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  1. A painted version of the zombie alien thingy.
  2. Thanks Beatkitano for your feedback,I hadn't thought of that. But I don't know if it would make that much difference to me. I also use a 3dconnexion device,so if I wanted to rotate/move the object while I sculpted ,surely I can use it for that function. Watching the Mudbox/Wacom Touch demo, I would be happy if that level of interaction was available to 3DCoat.
  3. This is a zombie alien thingy I was working on earlier this summer. Since then I've rigged it in Lightwave with Rhiggit - I'm still working on that. Rhiggit is initially quick to set up,but I've been using this model to spend more time learning all it's features,and get some practice animating. I will post some animations once I'm happy where it's going.
  4. This one is a rework of a character I posted earlier in this thread,making use of the liveclay tools,which were not available when I first modeled it.
  5. I am also seriously considering getting one of these very soon, but it would very much depend on whether 3DCoat supports it. I found this video that shows it being used with Mudbox. It would be awesome if we could have this kind of interaction with 3DCoat. I know Andrew is busy,but is this something that's possible or planned for the future?
  6. I haven't updated my WIP for a while,so it's time I showed what I've been up to since I last posted. This is something I started this week,modelled in 3D Coat,just starting doodling with some curves kept going until I ended up with this. Didn't use any refs to start with,I like to work from scratch.3DCoat is very good for this approach,the voxel model lets me keep pushing and pulling until I find a form I'm happy with,and the liveclay tools in surface mode are fantastic for detailing. This model is currently about 3 million tris. Anyway,I call him RHINOSAUR. I hope you like it.
  7. Fantastic work! Love the design. well done
  8. Very cool. Great work in this thread,always enjoy your creature designs. The hard surface/space craft designs are excellent too.
  9. Excellent work Marupura. Love your style of characters. These videos are inspiring and informative. Really appreciate you posting these ,and look forward to seeing more.
  10. Awesome work. Love watching your videos. Thanks for posting.
  11. Excellent work Ken. You can never have enough digital aliens - keep them coming. How many polygons did you use to get such a fine level of detail? Looking forward to seeing how you texture it.
  12. Great work. Cool character design. Very Creepy!
  13. Funny you should mention that digman,cos that's exactly what I've been thinking about this evening. I think I've gone as far as I can for now with this model in it's present incarnation. I need to redo parts of the retopo mesh too,there are some (hidden) errors and as Leigh pointed out,the joints could be optimised for animation. The UVs also need reworking,I've learnt lots during the course of this project (especially with the feedback from you guys),so this area could also be optimised. I need to use higher resolution maps.I'd really like to go to town on the detail when viewed up close.The current ones are far too low resolution, can't get much more detail out of them. Also,I want to experiment with the different options for merging , PTEX, PPP as well as Microvertex to see what works best,after looking at all your methods I'm willing to give them a try. Anyway,time to load him into Lightwave. I upgraded to Rhiggit Pro this xmas and I haven't had a chance to use it yet,so this would be perfect oppertunity to do so. If the rigging goes well,I can simply replace this older model with the reworked one.
  14. Some quick renders showing various views.
  15. I vote for The Creatures - PLEASE! I'd particularly like to see your process of UV and painting/texturing one of these critters. Not enough info out there on this subject when you consider it's obviously one of 3DCoat's strengths. Personally,I'd like to see how you get high detail textures/displacements on a low poly mesh suitable for animation. Good to see you posting lots of work up here again.