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  1. Hi SYSTEMDRIVE is a Variable that points normally to your Root of OSx Installation Drive. It seems that on your System that can´t be read or getting a wrong answer. You can do two ways to get it running first Way: Download Onyx here: http://www.onyxmac.com Start Onyx and go to Tab "Automize" make all options on and do that before you go sleep ;-) let it run after complete do a reboot and try the App link again. If that does not working for you try to change SYSTEMDRIVE = '' to SYSTEMDRIVE = '/' on line 42 in file 3dc_applink.py best Andre
  2. Hi if one of you that having Problems using a V4 Beta please have a look at your Exchange Folder in V3 of 3dCoat it was in a subfolder named 3d-CoatV3 in V4 Folder Name was 3d-CoatV4. In the Modo Applink in this Tread all Folder directions have the old pre V4 Beta Applink Path see here in source Code \\Documents\\3D-CoatV3\\Exchange\\import.txt you can try the manual Installation in this Forum a few posts later there the Folder is Hardcoded in Script to new Exchange Folder normally if you have not deleted your old Exchange Folder in your Documents Folder all must work ok but if you deleted this Exchange Folder you can make manually a new one or use the other manually install of Modo Applink for V4 Beta and higher. Main problem is that in V3 all Applinks are searching a Exchange Folder in a Folder called 3d-coatv3 if Andrew leave all like it in this Beta works than with 3dCoat V5 all Users have tree 3d-coatVx Folders it was much better do now a break go out of that Folder to a Folder Like Documents Applink or else. It is no real good Idea that 3dCoat works in a Folder called 3d-coatV4 but searching for Applink in a Folder called 3d-coatV3, all Applinks need that this Folder Exist the Path is in most ones hard coded. Best Andre
  3. Hi, i found some issues on original Modo App link some path are different in 3dCoat V4 now . I cleaned the Original that it will work with 3dCoat V4 Beta and above see readme.html inside There are some instructions how to install. best Andre Modo_Applink_3dCoatV4_manuall.zip
  4. Hi i put in this Post a Applink to Modo 301-501 for Mac OSx Snow Leopard and Lion. Attention it is not my own Package i modified the original Modo 1.01 Package from Neophyte so that it works with Mac OSx. 3dCoat Path must be under Username/3d-coatV3 that is since 3dCoat 3.5 earlier Installations can't use that Applink so if you have a older version running use please the Original manual Install from Neophyte or update your 3dCoat to a Version above 3.5 Installation: unpack archive open Modo go to System Menu pic run Script navigate to expanded Archive and open install.py klick ok if installation was ok you get a message if not you will run into error restart Modo after reopen modo go to system forms search form and klick with mouse to Button Vertices now in Form editor the Vertices button is selected Left Mouse Klick than duplicate now you have two entrees with name Vertices select the last one delete what is in field Command and put there @3dc_applink.lxm now rename the second Vertices to 3dCoat Applink or what you want Put the Entree 3dCoat Applink behind the entree Work Plane with that the Applink Button goes to last position in Menu Have a look that in Yourusername/3d-coatV3/Exchange a folder with Name Modo exist if not create one Restart Modo a second time after reopen make a default Sphere klick to Button 3dCoat Applink and a Palette opens there select export to 3dCoat you get a question where to save the Object put it in YourUsername/3d-CoatV3/Exchange/Modo Folder Open 3dCoat you get a question to import leave all and select ok Paint something on the sphere Open File Menu and select give Object back (i have a german Version i hope in englisch is that the name of menu) go back to Modo and klick import from 3dCoat Now you see your painting on the Sphere Thats was all now you can use it. Please give Wisches and Feature requests to the original Developer of that Applink i am not a developer i only make scrips working with Mac OSx best Andre Modo_AppLink_V1.1_Manual_Install_OSx.zip
  5. Hallo alle zusammen ich habe mich mit Andrew Kurtz geschlossen und er sagte das das ok ist. Was ok ist ? nun ja ich bit wohl kein Sculpter :-) daher würde ich gerne meine Edu Version für Mac gebraucht abgeben, wer Interesse hat sie geht für die hälfte des normal Kurses weg Ein paar Worte noch warum ich das mache, 3dCoat ist ein tolles Programm es kann viel viel mehr als ich davon auch nur im Ansatz nutzen kann ich bin zu Modo gewechselt auch da kann man sculpten aber viel weniger und keine Voxel aber für mich ist es ausreichend da es mehr in die Richtung geht in der ich arbeite. Es macht für mich wenig Sinn in einem Externen Programm zu sculpten wenn ich das sofort (das wenige was ich nutze) im Modeller machen kann. Ich finde es sehr bemerkenswert was manche hier aus 3dCoat raus holen so gut werde ich wahrscheinlich nie werden ;-) daher besinne ich mich meiner Leisten (Schuster bleib bei deinen leisten) und gehe einige Schritte zurück. Bei Intresse sendet mir eine Mail an "andre ed xeen3d Punkt de" Andrew schrieb mir das beim Lizenz Wechsel eine mail an Ihn mit dem neuen Besitzer ausreichend ist (so viel zum Formellen) MfG Andre
  6. Hi i purchased V3 at Monday this week, the app is absolutely other than any 3d App i know before it is very fantastic if you like to experiment with such a tool set the features are very nice and the Bots (looks like animated mathematical fractals made with simple geometry ) give you a toy to forget the time you spend on it ;-) In my eyes it is not a normal 3d Tool all Tools and are so different to normal 3d apps for me it looks more like a tool for making 3d experiments you get a special output while all pictures and Models are made with simple geometry like sphere box and some others you can do many magics with boolean tools and create new meshes but all outbound have this special grotto look . If you are like playing with simple geometry and go other way to your scene than normal 3d apps do than you can forget the time with groboto. i am sure that a 3d Modeler with some fantasy can bring out very nice animations and cool looking Models. greetings from Germany Andre
  7. Hallo zusammen sagt mal wäre es nicht schön wenn 3dC. komplett übersetzt wäre ? es gibt hier die Möglichkeit dabei zu helfen: http://www.3d-coat.com/index_translation.php?language=German es wäre nicht schlecht wenn der ein oder andere der gut English kann sich mal eine oder zwei Seiten nimmt und übersetzt. wenn das nur 1 oder 2 Leute tun dürft Ihr euch nicht wundern wenn die Übersetzung mehr als nur Lückenhaft ist daher wie wäre es mal 10 Minuten Zeit investieren hätten wir alle etwas davon. MfG Andre