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  1. I like your landscapes compositions and your models too! What do you use as a base for your sea landscapes? Is it 3D model or something else?
  2. Cool model! Not much crits for the moment. Can't wait to see it textured.
  3. Thank you Don! The features shown in the videos are cool. I could have used them on the mermaid. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Yep, 3.0 is out. I bought it, and ... surprise, my graphic card is too old (laugh). Congrats for your Mad Max car. It is really cool. I like old techniques too like the one use on your Zelda-Portal avatar; it sometime keeps me away from 3D. Cheers!
  5. A quick render in Toolbag + few tweaks in Photoshop.
  6. I made this sea turtle to test PBR workflow a bit. Time to finish the mermaid now.
  7. This rock looks great too, even with just an albedo and a normal map. Can't wait to see an entire scene! Thanks for the wire frame model.
  8. Thanks Javis! I've checked Marmoset Toolbag web page. It seems that they're gonna release 3.0 soon. I've been very lazy for a while, unable to find the motivation after work (and a bit too much involved in rugby games); but I'll try to do something with 3dCoat a little more. By the way, is your new avatar done with Hexels2? I found it cool too!
  9. Cool models here! I had a good laugh with the one smoking a cigarette. Neat and funny.
  10. Wow! So this is the textured version! This is really good. I wonder how you got Toolbag 3, for it will be available tomorrow (Well, thought would be!)
  11. Cool asset! Very natural. Do you have a wireframe shot of your pile model?
  12. Wow! Cool stuff Javis. That's clean.
  13. Welcome! Man, your cat character may fall backwards seeing his legs position on the side view. The front view with blue lines looks great. Can't wait to how you'll turn this design into 3D.
  14. Pinky is very important for a Samurai. You can't hold a saber properly if you don't have one. Anyway, samurai disappeared long ago. So, no pinky is fine. + Stark trek salutations will be easier.
  15. Carlosan, Tony, thanks for the hints. I forgot those features and got round with old methods... I guess the spline tool use shown in the Smaug video would have been good. Will try this on the next sculpt.