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  1. You know AbnRanger, I'm an artist not a scientist. My understanding is there's two routes to being a TD; 1. Go to a film school like Vancouver Film School and spend $35k a year for 2 years. Then serve as an unpaid intern for 10 years before you're allowed to do anything. And that's a good thing because I've seen what 2 years and $70k produces at VFS and it's a shocking scandal when you analyze it from a business point of view and see how the school has private student loan (sharks) hard wired into the racket to snare the young and naive into a dreadful web of debt and escalating compound interest they'll never pay off. 2. Be a NASA engineer that dreams at night in C and C++, with deep knowledge and experience with image processing from Mars rovers and Voyagers etc. I'm not either of those. If I'm going to spend $70k it's on equipment. I could talk about that for hours. Having said that I like the Houdini approach a lot, particularly it's proceduralism. I strongly feel this is the true road to being the master of the computer arts game. I make reference to say, Catia''s history tree and the ability to go back and work with parameters in the attribute editors in a robust dependency graph if I may be allowed to call it that. Maya's dependency graph is terrible for this. Houdini's is rock solid. But Maya's is a 20 year old antique and Houdini's is brand new and fresh. Houdini is granular to the most detailed molecular, even atomic level. This makes is more than just an artist's atelier. This makes it an alchemists laboratory. Personally I think the future is going to be Houdini and Fabric Engine. I was looking at 3d Coat 4.7.24 the other day...Menu bar, Help..About 3D Coat. Authors...Open VDB: volokh Vitalii. How interesting is that? 3d Coat is Open VDB.. open Voxel Data Base? Houdini is big time Open VDB I'm not saying Andrew should ever sell his precious jewel, but if he ever did, wouldn't it be cool if it got sold or licensed to Houdini to become part of its pipeline, and tap into Houdini's relatively vast resources and intellectual network for future advances? There'd be a lot of synergy there for sure. I can dream... I dream of 3d Coat blowing away Zbrush. Houdini's resources could be the factor that propels it past Zbrush.
  2. http://blog.siggraph.org/2017/02/evolution-of-real-time.html/
  3. I'm not the first person to say it but the mistake that Modo (was forced into?) made was to sell out to Foundry. But Houdini is not Modo's big danger right now; Blender is getting really good and at that price poitnt $0.00 it's going to be pretty hard to compete.
  4. Ho man Houdini modeling tools are awesome. It's like brep modeling in Catia 2016
  5. There's more than that; 1. NURBS 2 BREP 3. Polygon 4. SubD modeling 5. Voxel Modeling
  6. wow this is excellent. Love the fabric cover.
  7. https://www.blendernation.com/2016/12/07/filmic-blender-magic-render-button/ Filmic Blender is an OpenColorIO configuration for Blender that will help you improve your renders - but there's a catch. Read on as Manuel Albert tells us about his experiences with the script.If you ever asked for that magic render button in Blender, the one button that just instantly improves your Blender scene, you should definitely check out Troy Sobotka's Filmic Blender Repository on GitHub. It's an OpenColorIO configuration crafted by Troy Sobotka and meant to eventually replace Blender's current sRGB EOTF configuration with a far more closer-to-photorealistic view transform. To break it down, that means that the linear render data that Cycles internally creates will be translated into a far better looking image. You'll have better highlights, better dynamic range and the way light and color look will just be amazing and more natural. Even though it may seem subtle, it's a real game changer. When I first saw some filmic Blender examples on Twitter, I couldn't exactly pinpoint why the renderings looked so much better, much more realistic. So I just had to try it myself. I downloaded the repository, replaced the color management files in Blender (which is easy - just copy and paste) and rendered the scene. Unfortunately though, it didn't really look like the examples in the renders and it wasn't really improved. But talking to Troy, asking questions and seeing other 'imagers' use it, helped a lot. Being used to render with sRGB view transform and the tricks you have to use to make things look good were actually the problem. With filmic blender you don't really have to cheat like you were used to and you can use way more realistic values when it comes to setting up lights. Bassam Kurdali summed it up on Twitter: "When I first used it, I had the same experience other people did: I threw the luts on a scene already lit to see 'how better it would get'. The reason is simple - I had tweaked the lights, materials, setup in my scene with all sorts of hacks to make it look good. The trick is to start a new scene, and light it with intensities that mimic better real light - typically much higher than we used. It's so much more forgiving: smooth roll offs + wide range > clipping, pretty bounce/light wrap effects, sweet hilights" If you haven't checked it out yet, please give it a try and be amazed by the #filmic_blender examples out there. Thank you Troy Sobotka for educating me (us) on this! This is the original thread on Blender Stackexchange where it all started & it get's frequently updated with examples. http://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/46825/render-with-a-wider-dynamic-range-in-cycles-to-produce-photorealistic-looking-im/46940#46940 https://www.poliigon.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWgn0IupCxKKxjPDn3NHMWg https://twitter.com/PoliigonHQ
  8. I don't know about "fast". There's a lot of study of spacecraft technology in there but generally I find 3d Coat is easier to use than Zbrush. That's just me though.
  9. http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-lineup-pricing-confirmed-8-cores-low-320/
  10. Not on a par ABN Ranger...I think Houdini modeling is going to totally revolutionize our ideas about what to expect in a modeller. And the part in the Houdini Amarok about Houdini infinite Ocean was really really beautiful what with all the multiple wave generations and the ability to mask out patches to create a ruffled uneven and super realistic ocean. Very impressive stuff.