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  1. I don't think they are just marketing it as just a renderer. I just don't think they are doing a very good job of explaining what it can do beyond just rendering. I'm not fully clear on everything it can do, but I know it can do some interesting things.
  2. You mean, it doesn't import them automatically? I think you have to apply the textures yourself. It can even use vertex painting on a high poly model.
  3. I received a newsletter announcing this sale. For those interested in Clarisse. Freelance edition starting at only $595 We're more than happy to unveil today our Clarisse iFX Siggraph 2015 special offers! To celebrate this very special event, we offer you the great chance to save over 50% on your Clarisse iFX permanent license! Yes, 50% off, you've read it well! Special pricing offers: get Clarisse iFX for as low as $595!Eager to experience Clarisse magic in your everyday work? Now is the time! Jump on our Siggraph special offers and save up to 50% on your Clarisse iFX permanent license! You're a solo artist? Enjoy our Siggraph special Freelance edition1 starting at only $595! A Clarisse iFX Floating edition2 is also available for studios starting at $1195! As a good news never comes alone, you can still benefit from these amazing offers with our full maintenance program on3! And wait, even our maintenance program is discounted4! Get your Freelance edition plus 12 months maintenance at only $795! If you're a studio, get your Floating edition plus 12 months maintenance at only $1495! AvailabilitySpecial offers5 will be available through Isotropix website ant its authorized resellers. Siggraph 2015 special offers only available from August 8 to August 23! 1 This offer includes 1 Clarisse iFX + 1 CRender Node Locked (A fair use for two computers is allowed.) 2 This offer includes 1 Clarisse iFX floating license plus 1 CNode! 3 As a reminder, our maintenance program subscription is the most cost-effective way to boost your Clarisse iFX experience! The maintenance program subscription includes premium support, priority upon feature requests and access to all upcoming major features and functions to constantly offers you the latest Clarisse iFX technology. Maintenance program subscription has a 12 months validity*! 4 At expiration date you'll have the opportunity to renew your maintenance at the regular price. 5 These offers are limited to 1 purchase per customer.
  4. Symvol™ for Rhino. This volume-based modeling extension can be used for the creation of both organic and mechanical objects that are always watertight and ideal for 3D printing. Tom
  5. What exactly do you mean? What are you trying to do? Import multiple parts to sculpt with? multiple parts to paint on? Tom
  6. Here are a couple of tutorials showing morph creation: Tom
  7. Save it as an object. When creating a brush, you can load an image, but you also use an object . You can choose which direction to view the object from, it's size rotation and depth. It will then convert it into an image based brush for you. If you use the merge tool. you can also use actual 3-dimensional objects. If you use the "on pen" option, you can place these objects on (or in) the surface. Tom
  8. Let's not forget his other great contribution. PIXAR. I went to see Toy Story the very first day it was released. Steve Jobs not only owned the company, he was the executive producer. Tom
  9. And yet, you post your very first message on this forum about her. Why post here? Tom
  10. Yes, but that doesn't apply to the chain. And, you also described how to get around that by simply removing the caps and merging the points later. They don't seem to need the caps. They still create voxels even without caps. Tom
  11. Why do you have to save the curve? The only reason to save the curve is if you want to be able to load it again if you want to make changes and create a new model. And if you want to do that, you'll have to save it either way. It doesn't matter if you create a voxel or you export it as an obj. If you don't save the curve you will still have the model you created from the curve in the first place. Tom
  12. But how is that any different than if you had applied the curve as voxels? You would still need to save the curve if you thought you might want to load it back in later. If you save the spline object as obj file, you can still apply it as a voxel too, if you need to use it as a modeling reference. You can do both. Or, if you don't apply it as a voxel, and you later decided you should have, and you didn't save the curve, you could bring the saved obj file in and make a voxel out of it. So, there is really nothing that you have to be careful of. Nothing that you wouldn't already have to be careful of. Tom
  13. What is it you are being careful of? Tom
  14. You don't need to retopo them. You can bypass the voxel stage and export the chains directly from the curves dialog box. This will export them with their original polygon geometry. Tom
  15. I completely agree. There should be a Sub-D mode and the vertices that stick to the model should be the sub-D vertices not the flat polygon vertices. The control points that the un-subdivided mesh represents can actually be outside or inside the subdivided mesh depending on if the surface is convex or concave. And they can end up being close or quite far away depending on how much curvature the mesh has. Not good for making an accurate representation of the model you just spent a bunch of time sculpting. Maybe there is already a way, but I've been wondering about that myself. Tom