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  1. Hi there We've been busy for months working around 'normal' work to make a film. Its about a grown man, his imaginary friend ( a robot ) and his mum. Obviously the robot is a bit of a challenge, As he is a product of a human dysfunction its important that his movements and performance is very Human. To achieve this we are shooting our own mo-cap on our stage here at studio local. The surfaces and most UV's were painted in coat, rendered in Vray. anyway here are some animation tests. These tests are shot in our studio, not on location. tracked test process vid We hope you like it and we'll try and keep this thread updated cheers p
  2. thanks - i am using vray for c4d, but we run maya vray also. regarding a curvature shader - something like the iron man clip in the following link would be a great time saver
  3. hi there. I am working on some robot surfaces. 3D coat is doing a wonderful job giving me the elements i need to build great vray shaders. one thing that is taking me a very long time is the edges. Manually painting the masks to remove paint and rust from all metal edges is taking a very long time using brushes and curve tool. does anyone have any tips for this ? It would be SO great if 3dcoat had a curvature shader to target these areas. Am i missing something ? thanks
  4. the thing i really like about the potential of cuda is a much cheaper upgrade cycle for my hardware. i can upgrade my video card instead of my CPU to get a much faster machine - for the software that uses cuda. that can be much much cheaper overall. that and the recent awful flickering ATI drivers make nvida a better choice anyway. adobe has embraced cuda and i use their products every single day and thats why i am mostly interested in this. still a while to wait - april / may so i guess we will know if these numbers are real as its not official.
  5. i am hoping these numbers actually happen but cuda definitely rocks.
  6. a friend showed me this today and i thought some here might like to see what the new kepler cards might get up too, especially with cuda.
  7. help-full tip - thanks !
  8. nice gun. BTW has the paint in cavity bug been reported ? how can you tell if 3dc's people know about it ? i had that yesterday and was quite disappointed as that's exactly what i needed at the time.
  9. no specific story, its just tinkering around mostly, trying to learn 3dc here and there. i had a few exciting projects that got put on 'hold' in january, so these are just tests to probe where those projects would have taken me using coat. the test below uses coat for morphs creation. not very sophisticated morphs, as there is alot of stretching, but i made them very quickly. i expect a better result on the second round but with more care. the test is below, sound too if you have it sorted out. clicky
  10. beautiful
  11. one more test on the retop head. very simple paint adjustments done to the baked textures in and then rendered with c4d + grade in after effects. i dropped the displacement at this point to see what i can get out of the normals and so it renders in a few seconds.
  12. here is the body from the character above but with the original head. the first thing i surfaced in coat, lots of things i would do differently on the second attempt
  13. its been a long long time since i have properly tinkered with coat. last night i manually retopologized a head model for the first time, then baked it to the paint-room also for the very first time and was amazed at the detail catchment in the normal maps. i was not expecting anything like that. ignore the green, its baked from the shader. the body is painted in 3DC also. so much more to learn.
  14. nice, really well done. can we see a wire frame of your retopo ?
  15. nice !, how long for the re-topo work ?