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  1. Awesome! . .. Too bad I cant read it though
  2. Ouch! The price for Mari is pretty close to Maya.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys!! Aw man it's a shame Linux doesn't have something like Marmoset as it is a useful game engine simulator that uses IBL lighting.
  4. Good to hear! 3D Coat really needs more publicity I think.
  5. Nice sculpt! Very inspirational.
  6. Now if they can only steamline and clean up the interface. . .
  7. Thanks for the comment L'Ancien Regime! Haha yeah this little guy will have all of that . . . and a few other things.
  8. Very cool! At 40 bucks thats hard to beat. Thanks for showing us the examples Digman! I hope they release the version that can convert a normal map to displace/height map soon as that would be a quick and valuable option for when other software fail you
  9. Thanks for the comment! Come to think of it his body does remind me a little of the gecko from geico. Although this guy is going to be furry when he is finished
  10. Yeah CGTalk isn't my cup of tea. Plus I really hate the navigation in the site. I prefer here, ConceptArt.org, 3DTotal.com, Blendernation.com, and sometimes Zbrushcentral.
  11. So far its turning out pretty good! Are you using an alpha for the fur or is that hand sculpted?
  12. Yeah that helps. Never heard of the whole biased vs unbiased though until after I got the link. Since we are on the subject, Anyone here ever heard of/ played with Bunkspeed Shot (used to be known as Hypershot)? Its a really fast (almost realtime) render engine that will use both your CPU and GPU. http://www.bunkspeed.com/ Luxion also seems to have a version of Hypershot they call Keyshot but I think it only supports CAD files.
  13. I would as well @ Carlosa: How is Luxrender? Is it easier/ more intuitive to use compared to Mental Ray? How is it with global illum and final gather?
  14. I have been looking for more software that can convert a normal map to a displacement/ height map. I used to use Crazy Bump but I could never get the end result to look right. I will definitely look more into Shadermap. Too bad Xnormal cant make that convert.
  15. Yeah hard surfaces are quite fun in 3D Coat. Even though I hate insects, I do like your insect designs (I had a chance to look at one of your web links.)