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  1. Much better! Going forward if you haven't already. You'll want to create your elements seperately, like the wheels for example...and create them at the desired resolution before adding details. That will save you from have to rework things too many times. Looking good though.
  2. Very nice!
  3. Awesome work buddy!
  4. Awesome!
  5. Hey everyone, This is thread to follow the development of a project that I have been developing called Gladiotron. It is an original project and hopefully the first of many. My pipeline consists primarily of Blender and 3D Coat, with some other applications for authoring PBR textures and then ending up in Unity. Our target platform is PC and Console initially, then possibly mobile afterwards. I have a few goals with this project. 1. To engage the 3d Coat and Blender communites 2. To share development progress on the art assets and the game 3. To work with the 3D Coat team in a similar way to the way the Blender Foundation creates film projects to drive the development of the application
  6. I should say, it would be nice if the autotopo was made opensource as a standalone application that integrated seamlessly with 3dcoat, but could be used within other workflows as well.
  7. At one time I was having a lot of trouble with Autotopo as well, but then I found out that if I used a fairly low resolution voxel proxy as a basis things went pretty smoothly. I was also thinking that it would be cool if Andrew made the autotopo functionality opensource so that it could be perfected and developed to fit multiple use cases by the community. Since I too was considering purchasing zbrush for the zremesher, but it just didn't seem like a good justification for the purchase if that was all I'd be using it for. One thing I would still love to see is the ability to to use autotopo on a partially retopologized mesh.
  8. yeah. not necessarily flatter, but sharp where it's supposed to be sharper and well defined curves where there should be curves. Like sports cars. You have the most imortant part down which is a good and appealing design in terms of volumes and proportion. The next part is getting it fully realized with more specific shapes.
  9. Cool stuff man!
  10. Very cool shapes...It's a bit loose. I'd love to see it tightened up. I bet it would look good if you used this a basis for a low poly retopo. Then reimport the retopo mesh for further sculpting.
  11. Great work!
  12. Try starting a new scene and instead of importing your model for painting or retopo. Import it as a voxel object. Then perform an autopo which should give you a much nicer mesh to work with for uv unwrapping.
  13. Raul, can we get bezier control of the edges for more precise placement?
  14. Awesome! Thanks Don!