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  1. I bought this book over 20 years ago. I highly recommend it. https://www.amazon.com/Limewood-Sculptors-Renaissance-Germany/dp/0300028296 If Nikolaus Gerhaert (circa 1420 – 1473) lived in Italy, we would probably know everything there was to know about him, and monuments to Gerhaert would grace major cities’ piazzas. But as he was born in Leiden and seems to have spent his career in various Germanic lands, all we have are his works, few and far between as they are. The best of these, like the presumed Self-Portrait of circa 1467, make one think of his older contemporary Donatello’s sensibility — and skill.
  2. http://lesterbanks.com/2017/04/procedurally-worn-edges-blender/
  3. http://lesterbanks.com/2017/04/blender-add-mesh-based-decals/ Hard surface modeling tiny details can be challenging. Having a library of “standard” forms around can help speed up the process and allow you to concentrate more on design rather than the technicality. That very library can easily be transformed into mesh based decals, for a realtime game engine workflow approach. If you create all your mesh based decals by hand, you know that it can be initially time consuming. Managing your library of assets can also be a task, if you don’t have a tool to keep them close at hand. If you are a Blender user, there is an add-on that might take care of both these issues when working with mesh decals. It’s called DECALmachine. It simplifies and automates working with mesh based decals, letting you focus more on designing your hard surface models. The Blender add-on offers a unique approach to working with mesh decals, allowing you to select, and apply decals instantly. The add-on also adds some easy to reach tools that are contextual in blender’s Pie Menu system. Project, extract, slice, cut and change decal parameters are all a click away. Best way to understand how DECALmachine can help modeling workflow, is to see it in action. (btw, it’s meant to work with Blender Cycles). $15.
  4. This is becoming a big trend. I'm loving it. http://wccftech.com/macbook-pro-concept-no-physical-keyboard/ Tim Cook has repeatedly said that touchscreens are not going to be a part of the MacBook but instead, we got the Touch Bar on the higher-end 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 lineup. Now suppose if the entire MacBook Pro came with a Touch Bar-like feature, allowing you to pop up a complete keyboard whenever you felt like while experiencing the sensation of a key press through a Taptic Engine present underneath? This latest concept highlights just that so be sure to take a look at how this designer has envisioned future MacBook Pro models to function. MacBook Pro Concept Envisions an Era Where There Are No Physical Keys, But an Entire Interactive Touchpad Where the Click Sensation Is Delivered by the Company’s Taptic Engine Daniel Brunsteiner might give us a sneak peek into the future but that will also depend on Apple’s vision of a completely different, yet functional notebook. In this MacBook Pro concept, there are no physical keys and the entire layout has been replaced with a touchpad that acts like an oversized Touch Bar. Naturally, typing on this interactive keyboard is going to feel like a terrible experience but to deliver that keypress sensation is Apple’s Taptic Engine.
  5. I think the problem for Christian games is like the problem with Christian literature, or Christian comic books. The problem is that invariably the authors are obsessed with their didactic inentions and not in making a well written entertaining work of art. All too often the work produced is heavy handed, tedious and predictable. But that doesn't mean that it's impossible for Christians to produce great works of art. Far from it. What is required is that the artist be skilled enough, subtle minded enough and possess attributes like a real sense of humor or a real talent for his craft. For example Evelyn Waugh, particularly his novel Brideshead Revisited, or Tolkein and his Hobbit and Lord of the Rings or CS Lewis and his Narnia stories. All immensely entertaining and hugely popular works, but also profoundly Christian works. No one would walk into a bookstore and say; "this is Roman Catholic propaganda" when seeing them yet there it is. They are profoundly steeped in the morality, and the theology of Christianity. So why are they successful works of art despite (or because of) being Christian? Because at no time did the authors censor themselves or talk down to their audience or avoid the unpleasant aspects of the world. In particular Evelyn Waugh was an unpleasant man full of cynicism and combatitiveness. For him humor was a weapon weilded against sin, its purpose to ridicule vice and evil. He wielded it with devastating effect in many of his often scandalous novels. In Vile Bodies, his first hilarous novel, the Prime Minister of Great Britain is depicted as an opium addict who lusts for little boys! This in the 1920's. But then Evelyn was a member of high British society and probably had inside information. Being a Christian does not mean bein a milque toast. It's fine to be pugilistic and fight back. Of course at the same time he had an immense aesthetic love for the beauty of this world and the beauty of Christendom that balanced his wickedly funny ridicule of vice. But back to games; are there any Christian games? Yes there are. Total War is a great game for Christians, particularly Medieval Total War. Become the King or Queen of Spain and drive out Islam, build churches, then great cathedrals, pay to produce priests and send them off to convert the masses so you can civilize territories, go on Crusades to liberate the Holy Land. I even take it one step further by playing according to the moral principles in regard to war as outlined by St. Thomas Aquinas, and did it with success. I think even Total War has ignored the greatest Christian crisis of all; the terrible murderous Guerre de Trente Ans, where half the population of what is now Germany was eradicated in an demented atmosphere of religious frenzy. As I said one must not offer art (or games which are also art) that is castrated or vitiated of life. One must place Christianity in the real world which is often challenging and complex and perplexing but not without its successes. There are many other Christian games one could create but that would require a deep knowledge of history and philosophy and literature and art. Note that Waugh, Tolkein and Lewis cited above were all profoundly learned