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  1. is the sound missing from the last video? great vids btw...
  2. blackant master sketches

    very nice... you can actually see the seams in the denim shirt... nice details...
  3. Performance and Stability issue on Win 64 builds

    grab the center cube in the XYZ icon and drag out... sounds like the objects just need to be scaled up...
  4. Create a Shader

    thanks for the answers guys... yeah, i was trying to create a new shader like shown here... as you can see, i somehow created a shader that shows the normalmap instead of the diffuse... oops... but will rectify... thanks again for the help.
  5. Missing surace tools

    yeah i thought maybe there was a misunderstanding... i think dreamcube might suffer from the same problem i have currently ... i am so new to 3dcoat that i dont have the terminology down yet to be able to ask concise questions to avoid misunderstandings... i figure by this time next year i will have it figured out
  6. Missing surace tools

  7. Missing surace tools

    Maybe this was true with older versions, but in 3.5 there are only 6 Surface tool options shown when the object is in the voxel representation mode (just like what he was showing in his screenshot). To get all of the other Surface tools to show up, you have to change the object to the surface representation mode in the VoxTree. Basically says the same in the manual on page 68 chapter 8.5 Surface Mode & Tools. The way I interpreted his question he was not referring to the other tool sections like Voxels, Adjust, Objects... but only the Surface tool commands... perhaps this is where the confusion is coming from...
  8. Missing surace tools

    I believe its because your screenshot in the other post shows that you are still in the voxel mode as denoted by the cube icon next to the 'Volume1' layer as shown in the VoxTree. Left-click on that cube icon and it will change to the wave icon that denotes surface mode. This should show all of the surface commands you are looking for...
  9. Create a Shader

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but I am not seeing anywhere that explains how to create your own custom shader using your own textures. Can anyone give details on how this is accomplished? thanks.