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  1. ユーモアがあっていいですね。マッドキャットのアニメーション面白かったです。
  2. Do you mean, you sculpted all those creatures one by one in 3dCoat? Wow! That's impressive!
  3. Hand Retopo mode on! Retopo, the painful work, yet enjoyable phase. 19710 polys on the head. Want a lot of details for the 3D print. One million polys is the limit on Shapeways services. A little fun with Maya deformers and gif animation.
  4. Thank you Tony! This one was a lot of fun to do. Remembers me of old toys I had when I was a kid. Retopo left. I may try to texture it to put it in the gallery. Cheers!
  5. Done! A retopo and then 3d print! I didn't make a pedestal... three points to take balance (2 feet + sword). Hazardous, may be.
  6. PIeces of jewelry made with 3dCoat and printed with Shapeways services. I hope I can so the same with the viking character!
  7. I missed your work on the sculptures. Your Giffin is great! What was the "" made for?
  8. Almost done. May be with a few hours next week.
  9. Worked a bit on right arm and left leg.
  10. Thanks Wojtek! I hope I can make good landscapes like yours someday. Your work is very inspiring.
  11. Not much time to accelerate the sculpt... Refined the helm part a bit:
  12. Nice futuristic scene! This is brilliant!
  13. That would make a really cool cliff for a video game! I like the roots running here and there. If I had such a tool (those needed for Photogrammetry), I'd ask girls to take the pose. And my wife would break her rolling pin on my head
  14. Thank you Digman! I'm working on the face. But losing concentration quickly...
  15. Cool stuff David! Is that a pig skull? I can imagine you putting this on a tray for the camera shooting. I like modeling things by myself, but I must admit that photogrammetry results are amazing! Are the thin cracks on the skull captured while shooting or did you add them in the paint room?