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  1. Raul, can we get bezier control of the edges for more precise placement?
  2. Awesome! Thanks Don!
  3. Just wondering, it was mentioned in another thread, but I couldn't find a definitive answer. Can I work on a file that has several UDIM tiles from Mari? If so, how do I import properly? Thanks! -G
  4. I had the same problem as Don, where I left it for a little while and when I came back after my computer went to sleep and to made 3d coat the active program, it froze and I had to restart my system. I didn't experience any issues other than that. But I didn't use it extensively. I wouldn't call this one stable yet.
  5. probably easier said than done though
  6. Yeah, so that you could potentially create new structures just by describing where the edges are.
  7. Raul, You've just about created the ultimate modeling tool and I'm not sure you realize it. If you can now alter whether or not each pinned point is stuck to the surface, then you've made something quite powerful.
  8. Speaking of modifier keys... It would be nice to use a Shift or Ctrl+Shift modifier to switch filling algorithm. Along with 'Enter' to confirm/apply fill.
  9. This Or a way to with a modifier key held, to click and drag an existing stroke to duplicate it and reposition it. That would be a lot faster.
  10. Cool, glad it was helpful Raul! I can't wait to try this out and do some testing myself!
  11. Sent you a couple heads
  12. This looks like not an ideal result. I know you're testing still, but maybe you can try something like this and see how easy/difficult it is to create something precise like this for facial animation purposes.
  13. Very nice. I know it's asking your for more work, but any way it could work with 1 stroke? Or with e panel ellipse/rectangle? How does it work btw? Does it work based on arc or angle of strokes to determine where there should be a loop vs a corner? Or do intersecting lines create corners? Maybe if there was a LOOPS mode, the user would have more control over the initial type of quad layout that they'd get. Like if you drew a square using 2 sets of parallel strokes using the existing stroking method or with the e-panel rectangle (ideally) you could still get concentric loops if that was the chosen algorithm. LOOPS mode could have a second parameter which would ask for a capping method (quad,triangles,ngon...etc.) Just an idea. Not trying to give you tons of extra work if it doesn't add that much outside of what's already there. But if it's easy, then why not.
  14. Will it work with the different E panel brushes like lasso, circle and rectangle marquee? Also, with hybrid, can we create an eye or mouth of concentric loops with 1 stroke? If not, perhaps a LOOPS mode. Will it work on limbs to create a cylindrical patch of polygons?(I don't see why not, but I haven't seen it demonstrated.) Those are the questions I'm wondering. But it really is looking great!
  15. Well, it doesn't really disable it, there is just no way to create individual lights in the Sculpt room currently. The HDRI's just provide a more realistic real world lighting scenario. So if you could find an HDRI image that represents a simple 3 light setup with a key, fill and backlight, that might give you better results. A little more control over the light would be nice. But choosing the correct HDRI image might do the trick for you as well. That being said, it would be nice to have more control over the lights in the sculpt room. Marmoset and to a lesser degree sketchfab do a really good job of this...where you can optionally use the HDRI and you can also use different kinds of lights, like directional, spots, points, etc. I like the way Marmoset allows you to be able to click a spot on the HDRI and have that become a tweakable light source. Anyways, I hope that helps to answer your question.