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  1. I should enjoy more speed sculpt like you do. It is stupid, I always want to make a polygonal model after sculpting and it takes ages... Can't wait to see your next work.
  2. Cool roller derby SheWawa ! Hope she wont cut her tongue when falling. You made me want to see Michelle Steilen videos again.
  3. Started to refine the arms. Only 30 minutes today... I mostly use the move tool to tweak places lacking volumes guided by the highlights. Still very rough. Fingers like sausages.
  4. The guy with the beard is really cool! Look like the metal figure I used to collect in the eighties (D&D). Nice work!
  5. Boots refined. Next step, refining the arms. Something went wrong with them. RaaaaH! It's a 3dCoat bug, noooo! Listening to "Don't fear the ripper" right know. Which band was that?
  6. Oh, I see! I haven't heard about Maxwell render so far (spend too much time in a cave) Just checked their web-page. Thanks for the info!
  7. The model and the render are great! Was the rendering made in 3dCoat too? Now you have to make the whole Tattoo-shop
  8. No great improve today, despite a lot of time spent on it. Separate boots from the legs to make the work easier. Too much time lost switching from a material to another... Can't find the best compromise between a harsh lighting that stress out the imperfections of the model, and something kind to the eyes. Have to check more combinations of environment map lighting and materials.
  9. Still a long way to go, but enough for today!
  10. Trying to make better folds on the trousers with the pose tool. Not too good so far.
  11. Hey Digman, It's been a while! Thank you for the tips on restoring the previous light system in the sculpt room! I like the new lighting system with env maps, but the old way is useful when sculpting.
  12. Starting to refine the old sculpt. Degraded parts to increase work speed.
  13. Smart material is fun! Now I have to finish this character started more than a year ago... Thanks a lot for the wonderful work done on the 4.7 version!
  14. AbnRanger, Wave Of Life, Thanks! I'll try to post some new works soon when I'm done with the current game development. One more month fighting with Vita...
  15. Long live to 3dCoat! Currently upgrading to V4.7. Sorry to be away for so long. Almost 2 years! too busy at work and at rugby games. But alive and kicking Now that I've upgraded, I have to sculpt something. Many great works in the Gallery --> Keeps the motivation up. I miss the green and black website design, though. But will get used to the clean white and blue. Cheers!