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  1. Not impressed at all. 3D Coat rules.
  2. Great work. But why no 4.6?
  3. http://cgpress.org/archives/lumiere-lighting-add-on-for-blender.html Lumière is a Blender add-on by Cédric Brandin for speeding up the creation of lighting setups. It allows to position and adjust lights with the mouse directly on your model, as well as tweak the energy and scale interactively. You can use Blender lamps, panel lights, HDRIs and background skies. You can also add gradient textures to mimic a professional light panel. Watch a video onYouTube and find out more on GitHub.
  4. http://www.cgchannel.com/2016/06/blender-add-on-mimics-the-pxrdisney-shader-in-cycles/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+cgchannel%2FnHpU+(CG+Channel+-+Entertainment+Production+Art) Ver-ry nice
  5. Yes. There is only one other source of tutorials that is (vastly) superior and that is CG Society ($$$) Spencer Leuders has to be the greatest master of Houdini in the world http://www.cgsociety.org/training/course/introduction-to-fx-using-houdini http://www.cgsociety.org/training/course/fluids-fx-using-houdini And any FXPHD tutorial with John Moncreif is going to be excellent. https://www.fxphd.com/fxphd/courseDetails.php?idCourse=331
  6. CMIVFX is worth the money for a one year membership, trust me.
  7. I had it and went from DX to OpenGL. Open GL is all fixed now and doesn't do that with the white spot
  8. Any threads or videos on how this works out yet? If so, link? Thanks AbnRanger and thank you for the update Andrew.
  9. Very nice. Serious work.
  10. As far as I'm concerned all Max has got now to make it really special is the Hair Farm plug in. The whole extrude polygone model of hair styling in 3ds Max in Hair Farm is the best of all; it shows in the results too. http://www.hair-farm.com/tutorials/?f=quick_start1 God I wish Hair Farm was a plug in for any other polygonal modeling system, even for Blender. Blender especially with the Blender Sensei interface is a revelation. Love it.
  11. Very nice but frankly I prefer Ilyushin2 Sturmovik Battle of STalingrad and Battle of Moscow..
  12. It's Sunday so I'll call them later in the week. http://anatomyinclay.com/services/models/animal-models/equiken-classic-horse-anatomy-learning-system.html
  13. It's better to click on the rotate control and
  14. This is awesome. Thanks a lot. Now this is the way to set up a lathe tool interface;
  15. Hmm no I didn't.