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  1. http://wccftech.com/amd-threadripper-delidding-epyc-32-core/?utm_source=traqli&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=115 All it took was one curious enthusiast to pull the curtain back on what could potentially be a new bombshell product that AMD is sitting on. The 16 core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is already the world’s most powerful desktop CPU in existence today, but its reign on the throne of processordom won’t remain uncontested for long. Intel, AMD’s giant rival, is working on an 18 core CPU that’s set to come out later this year in hopes of moving the CPU war’s tide back in its favor. But, as it turns out, this will not be by any means an easy endeavor. Threadripper Autopsy Reveals AMD Is Sitting On A Bombshell 32 Core Desktop CPU All it took was one enthusiast and one thousand dollars. That’s right, all thanks go to world-renowned overclocker der8auer for taking the time and the effort – and spending a thousand bucks – to perform a Threadripper delidding. In case you’re not familiar with the term, delidding refers to the process by which the metal lid covering a consumer desktop processor is removed to reveal the innards of the chip. Usually, this is done by extreme overclockers to expose the silicon die — in Threadripper’s case it’s multiple dies — to apply direct cooling onto the circuitry. In this particular case der8auer did more than just a standard delidding, for all intents and purposes he performed a professional hardware autopsy. After removing the metal lid, he proceeded to unseat each of the Threadripper dies, sandpapering the copper layer down and fully exposing the silicon. Digging Through The Silicon Guts – Four Ryzen Dies, 8-Cores Each What der8auer confirmed was that AMD is in fact using four functional Ryzen dies to create a single Threadripper chip. In case you’re thinking, well, that sounds familiar, that’s because it is. AMD’s EPYC server processors are made the exact same way, with four Ryzen dies. This means that AMD, well… has the means – forgive the wordplay – to actually produce and launch a desktop processor with up to 32 cores. der8auer goes one step further to postulate that this is the very reason AMD is using four dies, because it may in fact have plans to produce a 32 core desktop processor. And again, if that prospect sounds familiar that’s because it is. I concluded months back, before Threadripper launched, based on the hardware specs of the TR4 socket that AMD does in fact have the option and capability of creating such a product. It’s only a question of will at this point.
  2. https://twitter.com/themikepan/status/905104918234533888
  3. http://www.3dvf.com/actualite-21124-un-generateur-gratuit-boulons-et-tetes-vis.html https://twitter.com/3DVF/status/903161702199549952
  4. The good news here is that they're not set in a fixed stand, so you can lie in bed or wherever and just work on it at any angle you want. Add a Teradici remote access card for your workstation and a Teradici Zero Client and you can work with this tablet anywhere in the world and turn your worksttion at home on and off and run it on this tablet at 60fps. https://www.teradici.com/ $450.00 or so for the remote access card \\ $400 or so for the Zero Client that gives you access to your workstation with the Teradici card in it. Of course you could do without this and use a laptop with the Teradici software but this is more compact, cheaper and far more secure than a laptop. Add WACOM tablet...and you could have your AMD 32 thread workstation with the top Nvidia Pascal GPU in it anywhere in the world to work on.
  5. https://twitter.com/EightyLevel/status/902926939119345666https://twitter.com/EightyLevel/status/902926939119345666
  6. It's pretty hard to compete against FREE.
  7. In a few more years Blender will be standing eye to eye with Maya...
  8. Very cool. Thanks.
  9. Thanks...I hope the people working on this open up it's full potential. It would be nice to be able to take a polygon plane and turn it into a big soft box emitter for example...
  10. It certainly works in version 7.32 but...but...how does one access all the Renderman tools and controls from within the 3D Coat Render Room? This is how the basic tool menu appears in Maya; Any of you guys that worked on this plug in know how to access all of Renderman's power from within 3D Coat? Is there a tutorial in the works perhaps? And by the way, thanks a lot to Andrew and all who were involved with this development. Much appreciated.
  11. Now I WISH Andrew would stop wasting his time on his own render engine, embed this in 3D Coat and focus his attention on developing areas that need it.
  12. And in my next computer there's not going to be any air being blown into my computer case by fans. Water cooling with the fans off loaded to external units like this; http://www.tomshardware.com/news/thermaltake-rgb-cooling-computex,34728.html ] I don't want any dust being sucked into my case. Airborne diesel grit in particular is unacceptable; that shit settles on electronics and it's sticky and can't be blown off. It's death to circuitboards.
  13. I'll be getting the Threadripper with Vega 10 really soon. Some personal life things have to be settled but the time has come and believe me, AMD has made this a very good time to be a computer artist.
  14. Uh...I don't feel that way at all. 3D Coat is better than Zbrush in many ways. I don't like Zbrush. I can't put my finger on it, but it sucks. And I'm not the only person that feels that way.