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  1. Great work!
  2. Try starting a new scene and instead of importing your model for painting or retopo. Import it as a voxel object. Then perform an autopo which should give you a much nicer mesh to work with for uv unwrapping.
  3. Nice shapes man. I'd love to see this with more of a metallic look in terms of shader/texture
  4. That looks very cool.
  5. Seems like you've already noticed, but 3D Coat is pretty awesome for environment concept development and block ins.
  6. Thanks Marco, great stuff by the way!
  7. PBR brain I mentioned earlier...I realized it wasn't embedded in my prior post.
  8. Some info on how I did the PBR brain
  9. A wolf sketch I did tonight.
  10. Yeah, I noticed that too, then I realized it was just the engine which is free. So I guess I'll have to fork over the 200. It'll be nice to be able to bring my Houdini assets into the game engines though.
  11. Houdini is glad I didn't buy it a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. That's a good idea...It would be a good e panel stroke type...or a modified function of the paint polygon tool.
  13. Hey everyone, No new posts in a while but I've been explore more aspects of 3D Coat and 3d in general. Primarily, I've been doing more work with texturing, retopo and baking. I've been learning some other programs too like Zbrush(has some nice features but just can't get into it) and Substance Designer and Bitmap2Material. But man, do I enjoy working with 3D Coat. I can't understand why it's overlook for other programs. I think PBR shaders are genius and can be greatly expanded upon. I'd rather use 3D Coat than just about anything else I've tried and it complement Blender perfectly. It should definitely be a top option for indies. Especially considering it covers the entire pipeline prior to animation. Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the new stuff that I've been doing. Everything here is made only in 3D Coat. (testing new pbr shaders)
  14. Try using a non-cuda version