the Dock it offers to Force Quit the app. However, I've found that if I just get up, walk away for a minute or so and come back, the operation is complete and 3DC is back to normal. Even the Windows version tends to say 3DC is "Not Responding" in the title bar and the screen will fade (On Windows 7, anyway), giving the impression of a crash, however, patience proves that if you just leave it alone for a few minutes, it will finish its calculations and return to normal. Thing is, without the progress bar appearing on the Mac version in most situations, it totally looks and acts as if the program has crashed. Thing is, it usually hasn't. Perhaps this is due to the lack of a 64-bit Mac version, yet? So there is less RAM available for intensive operations and there is more virtual memory being used? IDK, but all I do know is that the optimizations Andrew has made in the last 2 or 3 builds has made a world of difference on my Mac version. Keep up the great work, Andrew!!! -Patrick
  6. Here is the post for his free Thumber utility: http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6601&view=&hl=chippwalters&fromsearch=1 -Patrick
  7. Forum member chippwalters has made a free utility specifically for correcting SketchUp .obj files to work in 3DC. I can't recall what it's called, but if you search the forums or contact him, you will be able to get the utility. I think this should solve your problem. -Patrick
  8. Their located in the 3D-Coat Program/Application folder (depending on your OS), under VoxStamps/Objects/_TinkerObjects. -Patrick
  9. The Win&Mac license is just buying both licenses in one go. I know it seems kind of backwards, but on the Windows buy page, there is the option of "Win to (MacOS or Linux)-$40". That should be what you are looking for to buy the Mac license at a discount from your existing Windows license. No, this won't deactivate your existing Windows license. -Patrick
  10. Your license is platform specific. Currently, you can cross-grade your Windows license for $40 USD to include a Mac OSX license as well. This will allow you to do what you are wanting to do. After October 15th, this cost is probably going to increase along with the other license increase. -Patrick
  11. Add my vote to SonK's for a modo AppLink implementation! As it stands now, I'm really glad modo handles the .LWO format as good as it does to work well with 3DC! -Patrick