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  1. I am also experiencing a memory leak in voxel mode. The program quickly eats up 10 gb of ram.
  2. Found the solution from Right click Voxel layer and choose "To global space"
  3. Hi. I've recently picked up 3D coat again after a long break. I have a question relating to the transform utility. It seems that when using it, the object becomes stretched - I was under the impression that that wasn't possible to the nature of voxels (dynamic generation of new triangles) How do I make the mesh uniform again without destroying its current shape? See screenshot below for example:
  4. Wow, thanks for the tip. I have to look more into hard surface in coat. I suspect that currently 3Dcoat's hard surface capabilities is the most underrated feature of the program.
  5. You didn't do this in 3Dcoat right?
  6. Top quality work. Did you sculpt the Iron Man in 3Dcoat or just paint?
  7. Was everything done in 3DC?! WOW and more WOW! Really impressed by this. This definitely has to hit the official gallery asap. EDIT: How would you say the work speed compare to doing the hard-surface modeling in a conventional package such as 3ds max with the eventual detailing in Zbrush?
  8. Was everything done in 3DC?! WOW and more WOW! Really impressed by this. This definitely has to hit the official gallery asap.
  9. wow! cool ape/alien concept. The surface noise look weird though... Not sure why, but he kinda reminds me of the aliens from The Fifth Element - The symbols remind me of some sort of ancient alien-Egyptian part mechanical part flesh type of thing.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm on version 3.5A The "Windows/Restore all pages to default" worked and I got the edit images placement window back. Niceness! :-) I wasn't aware that one could download beta's - thanks for that tip. Currently downloading 3.5.02.
  11. Thx for the reply - I think that this is precisely what I do and have done several times with success, but now I seems to have stopped working. When I hit the button, the transform gizmo's will appear but not the control window... ]
  12. When using reference images in the X, Y or Z axis, there is this "edit images placement" which brings up a window where you can control stuff like opacity etc. The problem I'm having atm is that I can't get this window to show when I click on it from the drop down menu. Have you guys experienced something similar, and do you know how to bring it back somehow? - I have tried to reset the UI but that didn't do it.
  13. Playing around with the snake brush:
  14. very nice progress! It's hard to believe that the big guy is done in voxels... The shapes look so clean and sharp. What are your plans for him?
  15. Early WIP of gorilla: More progress: