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  1. if I do that I will have a box instead of fluid
  2. Hello guys, this has nothing to do with 3D coat..but it is very urgent and thanks to the ridiculous policy of Blenders forum I can't post anything there. So I hope I can reach someone through our awesome forum here. I am having problems with Blender fluid obj sequence export. In blender everything looks fine...but when I load my obj seq into MAX, some frames have some crazy spikes!!!I tried so many things,,but can't fix it. Do u know what could cause this problem? any help appreciated ViTO
  3. doesn't work for me. When I click the applink Icon..i get an error "no + function or undefined" and makes keeps beeping.
  4. How to use that Mantis? where do I post something?
  5. this is not a solution...I am faster doing that in 3dsmax. The point is I have MANY islands...small I have to tweak guessing where my related island too time consuming. I would give this feature request a +1
  6. basically I wanna select my UV island in the viewport. Because selecting in the UV window is very tiresome since its hard to locate my islands. Is there a way to select them? vito
  7. Excuse me, it's not about liking or's business ! And if you don't play by the rules, then u gonna be knocked out..even u were first! I am not sure if Andrew did get patents on his technology, if not then I think it was very careless. In this world u need to protect just about anything, otherwise it will be taken by others. "Business"...who gives a damn about you?? They just steal it from you..even if it would mean that u'd have to live under the bridge.
  8. I have to say..this version is very stable! I had loads of fun bashing that vehicle together!! It is just some improvisation..nothing special...and here and there I forgot stuff...but I just wanted to play around with the new version anyway! From the distance it looks like a giant bird or dinosaur (^^) Happy Coating!
  9. ah..sorry about spreading my posts around..didnt think about that... I tried to help anyway...that's why I thought I record videos, since I am not good with words.....and most of the bugs I can't reproduce..since some of them happen out of nowhere. And I think in most videos u can see enough... I also explained when it happen..not always though... but it's need to start a drama here..I am gonna shut up!
  10. yeah I posted many videos last days...
  11. Ok I am sorry if I am complaining. The reason for this is because 3D-coat costs almost the same as Zbrush! I am working on a non commercial shortfilm and I wanted to give 3D-coat a shot. I don't have budget to buy and try every software that makes promises. 3D-coat makes em, Zbrush makes em.. Which one keep 'em? I have to consider getting a Zbrush license as well... Since I can't even accomplish a very simple task in 3D- Coat. You are right...I should stop complaining. I am sure that Andrew and the other developers put a lot of work in it...but through stones at me...I just don't see the price justified. Sorry
  12. U got the point....Most big ideas are based on other peoples idea..just they have more money to make it big. So Zbrush copies some features of 3DCoat?..that's fine..I would do that..If I know I can do it better..why wouldn't I?? So I don't get why 3D coat has to be new in every aspect..there is no need for that. Make the features work..that would be a good start! I am playing around with 3D coat for weeks now..seriously..if you guys think that 3Dcoat works fine, then I can only say..for me.. 3D coat is BETA. In almost every aspect there are bugs and issues..