men with great subtlety of mind. And you'd better have a strong visual sense, a huge sense of humor and total mastery of your craft. Stupidity, being a bore, or clumsiness will not be excused just because you were theologically righteous, though if you're that stupid and clumsy then probably your theology will be a mess too. Now Andrew created 3D Coat with the ultimate self stated view of one day creating a Pilgrim's Progress. Andrew has been and continues to be much ridiculed and even the object of hatred for his Christian views. I have never partaken of this and never will. I like Andrew and if you know a man through his works then 3D Coat has allowed me to know Andrew to be an excellent person. But I would say that of all the Christian works to make a game from, Pilgrim's Progress would be perhaps one of the worst. It's humorless and overtly didactic and to the modern mind a lot like listening to a sermon by a droning old man that puts you to sleep faster than a sleeping pill. Now Dante's Inferno on the other hand... But to the point; how to make a "Christian game"? I think part of the problem lies in game mechanics. I've stopped playing games even though I love Total War and I love Arma 3 and I enjoyed S.T.A.L.K.E.R a lot. But there's a problem or problems with games that has turned me away and it lies fundamentally in the mechanics of the games and their AI. Most games do not utilize multiple cores. They call for one fast core really. Now Arma has a mod that utilizes a "headless server" and that has vastly improved the effectiveness of the AI. But even at that there's the problem of your interaction with the artificial world of the games. How do you interact in the games? Well you run around explore the terrain and then when you meet other players or the game's AI bots you kill them. You shoot them, smash them stab the, blow them up, run them over, you murder them. That is to say you behave like a pschopath, and that is very unChristian. And it's very disappointing too. I want to meet artificial characters that can pass the Turing Test. I want to talk to them learn from them, be influenced by them and influence them through speech. Take Assassin's Creed. The trailers are amazing and you should be in places that are amazing but they're not. It's a boring game of murder again. I don't care if you can jump off rooftops and have a dozen knives up your sleeve and in your boots. Or take Dishonored 2. I was amazed by its trailer and the story line depicted promised great things. But it's all bait and switch. The story sucks and all you do is...kill people. People with grotesquely cartoonish personalities so it's OK to just slit their throats and be a psychopath with them. Until we have better AI or AL combined with AI characters that you can interact with in a more subtle and human non criminal manner then I despair of the game medium as not only a Christian form or art but even as a sane human form of art whatsoever.
  6. Awesome modeling, awesome texturing. Bravo.
  7. WOW I love this, particularly the first one with that ring emitter. Great work.
  8. This just popped up now on my Twitter feed http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/building-the-sun-in-houdni/ First part of a 90 minutes tutorial about how to simulate a realistic Sun in Houdini software. It covers topics like : vex coding, vector calculus, VDB volumes, particle simulation , magnetic field and much more. I hope you’ll enjoy watching this as much as i enjoyed doing it. Second part coming soon Also well worth noting; he uses SUBLIME TEXT EDITOR (version 2 or 3) which is available for unlimited trial usage and contains VEX text editing. https://www.sublimetext.com/ https://www.sublimetext.com/3 There's full install and also portable downloads for each version be it Linux, OSX or Windows https://vishangshah.com/2015/01/26/point-cloud-in-houdini/
  9. I wrote an email to the creator of these excellent Aztec pueblo models and got this letter back; Hi Ancien Regime Aztec model was made in late 90's using now defunct software, Presenter Pro. I currently use Cinema 4d by Maxon... D.R.H.
  10. It was very kind of Digman to figure this one out which didn't take him long, being an expert on 3D Coat. I did have problems though making it work until I took the big side slab piece, duplicated it and took one of the duplicates and painted it in Photoshop or Gimp rather than just trying to resize it in the Sculpt window with the scale tool in Sketch. Seems the tool is counting pixels to voxels and doesn't really see the scaling down...needs to actually have less pixels in the drawing. He also showed me another trick to use on this model. Since it's a bunch of non contiguous parts you can turn each part into it's own individual object in the Voxel Tree. 1. Turn the entire piece into a Surface object instead of a Voxel Object. 2. Go to Geometry menu and hit the Objecti-ify selection. Now you have a bunch of separate pieces you can work on individually And thank you to the OP for bringing our attention to this much neglected tool. As soon as I saw his ground plan (what are you making with that anyway?) I thought of all the architectural ground plans I'd seen of various architectural sites, particularly of historical ruins from antiquity. This would be an awesome way to rapidly produce the basic structure of some great temple or church or even an entire architectural site, like some Aztec pueblos. I had no idea that the Sketch tool could be used to produce such intricate 3d models in such a rapid effortless manner. https://www.google.ca/search?q=archaeological+sites&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-287Oy6_TAhVD-2MKHV6EAHUQ_AUIBygC&biw=1536&bih=886#tbm=isch&q=archaeological+sites+plans http://www.dennisrhollowayarchitect.com/PreContact.html
  11. Very nice. I can feel myself sitting in a shitty motel room just looking at that thing.
  12. So I tried all sorts of approaches and I found that the lower resolutions gave solid shapes but they were crude, while the higher resolutions were seriously messed up, hollowed out.
  13. I've never worked with this tool before, never thought much of it from the samples of work I saw. But this is really interesting stuff. Did you draw the floor plan in an exterior program like Photoshop or did you draw this within 3d Coat? I'm liking this. Thanks.. So I increased the smoothing setting. Let's see if I can produce this at almost 29 million voxels....right now it's "Not Responding". Most I've ever done is 15 million voxels. I'll give it an hour.