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  1. How to Easily Select Paint Object from 3D View

    watching 3d Coats dev from the very beginning, i am always surprised about these kind of things still not being implemented. I always said, 3dcoat needs to make its features work 100% before cluttering it with dozens of other not 100% reliable tools or features which Pixologic partially took and made it actually work 100%. one example is that lego block tool. Utterly useless just taking space. I told my opinion on how to improve 3dcoat years ago. I still dont get why the tools are so confusingly layed out. Switching to surface mode, has some of the same tools but at a different position. I am using 3dcoat for years now on and off, and i still find myself wasting time looking for the tools. Has nobody ever mentioned that.Is every 3dcoat user really happy with that? Then Substance Painter came....
  2. I am making tutorials, and i understand that if we dont have the resources and have to think about everything ourselves, especially the stuff besides the actual work, it is very hard. just giving you my thoughts. good luck!
  3. I agree on this pleasing everyone problem. The thing why I do not support subscription based is because at some point the user will be paying too much ( or why else did smart people come up with that model?). Of course with as low as 10 Dollars for students this is not so bad. But imagine all software going subscription based?! I think substance designer is doing it right. There you pay a monthly maintainance fee . If you stop you stop receiving updates but you can still keep and use the version you paid for. For me this is the only acceptable subscription based model.
  4. Subscription based? Really? Why everybody following Autodesk and Adobes footsteps? Lost me...
  5. I agree and posted about this in the past...do u have ideas about the UI Javis?
  6. oh i see we have to actually apply metalness of 100% to get a 100% matte look...this is odd and should not
  7. is it just me or is there always a default amount of specularity on that new preview system. even though i turn of my specular layers and apply a black color, it reflects...
  8. i suggested to build a texture and stencil generator in a fashion of the almost unknown texture generator app. the awesome thing about that app is that what ever u create is tileable. in my oppinion a very powerful app, which unfortunately is a little outdated. i always use it to make my stencils. u can even export the normal map from it. Bercon maps... hm why not... but i would prefer that texture stencil generator.
  9. So I am trying exporting normalmaps from 3dcoat for 3dsmax. Does someone have working settings? Cant seem to get nice normal maps. Always look blurry compared to the render in 3dcoat, and direction seems also odd. Tried swapping y-z, but nothing happened. Are there any special settings for 3dsmax normal export?
  10. if I do that I will have a box instead of fluid
  11. Hello guys, this has nothing to do with 3D coat..but it is very urgent and thanks to the ridiculous policy of Blenders forum I can't post anything there. So I hope I can reach someone through our awesome forum here. I am having problems with Blender fluid obj sequence export. In blender everything looks fine...but when I load my obj seq into MAX, some frames have some crazy spikes!!!I tried so many things,,but can't fix it. Do u know what could cause this problem? any help appreciated ViTO
  12. V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    UV room is acting weird. Island highlighting doesnt work ( checkbox is checked )..unwrap doesnt seem to update anything. Is this confirmed?
  13. 3D-Max AppLink

    doesn't work for me. When I click the applink Icon..i get an error "no + function or undefined" and makes keeps beeping.
  14. Align function

    Also for the axial tool..to be able to pick a point for the center of the arrays.
  15. Deform before apply What about the possibility to be able to deform the object before merging it into the scene. Basically like MARI does with textures. Sometimes when I merge an object, I have to merge it into a separate layer to then deform or conform it, then merge the layer back. I really would love to see this feature It doesnt have to be all brushes.. but mostly a way to adjust the shape. The move tool alone would do the trick I think. A big plus would be a bend,twist and taper function.Or just a gizmo which could do all.